Saturday, March 1, 2008

Boston Bound!

Wow! You know, sometimes in your life all the stars line up and the moon shines and the alignment is perfect. Well folks, my life has aligned itself in a trajectory that is going to take me, quote Dave Chappelle as black Bush “to the mars bytches!” LMAO! That's right I'm going to the mars, well okay Boston. So let me break down how this came about, you NOT gonna believe this. In a matter of days I was presented with an opportunity that I believe is life changing. So, let me tell you the story.

Last Thursday I opened my e-mail and a friend of mine sent me a job description for a job that was interesting, but it was in Boston. I read the e-mail and thought wow cool job, to bad it’s not in Houston. Well the consulting firm contacted my friend again and she called me and said will you just send your resume. So, I did. I sent my resume, the recruiter called me told me about the position and then told me the rate and I was like WOW! The job description sounded like stuff I could do and have been doing along with lots of room to kinda grow. And the money was …well let me put it this way this whole job the money, job description, and location became INTERESTING to me. I didn't even know opportunities like this existed in the world. The recruiter told me he would submit my resume to the client and let me know what happens. Friday, on my way home from my current job, I got a call with the recruiter and he told me that the client wanted to interview me on Monday at 4. I agreed to the time and spent the weekend prepping for my interview, you know looking up the company, making sure I had examples that demonstrated how I was a perfect fit for the job, and just getting my interview game on point! You know what I mean.

Monday at 4 a gentleman with a THICK Boston accent called me, I swear it was like being interviewed by Ted Kennedy. The interview was standard he asked me the usual questions and by the end I could tell that he liked me. He was trying to sell me on why I wanted to work there and how great the company was, all good signs that I had rocked the interview. We interviewed for about an hour and then the recruiter called to touch base after and I gave him an update and told him I thought the interview went well. He told me he expected to hear something very soon and he would contact me as soon as he knew something.

Tuesday morning came and went, then the afternoon and then I left from work, still NO WORD. I began to doubt myself and think I guess it didn’t go as well I thought it had. I was home catching up on The Wire (OMG Omar… WOW … that’s all I have to say). Anyway about 7:45 I get call and the voice at the other end of phone says “Monique, I just want to tell you Boston is BEAUTIFUL in the springtime! You have the job” I was beside myself. I can not tell you what a surreal feeling it was. He gave me all the particulars and asked me when I could start and I told him I would like to start on 3/17, he told me all that he would be sending the paperwork to me via e-mail.

So all day Wednesday day I was just on cloud nine. I decided that I would be give my notice on Thursday during my year end review. I can’t explain to you the overwhelming sense of euphoria I had. On Thursday, after a REALLY good review I told my manager that I would be leaving the company because I had been presented with an opportunity . We talked about it and he was happy for me and told me HE KNEW he there was nothing he could offer me to stay because I was glowing as I was talking to him about the job and I just SMILED in agreement.

So folks that is how I became BOSTON BOUND! When I say words cannot express how I feel, it is an incredible under statement. I know… I know you have tons of questions so let me answer the most common ones.

What are you going to do about your house?

I will keep my house! Duh… this is just a 12month contract at the most. It was written up from 6+ months. The rate accommodates me as a visiting worker, because of that I will be able to live and work in Boston and Houston.

Will I be moving there?

I will be living in Boston for the most part. I will have the option to telecommute and work from home 50% of the time if I choose to. I;m thinking I am just gonna do it every 2 months or so. I think *lol*

How long will I be there?

I will be there for at least 6 months, but I really think that I will probably be there closer to 9-12 months.

Where will I stay?

Good question. I will probably stay in an extended stay the first month and then rent something short term. So right now I have NO IDEA where I will be living. I have been looking for things in Dorchester area because I will be working near there.

Are you excited?

YES! I actually am A LOT of things. I am excited, nervous, happy, sad, and just a little overwhelmed. I am excited for the obvious reasons. I’m nervous because as with anything new, this is all UNKNOWN …the people, the environment, the real job. I’m happy because I TRULY OVERstand that this is a TRUE BLESSING from God. I’m sad because I will leave my current work family. I really enjoy the people I work with, I feel we really are a great team and we have done SUCH GREAT WORK together, in my opinion.

I’m overwhelmed because I have to prep my life here to be able to continue with out me being here everyday for an entire month. I have to prep myself for living a month in complete new city where I KNOW no one. I am thankful that I know a few Harvard grads and some MIT alum who have MOST GRACIOUSLY volunteered to introduce me to a few of their friends that are still in the area, a few Rice alumni who are in grad school at Harvard and even a couple of friends from 360! So I think I’ll be cool.

So that is my latest and greatest. I will try to keep you up in my adventures in a new city (actually more then a new city THE NORTHEAST!.. YANKEESO) and my take on it, after living the majority of my life right here in the South…right here in the Houston Met. For those on Spaces I'll probably will be posting those blogs on my other site (if you are on my other site reading this, you ALREADY know! *lol*), cause I KNOW YAHOO be triiiiziiipppinn these days. If you don’t have that address just e-mail me and I’ll give it to you. Well guys fasten your seat belts because I think we are about to take you on a REALLY FUN RIDE! Magic Mountain kinda fun!

Be EZ,