Thursday, January 15, 2009


Look not a lot to say- well on permanent record of the internet. I am breathing. He is breathing. She is breathing. They are breathing. We are breathing. And that's all that REALLY matters. I want a dog and a new car and work is- well work. I like it but they want me to really work, but its fun.

2009 has already showed me some issues but I'm fine just quiet right now. I have learned never to speak on it until you have arms around "it" metaphorically speaking. I'm happy. Crys thinks the quiet is due to being sad, but the quiet is due to actually having to grind. The personal stuff well enough time hasn't passed for me to even make drastic moves. That is what the past has taught me and Tolle never jumped to the future stay in the now and work it as it comes.

Guess what? I got a Blackberry. Its my work phone. So now I'm the annoying bytch with a work phone, personal phone, work lap top, 2 personal lap tops, see why I need a dog. So when people see me they can say phuck her with all those trapping and her little dog too. *lol* I know random, but hey I haven't blogged in weeks.

How is everyone else's year going- I'll know before you answer cause I'm catching up on blogs right now and REMEMBER just because I don't comment don't mean I'm not reading. I'm like Santa Clause ok maybe not, then if not SC then who would I be like...hmmm I'm not like Jesus even though I often try to go SBF on him. (if you are really smart you got that or really witty or really high and/or drunk)

Anyway who is taking off Tuesday? Man I don't think I've mentioned it but I work with all men except for the executive assistant and all the FTE men on my team that I sit in the cubicle farm with are white and to the right. Man I KNOW they be wanting to say some shyt. But my blackness be stopping 'em. We follow the old school office rules not religion no politics... its been so long since I worked in a PC place. *lol* Not that PC because we talk sports and guns.

Y'all I want a new car (new to me) and for no other reason than I just want to drive something that was built in the new millennium. Ain't nothing wrong with my 97 4Runner. I just want a 2004 something hell even a 2001 something. However this credit crunch - can kiss it!! The fact that it looks like I own two homes on my credit (long story) and my end of year moving back home debt I LOOSE!! I probably need to wait until later.

Ok I'm done enough randomness I mean I know its not enough randomness for as long as I have been gone but its all I got!

Be EZ,



Keith said...

So glad to read a post from you.I stop by here everyday...What a pleasent surprise. I want a new car too. I'm presently driving a 93
Chevy...I'm buying a new car this year...No older than a 2007. My car is so old it has a cassette player in it instead of a CD player. Why do you think I rent cars so much? So I can have the illusion of driving something new and phat. (It's an Aries thing, only you would understand.) I want a Blackberry..All my friends have one...They pulled both of my Blogs up on them yesterday...I was touched!
How's the weather in Houston? It's
cold up here...Nine degrees tonight.

Jimmy said...

Hey OG,

I got it! The joke that is.

But I'm not telling, because I don't want everyone to think I'm High or drunk.

Glad to have you back!

Chi-Chi said...

Hey OG . . . :) That's funny about all the trappings!! I want a Blackberry too but . . . my job is taking care of a 3 year old and 1 year old. LoL!! It's not that serious and would probably just get slobbered on! I didn't get the joke but then again, lots of jokes fly over my head!

Great to read the update and glad your doing well and breathing!

NoRegrets said...

Happy 2009! I am being forced to take a day off on Tues since I live around the madness. But it'll be exciting for sure!

SLC said...

Big Tyme with the blackberry. I don't have a smart phone, I got a dumb one. Lot of people slowed down blogging at the end of 08 start of 09, but not Keith. Aries still rules (in the blog world). Fellas in the cubicles know they get a kick out of you.

Good to hear from you

crys said...

it took you long enough. don't let it (this many days go by before you blog) happen again - BYTCH!

and i meanS that. you know - meanS......

i love the kids, but i do not play.

rawdawgbuffalo said...

im just happy to be breathing, the materials are not as important - i know this will be a grand year for u sister

Sister Girl said...

Hey OG !

Although I will not be in D.C. for Obama, I shall be on extended weekend so that I can watch that glorious moment in history from the comfort of my favorite surroundings. As you know, I'm a huge sports fanatic & the NFL/NBA is in prime time now !

My blogs haven't been on a regular either because aside from still being sick since November with the ongoing crud, I still have a lot of things going on offline that takes away my online presence. So much to do & little time between sunrise/sunset to get it done.

So she is wishing for a little doggie,eh ? How interesting...I'm actually in search of a yellow or white labrador. I don't know if I'll go through SPCA,adoption registry, or breeder because I know there are many venues to locating one. It would be nice to have a small puppy, but they are so like having infant children.

Anyway, great hearing from you again. Hope that the weather is treating you well,as it's been insane here in Big D.

T. said...

Hey O.G.!

Even if you don't have time to post a looooong comment, you could at least type in "O.G. was here!" or something!!! Daaaaang.

Kofi Bofah said...

Hold off on that car as long as you can.

Save those dollars up.

Trust me...