Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 1

So I feel like I should disclose to you guys why I've begun blogging again. It's really funny but I have missed blogging for quite some time. However it seems that I just couldn't find my voice.  When I would try to blog either there was nothing I was passionate enough about to make time to write or when I did write the words never quite ordered themselves in a way that made sense and they would find themselves languishing away in draft status.

I believe that sometimes you need to do some living, growing, and reading...every writer should always be reading ABR lol. I've had other long breaks before and the one thing that seems consistent looking back is that I always seem to write when my life is making a major shift. Looking back either I wrote to document the time in my life or my writing documented a shift in my personal philosophy.  But lately the girl in my head has been saying you need to write. Actually the girl in my head has been saying a lot of things. I think its because forty is looming near and I feel this shift into the next phase of my life. Its hard to believe that I have been blogging as long as I have when I look at this I think back to how much was in front of me back then. I posted that and had no idea that I would blog through a marriage falling apart and losing a very good friend. Even when I came here to Blogger I started off slow, just documenting days that had personal significance until I again had a major shift in my life professionally ( and personally too) and moved to Boston for almost a year.  2008 was definitely a year of growth and change.  I'm glad I have here to look back at those times.

And now I have this feeling. It's the same feeling I had when I moved to Boston. It's this feeling that my steps are ordered and God is making my path to the next THING for my life.  It's that thing where you see all things working together for the good. It's serendipity. It's being awake. It's being in the now but being able to feel the next step before it even makes it. It's the universe doing its thing and you watching it. It's beautiful.

And here I am at the end of a week one blogging pack I have with @f_uitlist  , @12kyle , and @tyronem.  It all started from a conversation about how much we all missed blogging and needed to get out of our ruts and move life out of the way of our writing. We all decided to make each other accountable for one post a week for the next 30 days. But a funny thing happened on my way to week two or should I say 3 additional posts happened. The universe is telling me again it was not a happenstance that I happen to be on Twitter at the same time @f_uitlist and  @tyronem were having a conversation about writing again and helping each other out of their ruts,  it was by design. It was because the writing gods are signaling me to come back home and get ready because what the universe has in store for me needs to be written.

For me this blog is no different than a journal. Before there were blogs I kept a journal and they were very similar a wee bit more personal, but they were the same sporadic burst of lots of entries and hardly none. I actually still keep a journal for the real personal things, sometimes I need to physically write it away.

I lost those journals in the move from my first house when I divorced. That's kinda why I'm thankful for this electronic journal and I'm also grateful to those of you read and comment. While, I don't really write for people to find or read me, I do realize that some of you do and some of you enjoy what I say or how I say it. Or maybe you just wanna know how your daughter can have as fierce a top knot as I did in my picture. Whatever it is, thanks and buckle in.  I think this is gonna be a nice little roller coaster ride, you know kinda scary but lots of fun once its all over.

Be EZ,


The F_Uitlist said...

I have never thought of it that way but I see it now. My urge to start writing came with pregnancy. That was my great shift in life. the urge is strong, because I have so much to say and it's usually not appropriate to share with a 1 month old.

12kyle said...

I'm glad that we are all back!

Reading this post reminds me of the days when we used to always blog. It's good to see your growth and progress