Friday, January 30, 2009

All We Need

Love never fails! I Cor 13:8

Love is transformational, I honestly believe that. Not being in love but loving. I Corinthians 13 is my most favorite (yes I'm aware that is not correct usage and that I don't need the most in front of the favorite) chapter of the Bible ever. It is the guide for how we should love and it should help us sort the wheat from the chaff or the lust from the love. Even President Obama quoted it in his inauguration speech.

I am not in love with love. Nor do I love easy, but I do believe love never fails. Real and true love. Love doesn't transform things on your time, but it is transformational. Kinda like time. They say if you don't like something just keep on until it changes. I think love is the same way. If you keep on loving even those who don't deserve or need it will bring a c change. However, don't confuse this with being in love or romantic love. I just mean love.

The scripture says that with out love there is nothing. It says what love is and what it isn't. Sometimes when I try to think about loving someone I ask myself if I experience those things that love is not, you know like jealousy or boastfulness. It helps me put love in perspective. Agape love. That's the love I'm talking about. If there is more than what I call fleeting moments I know that its a different kind of love. Loving with out expecting love in return is hard.

I don't believe that people have to deserve love. I mean love, real love doesn't require reciprocation, that is only required to be in love. LOVE.

Loving someone in spite of their faults or how they treat you is what we are suppose to do, after all aren't we suppose to love our enemies. Why? Because it is a transformational. It never fails. However we don't know that because we give up on loving when its no longer about reciprocation. Love is about love. Some people can't love you back and the older I get the more I believe that one should never love to be loved. You should love because you understand with out love there is nothing.

Everyone deserves to be loved, isn't it obvious the Bible says love those who spitefully misuse you . If I'm loving those who hate me and wish harm on me, I sure need to love everyone else above that line. Right.

Love never fails! Sometimes we have to love while others learn to love. Sometimes you can't see the love. Everyone is deserving of love. So many people who don't love have nothing.

Love never fails!

I have always said that my one goal in my life is to make sure those I choose to care about can never doubt that I love them.

Love is transformational.

Its far easier to be in love than it is to love. Sometimes we get carried away with love as an emotion. However love is not an emotion, it is an action.

Love never fails!

For God so LOVED the world he gave his only forgotten son. Doesn't get any more transformational than that.

It will make you do right

It will make you do wrong


4 foot taps and a bass rift!

Its not always accompanied by happiness.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love I Cor 13:13

Be EZ,



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well said but riddle me this, what is true love? can u love without action

Jimmy said...

I feel this point of view. put I also have trouble sometimes with forgiveness. Especially after what some of 'my friends' did to me!

I have had scores of people that really screwed with me, and not a single one of them has ever appologized. All they are concerned with is covering up what was done.

I can forgive and not hold a resentment, but to hang out with these same people when I don't really ever know what their true motives are is difficult.

If they tried to desroy me once why wouldn't they try and do it again.

It is one thing to forgive, it is another to keep a certain distance for self preservation reasons.

Keith said...

Very Well Written as usual...

(I am sooo glad that you're back-lololol.)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Ti- For me true love is agape love. The love you have for your kids THAT LOVE is true. Sometimes, sadly, parents don't experience that love for their kids. They love them but they don't love them so much that they would sacrifice their MOST sacred thing. Like how if you know/follow Christianity. Christians are taught to beleive from the earliest that Jehovah LOVED us so much that he sacrificed his most sacred thing, his son, to save us. That is so complex when you really think about that and you are a parent because YOU REALLY GET THAT AS THE ULTIMATE SACRFICE. The same way God was going to have Abraham sacrifice his most sacred gift. Ok enough I hope I answered your questions. I know a scholar warrior such as yourself has an opinion of what it is.

First I don't think I have official welcomed you to my little spot on the sun, glad you commented. Um I feel you, I have had friends do some pretty rotten things to me, but loving them doesn't mean that you have to be there friend. What I'm talking about is love the opposite of hate. I believe our natural state is love and that is why those with anger and stress do ultimately end up dying from cancer and have poor health, I beleive disposition does contribute to your physical health. Anyway love those "friends" by wishing them well with their life. And protect yourself by living your life with out them. You can love them with the same regard as you do a stranger on the street, well if you are that kind of person. I have only realized that not everyone is as sunny as I am in my disposition towards all people. Yep I'm the nice smiley girl at work you know the one that speaks and makes eye contact! *lol*

Keith!!HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! You are such a boost for the ego. *lol* I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. We'll see I wasn't even planning on blogging but then I was reading my Bible last night and decided to read my favorite passage and well you know how the rest goes.

I through that Al Green reference in there for old schoolers like us, I know not everyone got that!


Jimmy said...

Thanks OG, that was very insightful. I can easily love others that don't necessarily love me as long as we keep a bit of a distance.

Like I said, with these folks, I'm not to sure what's running through their heads, and to tell you the true I don't think I want to know.

I'll stop back again.


Pamela said...

Yes, indeed. Love sometimes hurts.

blackgirlinmaine said...

I liked this post a lot.

n0days0ff said...

LoooooooooovVveee never knew what I was missing

Ok keyshia cole, I see you

Sister Girl said...

Good evening & I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine.

Love is the root of what makes you "tick" with the "tock". Just as you eloquently stated that it would make you do wrong. For example, my love of Hershey Chocolate Nuggets with Almonds just won't let me keep the twister on the bag (*frown*).

I even try to hide them in the freezer, but you know chocolate candy in the freezer is just like liquor...always ready when you are(ha ha)

Great post,mamacita...keep cranking 'em out !