Monday, June 2, 2008

I Went for the Shoes!

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that the series finale of Sex and the City didn’t leave me a bit blah. As the consummate single girl I found it a bit annoying that we left all four independent, mature, and sexy women not single. If you recalled even Samantha, the playa from the Himalayas, was in a relationship. What happened to happily ever after of one? So when the much anticipated and awaited movies hit theaters this week, I had resolved that I was not going to see more of this sappy it all works out in the end storyline, but I was going to see the FABULOUS shoes and clothes. You know Glamazon inspiration so to speak

I must say I was NOT disappointed. The clothes and shoes were divine and the fashion was a great mix of wearable couture. If Ney York city is considered the fifth star in this show, the shoes and the costuming of Patricia Fields run a close sixth if not a tie for fifth. However, what I didn’t plan on was the plot and the storyline being a lot less saccharine. It felt real to me, and being that I grew up with these characters, I would say that where each character was four years later made sense.

I know while I was annoyed by the fact they all seemed to end up with someone, I got to thinking and realized that each character was far too amazing of a woman not to have at least one if not many men wanting to be with them. I mean lets face it man was not built to be alone and if you were a man who happened to come across the path of a woman who was half as crazy, sexy, cool as any women in this foursome you’d be a fool not to want to be with her or at least get to know her. I also realize that many PHENOMENAL women stay as one.

I mean really there is absolutely nothing wrong with ending up a two. I think the problem would be if you never felt whole as a one. As many of you know, I’m an old school country girl who believes in men being the heads of households and holding doors open for you and all that jazz. I also believe the best way to ensure a man can take care of you is be able to take care of yourself. I think there is nothing like knowing your woman has your back if, heaven forbid, something was to befall you and you couldn’t take care of you two (or three or four or however many of you it is). Since I don’t have a Y chromosome I will say that is only a guess, maybe some of my male readers can co-sign on that. Anyway, back to the blog.

I guess I realized this weekend that somewhere unconsciously I looked at staying single as a badge of honor, when really staying single has more to do with what works for you at the moment than your strength as a woman. Did you hear that? Yep that was me growing as a woman!

Now don’t expect me to start writing about the joys and virtues of two, because believe me I’m still learning them, part of the reason I have been taking my thing so slow. However I will not turn my nose up at those books, movies, and what-not that end in the heroine finding her prince (our princess for the alternative folks out there) charming in the end. After all there’s nothing wrong with pairs some of my most favorite things come in pairs, like those Christian Dior Extreme Gladiators SJP is rockig all up in the movie!!!

Be EZ,

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Danielle said...

They are pretty amazing aren't they? I've never seen being single as "strength". It just happens to be my status. LOL

Who doesn't want a fabulous partner in crime in their life? I know I do. :-)

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to it.