Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hey y’all what’s up! I hope you didn’t miss me too much! But busy busy busy. You know how it goes. It’s Black History Month. But every month is BHM to me. Plus I am starting to see a focus on us Blacks in America as just American, by more blacks than ever. I like that. I mean really when you think about it we are not an immigrant group like other ethnic groups who use it. They use it to differentiate between themselves and ethnic groups who immigrated here like there ancestors who came before them. However our ancestors didn't migrate. Anyway...

If you notice I rarely use the term African-American and it is not because I am not proud of my ancestry. I once wrote a paper for a college history class that explored the theory that we, African –Americans were truly indigenous to North America putting us on the same footing with Native Americans. I mean think about it. They crossed over on a bridge of ice. They then began living their lives and honoring the lands they had found. They thought the settlers were crazy because you can’t own land. We know how that went.

Our ancestors came over on boat and we were brought here. Again the settlers decided that they could own something not for sell, people. Anyway the genetic that makes us up today is different than that of those from Africa. We didn’t immigrate here years after this country was built and developed. We built this country. We are this country. With out our labor there is no America as we know it today. I won’t even begin to go into the many things that were invented by black men and black women.

African Americans are a unique mixture of the melting pot. None of us born in this USA are 100% Zulu- Masai. We all mixed up somewhere, at some point if you are lucky enough to be able to trace your history through sales records and census reports you will see than many of us have Massa or Mistress in the line. Many of us have Native American lineage as well, as at one time being black was better than being a Native American and many of them assimilated into our welcoming segregated communities.

Anyway I hope that soon BHM won’t be needed, but still celebrated. I hope that as this country grows and faces her truths she will tell OURSTORY and not HIS STORIES about how this country was built, founded, and sustained. Ok well that is all! Imma try to check in with you guys a few times this week.

Be EZ,