Friday, June 26, 2009

What a Crazy Day

Wassup fam! Yesterday was quite a roller coaster of emotions for me. As you all know MJ went to meet his maker yesterday. I wonder how familiar he looked or warm his reception was considering the extensive changes he made to God's original version. Then before that Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer, I LOVED Charlie Angels. Then a day before Ed McMahon.

This death totally reminds me of Elvis. When I was little I remember the Elvis death. I'm not devastated like some people but man its pretty sad to me. Mike is not someone I know personally and in a lot of ways these last years of obscurity and eccentricity didn't make him a part of my everyday life. However, him being alive was like that old childhood blanket ( no pun intended) or stuffed animal stowed away in hope chest. Not in your day to day but never forgotten and always available. And actually even in death MJ is available. Thanks to his wonderful catalog of music. Michael has been a part of my life since I can remember. As a young G I danced with the Off the Wall Michael (he was standing up in that fold out so we could look at each other eye to eye (as opposed to Thriller where he was laying down...definitely not as cool to dance with!). Thriller Michael was the soundtrack to my 5th grade year. I jumped rope for heart to PYT. Knew the Beat It and Thriller routines by heart and in general was in out and out yellow sweater vest, jheri curl wearing, should stopped here rhinoplasty Michael. Man I remember my first day of sixth grade how this boy rocked the Beat It jacket all the girls swooned!

I remember in college I tried to be too cool for Mike but he got me. I think that was Dangerous...not sure on that one. Anyway as I was listening to the tributes on the radio I was just overwhelmed at the pure cottoness of Mike! Yep his music was definitely all cotton in my life. (as in the fabric of my life). Yep Mike's music was the fabric of my life. As for MJ the man I don't know I know he was accused for doing not so nice things with very nice lil' boys. I don't know if that's true or not. I just know that I pray he was in order.


In the 80's the Fawcett Flip had graduated into wings. You remember the wings from the 80's hair came out then flipped. Well Fawcett's famous flip was way better. It was a 70's staple and as a little black girl with a big black Afro a flip was not exactly in my life. However when a G got Old she adopt a few modern versions of that flip.

I mainly remember Farrah as an Angel, even though she was only an Angel for a year. I loved those Angels! I loved them way before Cameron shook her booty, Drew gave us her infectious smile, Lucy Lui fulfilled many men's Asian fetish fantasies, and Bey told me DC didn't know I could get down like that. Farrah as shown tremendous courage as she battle such a horrible cancer.

It comes and 3s

They say it comes in three who would have known that Ed McMahon would be joined by two other icons. Man I'm getting old. Someone on twitter said Ed McMahon went to heaven first so he could introduce Farrah Fawcett w/ musical guest Michael Jackson .

Tupac, Elvis, and Michael

I'm waiting for the Mike's not dead rumors to start. Come on you guys already know! I can't wait for the MJ sightings at Mickey D's ( Elvis got Burger King on lock). Do you think that marriages by MJ impersonators will go up. Crys maybe not a black Elvis now...maybe a Thriller error MJ.


I have so many MJ memories starting from being 5 dancing to the Jackson 5 with my aunts and mother to jamming him as an adult. He was about to do the comeback tour too!! MANE!! I stopped Stanning for Michael when he released Bad but I still loved the music. Even now as I write so many Jackson and Michael Jackson songs going through mind.

So what are your memories of King of Pop?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pure Randomness

Just a few random thoughts this Tuesday

  • I realize that there are certain types of men that my DNA is just drawn to no matter what (ie Derek Fisher he would be my number one type but there are so many others)
  • I also realize that there's more than one of those types
  • I also realize there are multiple exceptions and sometimes a man who is the physical archetype ends up being the mental one
  • The chase, you know the flirting that happens when you meet someone in a place you frequent, is fun. I forgot how fun maybe because college may have been the last time it's happened. Its like a romantic comedy.
  • I have an unnatural dislike for Kobe
  • I pretty sure it stems from how he handled the whole Shaq situation. Before then I didn't care for him but after I just didn't like him
  • Its unnatural because I do not know him from Adam and I normally don't care one way or the other about people I don't like
  • If you have time to not like someone you have way too much time on your hands. I barely have time to like/love the people in my world
  • When will some people realize that we all can be great, pretty, smart etc. You don't need to hate
  • Why is it so hot already in the H. Man, I miss the Bean big time now
  • God is so cool sometimes I will just stop and look at all the great things in my life and be like man how cool. If I were to tell the young OG or the teenage OG or even the early 20's OG that my life would be this and be this awesome none would believe.
  • I think I'm a connector socially

That's all for now I just wanted to blog at least once this week. Trying to get back in the habit of it all BARE with me.

Be EZ,