Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Thoughts about Fashion Rocks

That Rih Rih sure is pretty! I’m glad she chose an equally as lame singer, Madonna, to sing tonight! Smart move, I mean really even I can sing the hell out of some Vogue!! I mean really! But she is such a pretty little thing all doe eyed…oh wait its over.

So is Etta James responsible for all these platinum light skinned SANGING honeys out here, why yes Beyonce is from the tree of Etta. Oh wait her lf isn’t glued down properly. Still look a lot like Etta. Wait Beyonce just confirmed she indeed is from the tree of Etta. And man Etta still rocking firece hair, now someone tell Keisha that’s how you do red hair!

I love Chris Brown. I just want me one. Like I’m serious I already asked Crys if she would let her little bit sing and dance so I could know the entertainment that it must be to be in Chris Brown’s inner circle. I mean really I have only seen a small bit of his growth and I am impressed. Sometimes its hard to remember his age.

That Duffy chick I need to get her. I just heard her song Mercy the other day on some commercial and was like who is that Amy Whinehousesque sound I hear? I meant to try to find out who was singing that song but I didn’t have anything to go on. But now I got it all. Duffy Imma get her! Why do them Brits KNOW they love them some soul music.

Justin Timberlake has his own clothing line…damn everybody….everybody

Wow Justin Timberlake looks like a white version of Marvin, not really but the glasses and beard…you can’t say that my boy don’t know/study his artists only a true music fan would get that throwback reference with the cool Marvin shades and matching beard ala Sexual Healing Marvin. To me that was the BEST Marvin there was, followed closely by hippie What’s going on Marvin. Man Robin Thicke is onJT's heels, he is going to sing this whole thing in falsetto. Ok JT I see ya!!

Kid Rock singing the Temptations hmmm strangely I totally get that! On every level.

I think Bey is wearing her real hair tonight. It's cute but a lot flatter than bulk she wears when she is wearing wigs and weaves. Plus the edges…sorry…I like hair….and I LOVE good hair!

OMG Solange is doing it. I really think she is the owner of the inflated Divatude that her sister should have. *lol* Yeah that’s it she got the Divatude and Bey got the Divadom that’s how it happened. She did good and her big sis was CHEESING the same way I would if I was watching my brother doing his do-do-do (singng) on the Fashion Rocks stage KILLING IT!

Man Timberland produce the white music, he offically has the whole INDUSTRY on lock!! What’s crazy is I been jammin’ all them songs cause they hot. Especially that One Republic very dreary Cold Play awkward cute white boy singing. I totally get that vibe.

Ok Mariah looks like a grown azz woman who is sexy not a grown azz woman who trying to remind us she is just as young and viral as chicks who are 10-15 years younger Beyonce Ok I never listened to the lyrics of this song... OH OK... so she is comparing herself to blunts of FIYAH and ice cream!!

I'm like that ooo weee,/ you're fiendin to blaze up,/ And taste me,/ Got flavor like ice cream/ 'Cause I'm that chick you like.

Maybe I should try that one day, comparing myself to blunts of fiyah and ice cream not blunts of fiyah and ice cream…been there done that!

So if Lauryn Hill hadn’t just up and split the Fugees would have all the same world accolades of the Black Eyed Peas, now don’t get me wrong Will I Am is a BEAST! But Wyclef ain’t no punk plus Lauryn is an EXCEPTIONAL RAPPER AND SINGER Fergie is just a good singer. But really it’s the same formula. Oh Fugees ...Oh Fugees... where art thou?

So man, Beyonce is gonna wear that wig in the finale looking like somebodies momma? I feel like they have every non selling R&B artist up there. For real Ashanti you want to be on the Stand Up Charity song? I wondered if they just pulled people up out of the audience? Wow I think if I was there with enough hair and make-up and a t-shirt they would have let me sing! I KNOW I could sing Rihanna’s part.

Wow that was fun!! Yes these are the kinda of thoughts that go through my head. My friends can attest that they sometimes get the most randomest text message. Yes I really did ask Crys if her child would be the next Chris Brown for my entertainment.

I very randomly jotted down my thoughts. I thought you would like. Fashion Rocks was like the perfect show thingee to watch because he had performances and fashion. I love clothes and music and men and shoes and all kinds of stuff. No wack awards or too many presenters but lots of good music performances and pretty clothes! Me likes mindless TV like this, mindless but not insulting me by thinking I’m really that mindless.

Be EZ,



Keith said...

Whoooooweeeee, you've got my head spinnin O.G. -lololol...And I haven't drank anything in your honor today either.-(smile)

NoRegrets said...

I had some people over and we all argued about how old Duffy is. No idea. And about how she's not as good as Amy.

Oh, and Debbie Harry - Why o why must you have had so much surgery??? And apparently Meg Ryan can't smile anymore because of all the surgery she's had.

When Chris Brown (?) was singing and the guys dressed just like him were dancing in the background, someone remarked about the guys wearing masks, and then they said they were painted faces, and I was drunk and couldn't see the TV well and blurted out - wait, they can't have blackface on! That's not right - and then was told it was gold. oops.

NoRegrets said...

That was Beyonce in the feathers, right? Jeez, the only thing covered of her boobs was the nipples. Everything else was pushed up.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

No that was Rhianna in the feathers!! I thought the same thng about her breast but she is so PRETTY just kept popping into my head!! Bey did the Etta James cover as Etta and then sang with Justin Timberlake!


NoRegrets said...

OK, thanks. I don't know my pop stars.

Sister Girl said...

You lost me on those names(LOL). As you know,I'm an old school head & listen to most stuff that others dare not.


crys said...

you know what is so funny - when chris brown first hit the scene, my little neices were calling me and trying to show me who he was, because they said that he reminded them of an older Killa B

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I think Killa B is going to grow up to be cuter and taller than Chris Brown!! *lol*


Mizrepresent said...

Ah, i loved this, gurl you had me rolling. I didn't see it either, but painted a real vivid picture. Thanks for this, i can't comment at work, so i had to wait until i got home to do it, but it was worth the wait.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

timberlake is from memphis - home boy wont touch it
but the only re-re i know is mrs. franklin

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Man I'm tooo young to call Aretha Re Re *lol*


sdg1844 said...

I miss everything on tv because I don't watch it much. Man OG, you are like a stream of consciousness woman. LOL. Maybe because I'm drinkin' Mimosa's my brain ain't workin' right.

I loves me some Robin Thicke, don't care about Timberlake. He acts like he invented sumthin' when Aaliyah (God Rest her Soul) and Timbaland/Magoo covered that territory a decade ago. He is a talented young man though.

I'm really curious to see how the Etta James project works out.