Thursday, November 6, 2008


I still ain't got nothing to say, but I'm working on it and MARINATING in it.

What I do want to say is I wish McCain supporters were as gracious as McCain was in his concession speech. To bad he spent his campaign pandering to much of that element and I beleive that is what contributed to his SMASHING on November 4, 2008. Had McCain been the McCain of 2000 and his speech on election night, he would have definitely given PRESIDENT-elect Obama a run for his money, instead he didn't realize that only a few states still subscribe to rhetoric he was spewing.

I read that his mistake was trying to be a conservative who divided, after all that was not how Reagan won. It was not how W won, lets pretend there was no election stealing, for the sake of my argument.

The thing that I found summed this victory up the most was watching the results coverage and listening to this exit poll result of NC white voters. 24% of those voters listed race as an issue to them. 30% of those voters voted for Obama despite there issues with race. That my friends is the audacity of hope and the hunger for change.

I plan on writing about my feelings about this historical event later. I have some ideas and some comparisons being a red state liberal living in a blue state, actually NEW ENGLAND where this country was birthed and the BLUEST place in the union. New England has no red members in the US Congress or Senate. All 20 representatives are democrats. So you know this is different for me coming from Texas which is one of those conservative STRONGHOLDS.

Anyway hopefully I'll get around to that tomorrow when I am at home in Houston! Yeah going home for my university's homecoming and TOM A.
Be EZ,


(vixenchick) said...

I'm so excited that he won this election! I can't wait for Bush to leave the white house!!

SLC said...

Wow! What a time for a TEXAS homecoming.
I'm sure it'll be extra special.
I'm looking forward to your next post.
God bless you and I know you'll have an awesome homecoming.

SLC said...

Hey there!! {waves}

I am driving through the blogosphere and checking out all of the interesting dialogue about this remarkable time in our nation's history.

I understand how powerful it feels to just MERINATE on the change that occurred in one night for our nation and our world. {sigh}

America is redefining itself to the world and ALL of us can be part of the process of redefinition - by altering who we are and altering how we define "United States".

Please feel welcome to drop by my blog and share your reactions on my newest post! I'd love to hear more opinions!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Sister Girl said...

I'm so waiting on that writing to go on display ! Also, elated to know that you're coming it home this weekend, & I know you'll kick it up B-I-G !


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

should frame that pic folk

and u can flex your muscles any where with me maam,carte blanc

n0days0ff said...

Such a beautiful day we will all remember for the rest of our lives and such a beautiful man to do it. He brought the whole world together by promoting love

Keith said...

Have a safe trip OG...You been going home a lot lately..Something you not tellin us?? -Just bein newsy-lolol.