Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm a Blogger not a Dater!

Well hello! This is not my first blog, actually this is like my third or fourth blog. The problem I run into is that I blog because I love to write. I don't blog for attention from the opposite sex. I don't blog to make friends and be popular (although that's cool), I don't blog to make people agree with me. I don't blog to share important information, news, or gossip, OK sometimes I like to do that . I don't blog because I have a cause to champion, sure I have lots of causes but that is more my friend's blog space (check her out she is cool http://www.buschick.com/).

I blog because I guess I'm a blogger.
I blog because I love words and I love to write. I love to share stories painted by my words. I blog when I'm happy! I blog when I'm sad! I blog when I am scared! I blog when I'm nervous! I blog when I'm mad! I have come to the realization that I am a blogger. I am not a chick who uses blogs to get dates or attention and quite frankly it is annoying when men hit on me as if I am only blogging to get a date. I don't have any trouble getting attention from the opposite sex (or the same sex for that fact). I don't need to blog to get a date or a hey you look fly mommi!!

So based on all of that! I have decided to take residence up right here on Blogger! A place I think that I will be able to blog and share with friends and strangers alike with out feeling all slimy and MySpace cheesy! Know what I mean?

If you are still reading and you don't know me, THANKS!! You will find my style to be a little in your face, REAL TALK! I am on an extremely interesting journey and I really would like to share it with who ever is interested. I write a lot sometimes its "very personal journal" writing and sometimes its very "for the people!!" writing. One thing you will find is commonality of the human spirit. We are all CONNECTED!!

Friends that read me often tell me that my style is a lot like me. They feel when they read my blogs they can hear my voice as they read my words, you know like a movie. That my friends is a gift that many writers pray for and it seems I have it and never realized it. It's called tone. Tone can definitely affect how we read things and even if we do read things.

Oh yeah I am verbose but easy to read. I mean I WRITE A LOT, but I think its easy reading! You tell me. Most people like what I have to say or think and even when they don't we manage to respect each other's opinions and finish playing in the sandbox with little to no physical altercations!

Like I said this will be a blog! A blog first and foremost. It's about my life and my incredible journey to becoming a woman I am proud to be. First I must warn you that I am nowhere near that woman, but please be patient because God and life is not through with me just yet!

This blog will be funny, FIRST and FOREMOST, life is too short not to laugh, but some times it will be sad, and some times you will learn something. It will be about EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at once. I know... I know. If you know me, it will be the best place to find me and see what is up with me and if you don't know me, this will be the place where you get to know and love me.

I am uniquely unoriginal, as is pretty much every human being, and I hope you like reading what's going on in my BIG OL' HEAD! With that said let this blogging journey begin!!

Be EZ,
The Original Glamazon

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