Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoroughly Modern Kate

I know errrrrrrrrybody got some shit to say about Will and Kate and their day. All I have to say is I LOVED everything about that dress and I also love everything about the road to Royalty that Kate has taken, more so then all the rest of this stuff which is just the Royal tradition and what not.

I wish more women would pay attention to a few facts about the princess’s road to her prince tho… William & Kate have been together for TEN years (dating for 8 of them).  Let me repeat that again Will & Kate have been together for TEN years.  I need y’all to let that set into your my husband better ask me to marry him in 1 year of meeting him hearts. I think that may be why I like this story so much, because it illustrates that if you KNOW you’re the one, live your life and continue to do you because what God has for you He has for you. All the anxiousness & theatrics about stuff that is destined sometimes irks me. 

I mean what will be will be saddown and just live your life. I just enjoy my life like a good movie and so far God has given me quite a story to enjoy. You really should try it. Its fun!!!

I remember when they split, England was at a loss cause they were sure Kate was the one for William.  I mean Kate could of handled all this differently she could have done what a lot of you sour apple bitter bitches do. Instead she kept it cute and she kept living her life. I’m sure she was probably a little devastated but the paps always caught her out living her life & moving on. I’d like to think it was because she knew she was THAT BITCH and regardless of what happened with her & Will she was obviously happy with WHO SHE WAS.  However I’m sure it wasn’t that raw of a thought in her head.

And when William came back to her realizing that she was definitely who he needed to share his Royal life with, she also could have done what a lot of you worried about what other mutha fukkas have to say & think about your lives heauxs would do, but instead she listened to her heart and what she wanted & needed.  And yeah it might not work out for her, but so the fuck what. It might turnout to be more than any fairy tale she ever read or dreamed of.  Love is worth the fuckin’ risk.. Some of yall need to learn that if you not willing to risk the heartache maybe you just shouldn’t play the fucking game!

Cause trust me heartache fucking sucks but I would go thru a 1000s heartaches to find the nigga that makes my heart sing, but thats just me. I also don't frolic with every penis that pokes me, but if I feel a man is worth it I'll go ahead an roll them dice on that shit.... what do I have to lose?  

In all this pomp & circumstance and fairy tale glitter I don’t want you to forget the real moral of the story and that is sometimes it takes a minute for a man to make sure he knows that you are indeed the one for him and vice versa.  There’s no time clock for happiness (although there sometimes is a biological one but that’s another post for another day).  TEN YEARS!! I know some of you who will walk away in 10 minutes or spend 10 years with the wrong dude.  If you know its right tho you won’t fret how long it takes for him to decide and you will also learn to live, learn, and laugh on your own and decide if he is the one for you in that time.  Vette these mofos!!! 

Time is NOT our enemy I wish more women would get that. Give a man however long he needs to chose you but don’t shut your life down waiting on him either… I swear if y’all learned to do this you’d be MUCH happier. But do you… Imma let y’all keep banging your heads on that.  It took me a minute to get here myself.

Ok that’s all I have to say oh other than I LIVE for that dress…(one mo gin)!!!!  The top reminds me of this Navy dress I once had. The bottom of mine was of course knee length pencil skirt!! Anyway…let me turn this stove off and  put these pots up and get back to not giving a fuck.

Be EZ,

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