Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fresh and Clean! Number One Chick When I Step Out on the Scene!

Ok maybe not really... but in my head I AM! And after all isn’t that what confidence is about, thinking you the shyt no matter what your reality mirror says. So chatting with the crew the other day we were talking about feeling pretty.

I think every woman has her thing that she thinks makes her! You know like you may let a lot of things go but if you gotta bring your lunch and use a metal detector on your couch YOUR [insert beauty vice] is going to be fine! Or when you don’t [insert vice] you don’t feel so pretty or as Crys puts it you don’t fell like Beyonce and I am now going to go a step further and make it an adjective and say you don’t Feel Beyonce or BEYtiful you choose. Insert your favorite R&B Diva if you don’t like Bey.

Anyway I remember when I was younger my mom’s thing was her hair and nails. When I was younger she had two standing appointments hair and nails. She sacrificed so much for her kids but her hair and nails well that was like her vacation or her special treat that made the struggle bearable. The one splurge she got to have.

For me I’m not sure what it is these days. Back in my early to mid twenties it was my nails Always had great nails. And as much as I love hair and make-up I leave the house with out make-up a lot and I do some times go out with nary a wig on my texturally confused hair. I like lashes but never been attached…I think it’s probably my eye brows. Even when I have to painstakingly grow them out for correction I always try to make sure they are groomed. NOTHING changes a face more than a perfectly arched eyebrow “THE PLUCK” as bus chick and I call it makes a world a difference even on the plainest and un-girliest. And I came to THE PLUCK fairly late in the game but as far as beauty goes I came late to the game on most things besides make-up and clothes.

I always had my own unique fashion sense and I also always loved make-up. However stuff like eyebrow grooming and a good nearly undetectable weave well I was years in the game, definitely an adult woman before I really started experimenting with glamour. I was damn near 21 before I pulled a hair out of my brow, well unless you count that time when I completely shaved my eyebrows off with my aunt’s razor. And my dumb seven year old azz didn’t even know I was walking around looking CRAZY! I was in my early twenties before I really started playing with hair as an accessory, then I met a hair guru from Chicago by way of Detroit, my BFF, and the quest for great hair BEGAN. You know the quest for hair don't stop!

Anyway the things that make me feel like the Number One Chick also known as BEYONCE when I step out on the scene. Great hair and by great hair I mean a nice cut and it don’t have to be mine it just has to be FLY-I-I-I-I-I. Pinkie gloss I love very pink lip glosses EXTREMELY pink like cotton candy pink shyt you think some 8 year doe eyed little girl would wear. Bronzer!! I am the queen of it! And mascara.

According to the polls random azz fools in the street gawking and yelling and trying to call my dam near 6'3" azz in heels shawty and little mama jeans and heels are a must for me.They help show my AZZsets, plus jeans allow me to DANCE. lord knows I LOVE to dance!

I once went on a date and old boy asked me WHY didn’t I wear jeans. Damn, can't I be cute in a something else. I am not a one trick pony! Funny thing is I only wear jeans when I’m a certain size. I think above that size I look a hot mess think denim wrapped hams in jeans. I think going out in my heels is MOST necessary. I don’t feel right dancing flat footed. You have NOT lived until you dropped it like its hot on a four inch heel or saw my glamazon azz do it. I know why strippers like platforms shoes, not sure why they gotta be clear though.

Anyway what makes you number one when you go out? Is it an outfit? Your hair? Your make-up? Your ride? Your body? I wanna know.

Be EZ,


Big Man said...

How do you do that think with the strikethrough of words? Like you did with the word mirror. I've been wondering about that for while.

Oh yeah. Confidence is key, any man will tell you that. An average woman with swagger will steal the show from a bad broad with no personality every time.

blackgirlinmaine said...

Well back in the day when I was financially flush, I was all about the hair. In my relaxed days, I went to the shop every Friday for a wash/blow and curl, every 6 weeks for a touch-up.

Once we went to Cali to visit family and I was besides myself because I had to go 8 weeks without a touch-up. LOL

Now a days its the eyebrows, like you I was late when it came to getting my brow done. Shoot I was like 26 when I first got em done, but now its a must. That and in the summer, I must have a fresh pedicure. I cannot stand no raggedy toes especially when wearing sandals. LOL

Other than that on my kool-aid budget I can't afford to be too picky about anything else. Since while I can go out looking wrong, my kids gotta be crispy and believe me both the 16 yo and the 3 yo keep me broke.

NoRegrets said...

I don't do makeup nor plucking nor high heels and spend little time on my hair, BUT, I do allow myself to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a haircut (but try to stretch it out to 6 months between - working on the long hair thing right now) because I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and like it. I also feel good walking around with the right colors on, and things that fit me well and show off my curves (but not too much). Funny story is that I had a clothes swap and was going to get rid of this one dress and my friends wouldn't allow me to. My argument was that it fit too well and I got too much attention, and they said to just deal with it. So we'll see.

Chi-Chi said...

Oh, great post OG! You're absolutely right.

Hmmm . . .things are lean financially and time is limited (with two small kids) so right now a lot of those luxuries are on hold (I especially love a nice new bag). My thing that I absolutely must have is a nice, fresh looking coat of polish on my toenails and well-oiled, neat looking feet. I can't afford to get a pedicure--I can think of 15 other things to do with $25. So I do it myself. I've got all kinds of polish, nail decals (to mimic an airbrush), and all kinds of tools to "bust down" my feet, and I buy this lotion that's too expensive to use all over but lasts quite a while if it's used only for the feet. I don't care if it's winter and nobody but me sees them, my feet must be proper!!

I totally agree . . .every woman needs that *one* thing that is their draw.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@Big Man –pretty easy. Same way you do html tags for italics and bold replace the b and /b with s between the <> and the strikethrough will appear for the selected text.


(vixenchick) said...

i like you you put the pussycat dolls in the title! i love them. sshhh!!!!that's a secret!

mine is mascara. like seriously if i don't have mascara on i refuse to leave the house. i always have my hair done. always. and brazillian waxing is a must.

Keith said...
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Keith said...

I personally like women who know how to match everything up. When I first met my wife, she had a matching pair of pumps and or heels
for every dress and skirt she owned. Nails just right, not a hair
out of place..make up just right.
She had a quiet kind of confidence
about her too. I was impressed.
Depending on if you believe me or my Mother and brother, before her,I had no standards...So you have to take what I say with a grain of salt...but anyway, that's what I like.

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i got it the first time, no probs here!

CurvyGurl said...

I'm with ya on the heels. I usually hover over everyone because I'm 5'7 1/2" -- (can't leave out the half ;-)), so the additional 3 to 4 inches makes a noticeable difference.

I'm also a lipstick/gloss fanatic. I cut back for a while but I bought some new MAC and I'm always looking for a reason to get dolled up.

Keith said...

I love lip gloss on women! Forgot about that.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@CG- I feel you on the .5 Im 5'10.5" and I always claim my .5

@Keith sounds like your wife is put together!!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

is that a woman question - cause for me its how both of my kidfs behave when we go out to eat

scared huh, admit it


will u be ther in the am?

crys said...

man's refreshing to know that some men appreciate a woman with a 'quiet kind of confidence'.
yeah man.....i BE liking it when i have my beyonce on.....but when i don't - i feel more like....i dunno - MICHELE.

lol - mo, you know that's an inside joke......

michele belongs and is JUST AS involved as everybody else kids.... lol :-)

Kofi Bofah said...

Confidence is everything...

sweetpea said...

Sheer happiness and a Kool-Ade smile to reflect that. Oh, and definitely eye shadow/mascara!

Raven said...

I LOVED this!! I am such a girly girl! I am into hair, make up ( I love for my eyes and my lip gloss to pop), and because I am 5'2" heels are a MUST. My go to article of clothing is a pencil skirt or a nice sheath...or a great pair of jeans with some flyyy shoes and a bad purse! Oh yeah...that is it right there!!!

Sister Girl said...

Confidence has always been my greatest asset, but a little makeup never hurts. Most guys I've ever dated didn't care for it much, but always loved the way I smelled (and jeezus....wearing some Jovan Musk just brings out the freak(LOL).

I wish for anything that I could keep on lip gloss, but I talk too much & it ends up being a ring around my mouth (ha ha).

But give me some ankle straps & a short skirt/dress to show off these GORGEOUS legs & it's on !