Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi blogsphere

I told myself I need to write more...I haven't. I've started lots of post and made some journal entries but really I have not been writing and to be honest I'm starting to grow tired of it but I also know its my cycle. Sometimes I don't write cause I have absolutely nothing to say not in this forum.  Last time I wrote prolifically on here it was because I was still settling into who I was and working it all out on paper... these days I know who I am or I am comfortable becoming the ever evolving me.   Anyway, I think I'm gonna start trying to come back here ...after all this is really my home away from home...

The think I've been  struggling with about myself lately is a thing that I just don't want to think about but well I need too.... but I think I may need to prep y'all before I get there... actually I need to prep me... so let me go thru some things and hopefully I'll be back with a few post.

Be EZ,

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