Monday, February 18, 2013

Guess Who’s Back?

Hello young world! I’m sure no-one has noticed but I haven’t been here. And I miss it… well I miss writing and here is where I usta do that. Here is where I usta pontificate on things that resonated with me and work out issues that blocked my growth.  Here was a place where I celebrated the victories in my life, mourned the defeats and learned how to navigate some of lives most twisted paths….all with words and stories and euphemisms about what it meant to be me at that time.  My views of the world and how they related to me were all worked out HERE.

When I moved almost 2000 miles away from home, here was where I came to feel connected in a new and different world, it is where I came to document the loves of my life and the losses, its where I came to work out my thoughts and my beliefs and my feelings about things. Here is where the pain of growth and self-reflection met the joys of self-discovery and new horizons.  And yet I haven’t been here consistently for years.

I've popped in and out but I haven’t been here.  For whatever reason I didn't need to be here. I believe that the universe always puts us where we need to be and today the universe feels I need to be here. It’s time to come home; it’s time to get back to the basics of me.  The series of events that pushed me back here were not an accident.  While they seemed like happenstance, as I sit here writing my first post after this long hiatus, I realize they were not.

I am at such a different place in my life, one that is new yet familiar to me, one that holds the excitement of possibilities and the fear of the unknown.  I cannot wait to see what this new season of my life holds and hopefully I will come back here,HOME, to put words to the feelings that will accompany the journey.  

Be EZ,

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The F_Uitlist said...

Welcome back! I feel the same way you do about writing, it's my outlet. And I'm glad to be back!