Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Colin Powell and I APPROVE this candidate!

Well ,I was gonna write about my life, but man I woke up to what I was waiting to already happen. So that is today's post. I'll share whats went down in the H later this week, along with another really GREAT surprise. Feel free to guess what you think that is, but on to MORE important things. Don't go too crazy because its not too crazy.

I think this will be one of the BIGGEST endorsements of Obama, since the Kennedys. What say you?


Big O said...

Damn, you was quick with this post!! but glad you did, cuz i had JUST missed it on tv.

I agree, one of the biggest big-ups for Obama.

Smokie said...

It was a well-timed, important endorsement. Of course the right wing will say that Powell endorsed the brother based on race alone. But, I think it's too late for this kind of thinking to do any real damage.

Powell was a great endorsement, and it'll keep Obama's name in the headlines :-). Just please, don't let Condi endorse him.

crys said...

ok- i won't guess to ruin the surprise (since i already know what it is)....but ummmm YAY!!
YAY! YAY! and more YAY!

blackgirlinmaine said...

His words really were powerful, I love how he broke down why he made his choice. Nice respectful way of telling McGramps and the hate express that they messed up.

The Professor said...

This was the Sunday surprise! And a great surprise it was! Too bad the NeoCons are taking a big dump on the endorsement! Are we surprised by their reaction, they will go to any length to win!

Jackie said...

Powerfull endorsement. And the best thing is the reasons he gave. It may have actually made some people think.

Sister Girl said...

I was LIVID as I witnessed it as I watched the show.

Word Up,Baby !