Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Good LIfe

Sometimes as I’m randomly doing something, like reading my course chapters for my LSS Green Belt certification, the thought of how truly blessed I am to live my life will float across the depths of my brain.  The thought will then immediately send me into a complete and utter feeling of gratitude to be blessed with the life I have.  And though I’m not saying I don’t have trials and tribulations and the hills and valleys that living life brings, I am saying I feel almost humbled by the blessings that have been bestowed on me. 

I also sit there and reflect just how far I have come in life and how with every new adventure in my life I think this is beyond anything I ever could imagine my life being.  I mean I have a wonderful family whose flaws are far outweighed by who they are as people…good people.  I have friends who love and support me and feel like family, as in our bond will never break.  I have an amazing career that affords me opportunities that I never knew existed.  I have a great man who supports me and loves me for me, not some projected vision of what he thinks I should be based on surface stuff.  All in all I can say that my life is a good one and a happy one and one I’m so very happy to live.

The things that make me appreciate this time even more in life are the dark days.  The times when I struggled, persevered and overcame; and the times I gave it my all and put in every effort and still failed and the times I never even tried and was still ok; and the times things fell into my life like a harbinger of the path I should follow and I listened and the times I ignored those signs too.  All and all it took all those things to get me here the bad decisions helped as much as the great ones. 

As I sit here and just reflect all I keep thinking is life is a sum of parts and the goal is to get your life ratios right for you… good parts and bad parts, impulsive decisions and carefully metered and weighed ones,   useless distractions and costly ones, listening to your heart and making choices with your brain.  To me that’s the beauty of this old thing and to me that’s the what helps me get through the rough times of life. 

Slow and steady wins the race…one step at a time...and all that jazz! 

Be EZ,

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