Monday, July 7, 2008

Glamosary...It's My World

So it’s a holiday and I have decided to do some blog admin work. I have decided to give you a mini-glossary of terms of the life of OG. Some you will get others you won’t with out some significant back story. I will try to update it and even link to it on my right hand side!! I figure since it’s Monday after the 4th and I said my peace that. I’d do some admin work and post a reference document, so I can actually hyperlink to it for reference in my blog!! If there are any other OGisms on my blog or IRL (yes real world friends this is open to you too!). If you would like me to add/explain something, please add it in the comments of this blog along with any comments of love and affection you would like to pass on.

If you didn’t know, I am a former comment whore, don’t fret I have found Jesus and now I am no longer tricking for comments. Anyway here is this Glamazon Chronicle's Glossary of Terms . This should help you navigate my waters a little easier ( ooooo that sounds so nasty! ) Enjoy!

Be EZ,


OG's Glossary of Terms

AB4AD - Another blog for another day. I often used this to corral my ADD and tendency to run off on tangents while blogging.

Asherionian - This is the name for a friend who is like a brother we have other names but this one is my favorite, next to Silky Ashy. We also refer to him as DNL and he is a specialist at DNL, but I can’t tell you I’d HAVE to kill you, for real.

Be EZ - This is my goodbye sig. I have used it for years now. I usta say make it do what it do, but really ...I mean really! I think Be EZ fits me and my blog SO MUCH better.

BBTAM - Not my phrase, but I use it freely, Bad (not bad meaning good but bad meaning poorly) Built Than a MoFo. This term is a bit sexist and really not all inclusive at all, but eh I’m not perfect. I know a woman is not her shape, but …actually I have not excuse for that it, but helps when explaining what a girl, you might not like, looks like to your friends after seeing her on a date with your man, crush, ex, or TOM A . For example “ She was NOT CUTE and she was BBTAM too girl”

BFF - Well you folks know this as Best Friends Forever, but when I use it here on dis here blog it refers to Mandy my fellow Glamazon. If I’m the Original Glamazon, then she is Glamazon 2.0, because she a little younger and a little taller. Most times she doesn’t make me feel too old but I am proud that she has accomplished so much in her life at the tender age 30.

Black Kennedy - It’s a new term, I have grown tired of black bourgeoisie and “bougie” as terms for blacks who think their status is more than what it is and blacks who status is more than what mine is. I actually like it for ALL middle upper-class blacks. Plus sometimes I think “bougie” carries a negative connotation, while to me Black Kennedy can be a “Bougie” former hood rat or a true upper eastside BAP. I’m toying with Obamalot Royalty, but eh I don’t know. Thoughts?

BOF- Blunt(s) Of Fiyah!! Come on, you already know what that s. I do NOT need to define this any further.

B-Rock – Barack Obama when I think he is doing the damn thing WWE style, you know do you SMELL what the B-Rock is cooking.

Bumble Bee - An OG past time. It refers to very light skin men , also referred to as pretties, who have dark hair and eyes. It actually can apply to white guys too but they have light eyes and dark hair, Brian Bloom is a white bumble bee who comes to mind. It’s about the contrast or something. Anyway the bumble bee is a lover of OG and consequently she is a lover of the bumble bee ESPECIALLY those with goatees, but OG loves ‘em all I DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Fine is fine. (that was me channeling my inner TO by talking in 3rd person).

Bus chick - Carla who is my main dammie and roommate from college. She is also the keeper of ALL MY TRIFE, but I have insurance as I am the keeper of hers and my memory is much better than hers. She is also my Carrie Bradshaw, because she blogs for the PI and she is on the side of a Seattle busses now! Check her out she is on the right hand side.

Bus chicklet - The offspring of the bus chick and bus nerd who is named after the Original bus chick, Ms. Rosa Parks, and one of the most divalicious women I have ever known, Caroline (bus mom). Both are no loner with us so MUCH RESPECT. also known as bus baby

Bus Nerd - Her husband, I will not mention his name only his internets name which is Black Helicopter.

Dammie - Dammie comes from Pootie Tang and it is actually Main Dammie, I never just use dammie. Biggie Shortie ( played by Wanda Sykes) was Pottie’s main dammie. Since Biggie Shortie kinda looked like a ho I guess a main dammie could be considered the bottom bytch, but since she slapped that guy and told him just cause she was out on the street corner dressed like a ho didn’t mean she was ho, I guess it isn’t a bottom bytch. Main Dammie is another word for BFF or very good friend.

Framily - A concatenation of the words friends and family. It's the term I use for my inner circle of friends. The people who are like family, but not blood. My friends and I are very close we do things together and behave as a family unit. It reminds me of my mother and her sisters when I was younger. I think its a southern thing these huge extended families. In Baytown I grew up with 12 other 1st cousins (maternal) that were more like brothers and sisters. Whether we are kicking it at the Honeycomb Hideout or hanging the streets we got each other. There is nothing like framily, because unlike your family these people are the blood you choose

Glamazon - Any woman who has that panache of combining glamour and beauty with OVERPOWERING drive and strength or anything else seen as masculine. That’s my definition many think it’s a glamorous Amazon, which it is. However, aren’t amazons the juxtaposition of being very masculine yet feminine. Amazon is the harbinger of female strength! So, you do not need to be 12 ft tall to be a glamazon? Nope, just a beautiful strong woman!! That’s it! But I hardly ever just give the title out to folks or use it in reference to others, but myself in my crew. But I know other Glamazons are out there. I see you SHINING!!

HR - This will be how I refer to my ex FROM now on. It stands for something that I can’t tell you, only because I’m trying to be nice to my former husband in this very public blogsphere. However if YOU HAVE to know e-mail me I MIGHT….MIGHT…tell you if I like you.

Hoodrat things - This isn’t mine I got it from him and when I first read about and saw this video here, I knew I too enjoyed doing hoodrat things. Not as a way of life, OF COURSE not silly that would make me a hoodrat, but definitely on occasion.

HillBilly - a derogatory term for HRC most often used when she (and Bill) were trying to slander my boy, B-Rock.

Internets - My secret way, or not so secret, if your follow politics, to make fun of W. He referred to the internets in a debate with John Kerry. And everyone just acted like he wasn’t a damn fool for adding the S. So for the most parts on this blog I refer to the WWW as internets. Not always because it is important that some people know that both I and my keyboard are smarter than George W. Bush

Kindablack - My term for folks of mixed race, I don’t use it often here. But since I am creating this BLOG glossary I might as well use the terms I often use in real life it will make blogging easier. I use this term because you experience the FULL rights of being black but you still get to shout out to your other raced parental units.

Lentement - Not mine either, belongs to the 206 busfam. Long story, but basically means all things yuppie and soccer mom and sometimes wack. Its like smurf it can be used in any combination when speaking negatively of things, people, or places.

PG - short for Personal Gay. A term I use because one of my brothers is gay. So as a gay man he answers many questions for me, kinda like Paul Mooney in ask a black guy. Anyway one day I was sharing some gay tidbit and Mandy was like wow you have like your own personal gay. Crys has a gay best friend and another good friend who is gay; they both are her personal gays. I like that term way better than the derogatory F*g Hag. - Folks who are mixed with other things besides black. All kindablacks are, but not all are kindablacks. You know like a square and a rectangle.

Matrixed - You already know this, it is common slang but I often use it in reference to the many bullets I have so expectly dodged in my life, but mainly the biggest which is procreation with HR. I matrixed that one BIG time, I have this feeling if we had had children together and then divorced I would be ONE BITTER BYTCH!! So right here is where I do my happy dance.

OG - Me, Original Glamazon. The Original. Original, as in black is Original and Original as in like no other and Original as in first (all though not so sure about that but I’ll take it, been using it for years and using it since 02 for sure , with friends and I’ve been OG on the “internets’ since ‘04 baby!!) I'm NOT an original gangster, just for the record. I don't bang I rock the dope rhymes, yup me and CUBE.

Pretty - A term used for light skinned folks it is the defiant play on the light skinned myth that continues to live an thrive in the south. You know how some folks like to think just cause you’re light skinededededed you are prettiest. Contrary to popular belief, not all kindablacks are pretties some are various shades of brown and tan.

Ricial - the Asheronian made this up for the thoughts I have and things I say. Usually he will say this when I bust out with something overly thought out or complex like before he used Ricial he usta be like "ONLY YOUR SMART AZZ would be thinking about the affect on Darfur as we drink this forty" Then I would explain it was drinking the 8ball reminded me of a time in college when I snuck in forties to the Rice v. UT game, then that made me remember Carla SPILLED hers and had is both smelling like drunk winos, then that reminded me of Carla and all her activism and how she was like the Don Cheadle of me life always researching causes and shy, and Don Cheadle reminded me of Rwanda first, but then that reminded me of how there’s some BULLSHYT going on in Darfur right now. His reply probably mid-way through that would be RICIAL.That my friends is being Ricial at it's best including the thought pattern. Also means of or pertaining to Rice University

Sam Jonesin - I go this from -1- but I love it because she used it to mean I love you but I love ME more. I like I hope she won’t be too mad at me for putting into my personal vocab! I twriked it little and made it a verb as in, I’m sam jonesin theese fools!

Shalamar - A term for a couple who is getting ready to make that move right now whether it be from TOM A to BF or BF to Fiancé or Fiancé to Husband. It also can be used for any other transition in life that requires making a move. Went all shalamar and moved to Boston on these fools!

Sister in vodka - Another woman of like mind who enjoys the finest alcohol around

South Side Shelley - Michelle Obama. Nuff said!

South Side Silky - I only use this when her pimp hand is raised and I haven’t used it since I coined South Side Shelley, too confusing. However she is always threatening to raise her pimp hand, but as long as it is down this is a reference to my friend Crys. I refer to her and have conversations with her through blog (she answers me sometimes in my head) which is just a ploy to get her lurking azz to say something anything, but she refuses, most times, choosing to sit back in the cut like deep throat in quiet colors fit for the southern lady that she is.

The good, bad, and slutty –This is my colorful phrase, I use it to mean real, keeping it 100. A play on the good, bad, and ugly BUT nothing in my life is really ugly. I consider it all part of life. Howevr I am sure some might say some of my life is slutty, you know how some people are.

TOM A – The Object of My Affection. It’s the name I use for my male friend. We aren’t really going all shalamar on folks, but he is special and deserves some kinda name, when I refer to him COUNTLESSLY, like the fool in love that I am. I like this because I never have to change it even if who TOM A is actually changes. Of course I’m sure you would know if that happened because there would be many blogs about the beginning of the end, the end, the post end wrap up, lessons learned, the new beginning blah, blah, blah.
Trife - short for trifling. Trife is anything that you consider in poor taste or out and out trifling, generally for me most of my trife happened when I was in college, but I have some adult trife too.


i.can't.complain. said...


w is such a bright man.

thanks for the run-down of the OG terminology

i always wonder what a TOM A was


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Sister Girl said...

Although I've followed you long enough to "figure it out",it's always nice to see you break us off OG style !


Keith's Space said...

Thanks for breaking it down for me
O.G. Just one thing though...humor
me.."Bumble Bees?" "Bumble Bees..
O.G.?? Come on, the day of the Mocha and Chocholate Brother has arrived? You gotta give us some Glamazon love too.-lololol..I'm kidding. You're still an African
American original O.G.

leva said...

If you didn’t know, I am a former comment whore, don’t fret I have found Jesus and now I am no longer tricking for comments. HA!!!

Thanx for the glossary even though I've heard some of these come outta your mouth...and I even know what DNL stands for. lol

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

bus chick and bus nerd - classic

wikapedia some of this stuf

leva said...

Oh yea I didnt see "dammie" either.

sdg1844 said...

Well, well, well. OG gets an A in her own Pimp-o-logy. Looking forward to seeing these words in use.

Crys said...

i am laughing so hard!
....which is just a ploy to get her lurking azz to say something anything, but she refuses, most times, choosing to sit back in the cut like deep throat in quiet colors fit for the southern lady that she is.......deep throat? PUN INTENDED?!?
this actually clears a lot up for ME - thanks!!!