Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Garcia Vegas

A Garcia Vega, a Dominican cigar (well actually a cigarillo). In the cigarillo world a Garcia Vega is a good cigar. I mean not the best, most certainly not a Backwoods, but not a Phillie. Just for a frame of reference Backwoods are rolled with a leaf not the best leaf around but still a leaf. Phillies are rolled with a leaf too, it just happens to be similar to paper, you know of the paper or plastic fame, than any tobacco leaf I've seen. Anyway a Garcia Vega is a fine cigar, as far as grocery store cigars go.

Garcia Vegas, no one ever really thinks about them, you don’t meet people who only buy them exclusively, like Backwoods. Not everyone even knows what they are. Hell not even every store stocks them. However you might run across them and decide Hey, give me a box of those. Garcia Vegas a fine cigar, as far as grocery store cigars go.

I think of myself as a Garcia Vega, you know not the cigar everyone likes or even knows women like me exist. Not the cheap cigar that anyone can buy and everyone has tried that is a woman, but bears resemblance to a little girl more than any women I've ever seen. No I’m a Garcia Vega a semi-exclusive, good leafed, easy to roll ( you know easy like a Sunday morning easy) nice tasting cigar. You know a Garcia Vega, a cigar that isn’t on your mind, but when you see it you say Hey, let me get some of those they did me real fine last time I smoked them. A Garcia Vega not to proud of itself, but definitely a good FINE cigar, as far as grocery store cigars go.

That’s me, not the woman that every man chases, but not the woman that every man has had and everyone knows it. Not the woman that only resembles a woman in name only, but a woman who is being a REAL GROWN AZZ woman. Not the woman that you may dream about at night, but when you see me you go Hey, let me holla at that you know last lil’ momma I hollered at that looked like that was a great woman I never should have let get away! You know me cause I’m that chick you like! OG a fine woman, as far as regular women go.

I told y’all I was gonna compare myself to blunts like Mariah. *lol*

Be EZ,



Keith said...

And a fine description it was at that. -lolol...Oh and for the record, I have heard of that cigar.
(My dad was a cigar afficianado, he
smoked all kinds. Much to me, my brother and my mother's dismay-lolol.)

NoRegrets said...

Nice... said...

Hey there!

I was reading your post and suddenly this loud music came on and I jumped!! I didn't realize that I had my volume on!! *LOL* I have to chill after that shocker!!

This is an interesting post...

I have never liked the smell of cigars... I remember when Demi Moore used to smoke them when she was trying to push the phallic thing to the hilt.

Demi is my gurl!!


ZACK said...

You are DEFINITELY that chick! That's what I like the most about you. You do you at all times!

Keep it up! Much love, babe!

blackgirlinmaine said...

This post cracked me up.. me I have no idea what kind of cigar I am but it definitely ain't that cheap one the kids get (Phillies?).

Back when the cigar thing became stylish I tried to hang but cigars is too much for me.

Mizrepresent said...

Okay, you did that girl! I hear ya...dang, i wonder what kind of cigar i'm like...i really liked those chocolate flavored ones.

SaneAndSingle said...

Haha! I love the metaphor! You are a Garcia Vegas! I think I might be one too! :)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I'm glad you guys liked it. I do realize I kinda failed on my attempts because I compared myself to a a blunt not a blunt of fiyah that ooo weee LOL!

Oh well maybe next time but I am pretty relaxing like a BOF! OOOOO a term to add to the glossary!


n0days0ff said...

Oh hell to the naw!! Before I even read your post I saw your banner talking about its about life its about love etc... What you know about lillix? Lol I'm dead off that let me read

n0days0ff said...

Girl stop!!!! You know you aint nothing but a pack of kools lol. No I'm feeling that though.I been aware of garcia vegas since mystikal shouted them out on still smokin

Sister Girl said...

You come up with the most fascinating topics !


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

LMAO at pack of Kools! Naw, I'm AT LEAST Newports if I gotta be cigs!!

N0, I had no idea who lillix was until I Googled them and the words from my header and found out they had a song very similar to what I had. I just wrote that off the top of the dome, although I often reference songs and artist not that time.. Now I want to hear this song, I guess I will search for it on YouTube.


sdg1844 said...

Love the analogy. I've never thought of myself in those terms. I love the smell of clove myself. Good for you OG. You are truly one of a kind. :-)

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

wow, one of the best analogies i've read in a while!

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

love this post