Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleep and Water

I was talking to Deus the other night and telling him he needed more sleep and more water.  He has the more food thing down pat. But it’s funny to me that life is really so simple. And we complicate it up with so many unnecessary things.  I mean to live in this world the list of things one needs physically is very short and while it seems like a lot more, the list of what we need to survive emotionally is even shorter. In fact it’s not a list…it’s just one thing…love

I’m a huge fan of Bethenny Frankel. I like her because she is real and honest and candid and hard. I like her because I’m a woman that some women consider hard. I mean I love all things woman but I will never be called coy or demure. Face it I was a tall girl raised by a man who didn’t have a son in his life for 18 years.   Anyway… not only do I love Bethenny but I also love her husband and above all I love their marriage, or at least how it’s presented to me on the show.

The thing that I love about their relationship is that they really love each other. Like… they love each other enough to not give up on their family.  And because they love each other they are willing to work at it. Like they know they want to be together and because that they are dedicated to working.  Sometimes they don’t like each other, sometimes they get annoyed with one another, but they always always love each other no matter what. I think that’s what love is.

Think about family or your good friends, the ones that you love, you put up with their flaws. You work with them you compromise to make the other happy.  And they do the same for you. And really that’s all one needs to survive… and unconditional love is even better. 
We complicate so much of life with things that aren’t necessary for happiness when it’s really so simple. Being loved and loved unconditionally grounds so much of you.  It allows you to feel secure, it allows you voice not so pleasant things with no fear of abandonment,  it allows you to take risk, and it allows you to look at yourself honestly and become a better person because someone loves you and thinks you can do it. I mean love… especially unconditional love heals so many things…kinda like sleep and water.

Be EZ,

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