Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think they call this AFTERGLOW

A little summin summin to hold you over. I promise I will reflect! Actually, I am reflecting right now, but as I learned from Tim Gunn edit edit edit. I know hard to beleive but I do edit.

Special Thanks to Funke Blak Chik she's responsible for hipping us to this!

Man now that this has all happened, watching this and answering the same questions these entertainers are answering really make me appreciate being in MA election night! More on that later I promise. Enjoy!!

Be EZ,

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Keith said...

I felt the same emotions that all of these people did...I think we all did. I remember that day I wore a Black Leather Jacket, a white dress shirt, some Black slacks, Black Wing tips and a Black Beret...I looked like Bobby Seale-lolol..I went to the polls at 6:00 am..(Polls don't open til
seven) and the whole neighborhood was out there...lined around the corner..I had never seen that before. Some guy was passing cups of coffee and sandwiches out to everyone and Young white volunteers
were helping everyone understand the ballot. It was so beautiful.
I'll never forget that day as long as I live.