Friday, April 29, 2011

Glam's Academy of Real

Real Nigga Academy

First off I know I have not blogged here in a long while but this is still my bloghome until its not *waves Obama meets MLK church*  I was given the honor to hang out and chop it up on the internet air waves with the I Call Shenanigans crew (you can listen to the show here ) recently and felt I needed to put some words down on blog. 

Anyway tho.... the one and only thing that I live by is to try to be my authentic self.  Who I am is who I am and what I have done is what I have done. And although I am not proud of every decision and choice I have made in my life I am not ashamed of those choices at all.  I guess that’s why bitchassness bothers me SOOOOO much.  This world is way to full of mutha fukkas that throw rocks & hide hands, that hide in shadows and try to create mayhem and havoc out of nothing, that will say a whole bunch of shit to a whole bunch of people about a whole bunch of people but never can find the words or time to say those things to the actual people they are talking about…even when given the opportunity to clear shit up. Hmmmm

The best way to deal with a bitch is to call him (or her) out.  Cause, see me… if I said something about you and not to you its not because I’m scared of you hearing or knowing what I said or how I feel,  its because I’m a fucking lady.  I tell you one thing, anytime you hear I said or did something about anything that pertains to you feel free to ask me. I’ll tell you the only reason I may have kept it to myself is one, its your business and my opinion on it really don’t mean a fuck to how you live.So why even think my opinion on your life means that much and two, I’m not into being mean to people just to be mean.  If what I have to say doesn’t better you and isn’t out of love then it really doesn’t need to be said TO you.  Doesn’t mean I cant say it tho.   However, if you ask me did I say it? KNOW that Imma always be happy to discuss anything I said because I’m real and ain’t no future in no fronting.

One day when I grow up to be Oprah I hope to open a Real Nigga Academy dedicated to eradicating bitchassness through out the land, but  until then Imma need all you heaux ass shady mofos to check yourself before you wreck your mutha fukkin self. Thanks and God bless. 

Be EZ,

*there will probably be two blogs today because this one was I was suppose to finish days ago and I really wanna talk about the Royal Wedding but you know its gonna have an OG spin so please hold for that one later today. 

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