Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally time to make my House a HOME!

Wassup hope all is well, as you know I am counting down the days until I return back to my house in Houston. I coulda swore I took a picture of my house last time I was home, but I can't find it in my phone or my camera, so I guess I didn't. So I have to hit you with the the pics I already have. I need one, current day cause the grass has grown in and the tree is all trimmed up.. oh well, I thought I had one of my house with the lawn in tact but no just crazy construction photos . So here is an old slide show I decided would be cool to share.

Man I love my house. I am the most excited about returning home to make my house a home. I left my house 8 months ago. I had only been living in my house for about 6 months before I packed three suitcases and headed to Boston. Some folks thought I was crazy. Girl you just built that house, now you are going to live in another city? Was the response I got the most often when I told folks I was going to work in Boston. I said well it's only temporary and this job allows me to keep my house, live in Boston, and save some dough to pay for all the new house shyt I had recently purchased MUCH faster than my old job would allow. I firmly beleive in stepping out of your comfort zone, especially professionally. So I did. It seemed more uncomfortable for others than me at times.

Well folks, I am so HAPPY to be coming back to my place. My house is my baby. Here is the background on my piece of heaven. This house represents my new beginning. When I was married we built what I call a box home (major builder with predetermined floor plans etc). When I divorced I decided I wasn't going to fight over the home. So I let my ex live there because it was apparent he wanted to and despite all the extra I had put in my home he wanted it. I left it and said I'll get another one, my own. That was my goal to live in my OWN house with in 2 years of leaving my old one. And well I did it. To me my house signifies that I can do whatever I put my mind to. It shows me I can do it. It shows me all things are possible. And it reminds me of hard work and perseverance.

One day I'll share where and how TOM A and I met, but the more important thing is on our first date, I told him I wanted to build a house and he told me he was a builder and that he built semi-custom and custom homes along with other contractor type things. TOM A found the piece of land my house is on today and his company is the one who constructed my spot. Now his partner left a lot to be desired but in the larger scheme of things I have a house. TOM A actually put me in great position as far as my home's worth and what I paid for it, even in this recessed economy. It is funny because he built my house, not literally but his company built my house, now he has my money and my heart. That was both a blessing and a curse through out the building process. My one year anniversary was this past summer. I think I closed late August and moved in labor day. I can't remember. I do know I closed a few months before my two year divorce-ary (anniversary of my divorce being final 11/17/2005). Its hard to believe that I've been divorced almost as long as I was married.

Anyway I left my house full of boxes only living in a few rooms. I had been in 6 months but was waiting for my bonus to do some major house stuff. I had a list of things I planned on doing with my bonus. Well I got my bonus and quit my job the same day. I basically went to Boston two and a half weeks after getting an awesome review and getting a nice bonus. Since I wasn't gonna be home, I used most of the money to pay off as much debt as I could, move to Boston, and to get my front lawn in order. It was looking a little rag tag before I had that HUGE tree trimmed and new sod put in.

Everything else I put on the back burner. The couch I needed downstairs. I'm still shopping for it and changing my mind about it every week. The backyard privacy fence and landscaping I wanted. The sprinkler system for the front and back yards. The Patio laying and bar-b-q grill buying. . The wing back reupholstery and decorating of the navy guest bedroom. Since I had a house before I had PLENTY to put in the new place I only needed a few things to complete my HOME. But it still sits not completed. This is the slide show of what needs to be done on the inside.


Now that I am almost home, 2009 looks to be the year I finally MOVE IN my house, well unpack all the boxes. I never had a house warming party although I have had a few parties at my place. I need to clean the carpet upstairs and take care of few other constructions things, like painting the downstairs half bath cabinets. I asked them not to be painted because I wanted to try a treatment on them. I still have bookshelves that need to be built for the upstairs landing and books in boxes in my garage waiting for those bookshelves. I also want to hang a hammock in back yard. So my new goal is to have my house ready for a HUGE Labor Day open house kind of party so all my friends and family can just stop in and say hey or visit a while. The backyard should be done by then or that is my goal, to have everything PARTAY ready! I could change my mind. I use to love throwing parties like this but its been a while so maybe I've lost my Martha Stewart mo jo. I think 10 months is plenty of time to catch up and get moved in for real for real and complete the vision of my house I had when I first picked out the plan.

I'm trying to be conservative on what I spend, but for me my home is the only thing I feel comfortable spending on these days. Its my safe harbor and I rather be there more than anything, well unless some other amazing opportunity comes along. I am so excited to get back to the business of making a home. I know it so terribly girlie of me, but what can I say enjoy being a girl!

Be EZ,


n0days0ff said...

Wow congrats.being a homeowner these days is an incredible feat.I always wanted a hammock, to me it signifies the ultimate relaxation

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i really can't believe how our lives have been so alike...after my divorce i also moved out of that MONSTROSITY, house and bought one that fit me more...i left the house to Mister, but what i found in return was the perfect little house. I am still making improvements because i bought a foreclosure and it needed alot of improvement, but today it is home, so i know how you feel about it being your home, your space, your design, everything you put in it shows. It is beautiful, and how beautiful is that, that TomA was apart of the process....geeez, i love it! Enjoy!

Raven said...

It is great to see sisters step outside of their comfort zone and make BIG things happen. I love that!
Enjoy decorating your home...we moved in our place back in 2005 and I am still experimenting with paint colors in the formal area...of course after making a mess of our walls I now have to get a professional to correct what I did...I still can't accept that I can't do everything I see on HGTV!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

isnt that a great feeling? congrats and have fun this weekend

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

To be honest No, I got my home at the tail end of the sub-prime explosion. So it was way easier for me to get my second home by myself, than it was to get my first home with my ex. It seemed we had to do way more paperwork than I did, when I bought my house. We had to have a down payment, I got my 2cnd house no money down. The only difference was I was actually qualified to pay the mortgage I have with out fiddling around with ARMs and stuff.

@Miz, girl he tried to use that house to get me to fight and I was not trying to go through an ugly divorce. So in mediation my lawyer arrange that I put a deed of no trust or something on the house to protect me in case he defaulted and a few other things in the decree and I moved on. I think its crazy because I will get half the equity in that house when he sells it. If he was smart he would re-fi now and get my name off, but well....

Yes it was funny bc there were a few moments where I was going to go with someone else and TOM A was all PLEASE let me build this house for you. I guess it makes some sense now.

@Raven- Doesn't time fly!! I painted my first house and I think I did a pretty good job. It definitely was expressive I'm sure that's all gone by now. My ex has a new family. This house I managed to get the painting thrown in for free. Which was awesome because all though I don't mind painting, it is a pain. HGTV is addictive especially to new home owners. *lol*

@Ti- It is INDEED one of the best feelings ever. I think my ex really believed I needed him to get. I had been getting before I met him, not sure why he thought that was going to stop! I'm like P-Diddy I thought I told you...


quarter-life-crisis said...

Congrats on moving back home. You know that there is nothing like the SOUTH!! LOL! said...

Hey there O.G.!

You sound like you have it ALL planned out!! Congrats!!

Now...when is TomA "gonna" put a ring on it??!! *giggles*



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ZACK said...


This was quite a lengthy post, but I made it through.

My brother and his wife just moved to Houston in September. I'll link you up with them.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I love the house! Congratulations it's beautiful!

Keith said...

Congrats O.G. Your House is beautiful...Now go live your destiny, make that house a home.
There is a difference you know.
I know it'll feel great returning to Houston..You'll re-united with Crys and Raven. Good Luck.

sdg1844 said...

Congrats OG! Your home is nice and I like the colors you've used.