Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tagalicious Tuesday

Well I actually got tagged twice in the past few days one was a very nice award from my favorite scholar folk Raw Dawg B, my scholar warrior!

Thanks and I guess I will be passing this on to my fav five Serious Scribblers. In NO PARTICULAR order.

Raving Black Lunatic


Eclectik - Relaxation

No Regrets

Blackgirl In Maine

and I'm a game changer RULE BREAKER and going for a sixth woman Fungke Blak Chik

Kudos!! You guys really keep me entertained. That includes you too Torrence!!

Speaking of Fungke, she tagged me to share 7 random facts about myself. I have been saying I was going to do a 2008 101 (some of the things I listed well they ain't true about me no more...well the things like going through a divorce and never have lived anywhere but Texas) but this should suffice for those who want to KNOW more about me.

1. I have a 1995 Houston Rockets NBA championship ring with my last name on the side.

No I didn't screw someone or ride the bench back then. I actually interned with the Rockets for 2 years in the Basketball Operations and Media Relations departments. My old boss is the head of NBA media relations now! I could have BEEN somebody. *lol* Anywho the VP of Basketball Operations thought my contribution to the team was great enough to gift me with a ring. I was one of three interns who got one. Just so you know when a team wins a championship E'RRYBODY who works for the organization gets a ring (and to be in the victory parade- hello random people on the floats the world doesn't know) and so do the wives and some other key family members. My ring is the staff version, there is also a wife version (wives can have the top of the ring as a pendant, bracelet, or an actual ring).

2. I hate small talk with strangers

If you know me in IRL this is one of the MOST RANDOM things about me because I love to talk and I love me some people. However I do not like to chit chat in elevators about the weather or grocery store lines about the cover of people. In general I just like to smile real big and say hi. I definitely don't like people starting a conversation with me. Now if I feel like it, well that's different. Anyway I guess I don't like it because to me its not authenticate. I hate fake. I really do. I guess its a good thing I seem to like most folks because when I don't it's hard for me. I don't show disdain but I do try my best to WRAP IT UP...the conversation, pervs.

3. I am allergic to FRESH pears

They make me break out into welts. Like I got beat for calling my mom out of her name welts. It is hereditary. My dad was also allergic to them, unlike him I was adventurous enough to find out canned pears do fine by me. My father wouldn't even look at pears.

4. I have met Beyonce

Sure she was like 16, but I did meet her and the other three, remember back when there were four. Well Juanita (the pastor's wife at St Johns, the Knowles church in Houston) was speaking at my church for a women's event. My job was to introduce Juanita and also make the women's group I was in look younger and hipper. She brought along DC to sing Amazing Grace before she preached. I was with my college sweetie at the time, so we chopped it up with the girls. They were excited because their song Killing Time had just been picked up on the Men in Black Soundtrack. Me and my sweetie both said I think they got a shot. UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! So you see when I say I STANS for Bey I STANS for her. *lol* I know I'm tooooo grown for such nonsense. (Crys, notice the S)

5. I will only work out to music that is performed (don't want to use the word sing cause some of it ain't singing) by fine people or have fine people in the song's video.

Yes I work out to a lot of PERFORMING people. The second clause does help me get some more music in the rotation, after all fine is in the eye of the beholder. Look don't judge I need inspiration to run up one more flight of stadium steps.

6. I have a ridiculous memory

Or maybe its just my friends have really crappy ones. I am the holder of all the useless knowledge and random shyt. Once my friend bus chick's husband asked her had she ever done something and her reply was Hmmmm...I don't remember let me call [OG] and ask her.

It's not photographic or anything but I can learn things fairly quickly and retain that knowledge. Crys is convinced it is my azz that stores the extra stuff other people forget. Not all the time, I recently forgot a face and a name and its been killing me, I TEND to never forget faces or names. Old age is a BYTCH!

7.I use to sing outside my grandmother's house with a stick when I was seven

Along with sell coloring book photos to the neighbors, stick clear straws in ant beds, and build MASSIVE dams as the rain water was running in the sewer. All and all I was a crazy kid. The stick story is so funny because my aunt married (and later divorced) our across the street neighbor. So one day at a family event, I was about 16-17, my uncle called me out on my stick performances. Turns out he would see me from his kitchen window across the street. Never occurred to me that anyone would be paying attention to me. I still remain in that world today, you know the one where it AMAZES me people are watching anything I am doing.


I am extremely uncomfortable with praise. I do not like it. I am not sure why. But I find solace in being EVERY WOMAN its all in me!! *lol* Really I like to do my job well and appreciate when people tell me job well done or good work. However anything over the top. Any the best ever or she's my 10 or Perfection talk makes me uneasy. I guess it's because for me when you get use to hearing that kind of praise it may make you complacent. I spend my life always trying to be better than I was yesterday and if you start to believe you are the best you stop striving so hard to be the best.

Now here is the rest. I want 7 random facts from people that I KNOW will do it, that haven't been tagged already, that I find interesting (some of you I stalk via lurking on your blogs, wishing I was cool enough to be your friends. *lol*), and that I just want to know more about. So will the following please report to the dance floor or blogsphere or what ever just give me 7 RaNDOm facts.

you don't blog enough and your WHOLE life is random shyt...come on SHARE

share some bidness...some RANDOM bidness

I know you gotta a black folks soul like me so I am sure there is plenty of randomness in there.

Blackgirl in Maine
I need to know what kind of randomness spawns when you trek from the Chi to Maine

Chi Chi
I love your life gotta know more...even if it's random

Sane and Single
maybe this will get your posting juices flowing

The Black Barbie
Represent for the young 'ens

Now you know what I want, here are the rules of how it's suppose to go down!!

I can NOT wait to read. Y'all know I'm not working right now. At home packing I need things to distract me from the task at hand!!

Be EZ,


crys said...

i laughed out loud FORREAL.
you forgot to mention that your AZZ is also equipped with GPS and a few language translation programs (think about when i called you ROSETTA STONE in the DR - LMAO)!!!

HMMM my life is RANDOM. i was just thinking the other day that when i be reading the blogs i feel like the person in the back of the classroom when a really interesting discussion is going on - THAT HAS NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE!! lol - you know how i am....i just want to listen - it could be a mixture of the ISTP and Genghis Kunt in me :-)

this was a good one....keep up the excellent work OG. your blog is THE BEST EVER (you feeling weird yet) LOL

and if i remember correctly - you were his 11 (eleven) on a scale of 10 - right...not just his 10?
says the girl who came in on the middle of the movie.....

Raven said...

Wow...you are funny! I can't wait to go home and tell my hubby that you have a ring...he worked for the Rockets from 2000-2001 and all he has to show for it are 100 t-shirts and a few cups! Okay...let me put my thinking cap on...

Sister Girl said...

Well now, fact# 2 just stunned me beyond belief ! It's so HARD to picture that you don't to engage in small talk with strangers.

However,I'm more of a "hands on" person & find it HARD to write a whole lotta stuff when I blog. But if we are face to face/on the phone, it's like I'm a complete turn about face.

Happy packing !


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@crys- I knew you weren't gonna do it, but you gotta ask.

Yes and how come every time in the airport I want to stop at the Rosetta Stone cart and see what they talking about (pun intended...you know since its language and all)

Ok you know I was already side eyeing you talking about excellent work and shyt!! GTFOH

I was his perfect 10!! Thank you very much and you see that just got me a hand full of hips.

@Raven- why thank you. I tries (the S is for Crys)

@SG- Yep I think number 2 is the most surprising to people close to me because I NEVER shut up. I also know how to network and talk at events and stuff from being a professional, but really when I'm grocery shopping or riding the elevator to get to the next stop. I DO NOT want to talk to you if I don't already know you. I know its so unsouthern of me!!

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

You sound like you have an oral allergy, just like me...I'm fine with canned fruit, it's the fresh that'll kill me!

I hate small talk, especially with coworkers I can't stand..lol

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

hey wait! did i just win an award?? lol

*bows* gracefully! :)

thanks so much!

"I'd like to take the time to thank god, and my mamma & nem.." lol

F.U. said...

My memory is ridiculous too! And I don't memba a damn thing that could possibly be of any importance. I memba stuff like the names of Oprah's dogs, or all of Brad and Angelina's kids, or everything that happened from beginning to end on an episode of The Cosby Show from 1986. And I also remember stuff that lots of people wish I would forget...

Anyhoo, glad to know a lil more about you OG!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes ma'am I thought about that when I read about your allergies.

The academy says YOU ARE WELCOME!!

Man FU I bet we could have a helluva remember that time on... conversations. Yes mine is both useless and useful stuff, being a consultant for a few years it has helped me switch industries in my field and build a nice resume. The useless stuff is way MORE FUN.
Plus it helps me make all kinds of witty reference to the randomness. I think that is why I LOVE Family Guy so much. I get about 98% of all the jokes even the obscure ones.


Smokie said...

Very interesting post! Hmmm.. I don't have 7 bloggers who I want to tag. LOL But, I will put some random ish on my blog...

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Smokie that's cool as you can see I didn't leave you are tagged comments in everyone section. I'm lazy so play the game however you want.


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there!!

Thanks for mentioning these blogs!

Congratulations on being recognized by your peers for the work that you do online!!

I have visited Keith's blog ...the one with poetry and creative writing...and he's sooo scandalous!! *LOL*

I will check out the other blogs you mentioned!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

it was well deserved if u asked me and thanks for the love

blackgirlinmaine said...

Thanks for showing me some love, will have to think about some of my fav bloggers. I think today I will post about what happens when I go home. LOL

The Black Barbie said...

I so jealous that you've met Bey...next tour im payin the big bucks to be able to meet her before the concert n stuff lol