Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am the Result of My Grandmother’s Prayers

Saturday night, like the Houstonian and Beyoncé fan that I am I tuned in to her HBO documentary, Life Is but A Dream.  Being a longtime fan of Mrs. Carter, I was delighted she let us in to see her life and her humanity.  I also was pleased to see that she is very aware of said humanity and the fact that “To whom much is given, much is required.”

She also realizes that who she is, is an answer of the prayers of her grandmother.  At the end she shares that she believes she is a result of her grandmother’s prayers and I felt such a connection to that thought.  I’m not delusional fan who believes she is Beyoncé  or that her choices and thoughts should somehow guide me but I do believe I am Beyoncé  and she is me.  When you strip the auspice of fame and fortune Beyoncé is just like any other woman. She puts her sequined bodysuit one leg at time like every- okay anybody else who has cause to wear a sequined bodysuit does.  And like any woman who grew up in a family that prays together, she and I realize that we are recipients of blessings that were not a result of anything we did but the answers of fervent prayers from those that love us dearly and put God at the center of their world, and thus ours.

Often when I take a look at my life I become overwhelmed at how far a tall black girl from a redneck town in Texas  has come.  Sometimes I sit and think this is nowhere what I could have imagined for my life.  You know that passage about pouring out blessings where you wouldn't have room enough to receive them? That’s how I will describe my life.  I mean I’m not going say a there have not been Job-like valleys in my life, but for the most part my life and where I am in my life is an abundant blessing. And I am so thankful for the family and support system I have and for a grandmother who has always prayed for me (and all of her family) and taught me about the important things in life are the people not things or empty praise.  

I can’t tell you how many times when people ask me about my life and how I got here I just shake my head and say I had a praying grandmother.  Because I realize if not for the grace and mercy of God and the prayers and intercession of those who hold him close to their heart, I don’t know who, what, or where I would be without those things.  I am the result of my grandmother’s prayers, hard work, and unconditional love and for that I am blessed. 

 Be EZ,


12kyle said...

I actually watched 20 mins of Beyonce's special (i dvr'd it and will watch the rest tonight) and I was impressed. While I can't say I'm a fan and I can't name 10 of her songs, she is a phenomenal woman. She seems very down to earth and humble. I look forward to watching the rest of the program.

You're right! Prayer and guidance helped mold you into who you are. Your family has prayed for you and probably STILL is praying for you. Any success that you've attained has been helped by that prayer. And that's a great thing.

Lastly, I noticed that there is a certain "cool" about the women from Texas that I know. Can't put my finger on it, tho. I see that Beyonce has it too! LOL

The F_Uitlist said...

I too am the result of my grandma and mothers prayers. Growing up in Brooklyn during the 80/90's prayer had to be a mainstay because you never knew what could happen to your child. You had to put it in the Lords hands. They still pray for me, now an Us. And I feel it every time something is not quite right and I'm more than thankful.

As for Bey I'm not a fan but before the documentary aired I had a huge change of heart about her ( even started a post about it) and the documentary only solidified my new feelings for her.