Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Rosa!

Today is the birthday of the daughter of one of my bestest friends in the world. Today is Rosa Caroline's first birthday!Its kinda hard to beleive that one of us is now the mother of a one year old! We've come a long way baby!!

Rosa is named after two GREAT women, Ms Rosa Parks and her maternal grandmother, Caroline. I won't get to meet her until next summer, scheduling conflicts are preventing me from attending her fabulous birthday party. But I did send some pretty cool gifts if Auntie OG can say so herself!

So I'd just like to wish the family a Happy Birthday.

Rosa and mom looking like golden brown fried shrimp

Happy Birthday RC Cola
(she doesn't know that I'm gonna call her that!)

aka bus chicklet, formerly know as bus baby, but she is not a baby ANY MORE!!

Be EZ,



SaneAndSingle said...

Happy Birthday Rosa!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Keith said...

Happy Birthday Rosa...What a cutie

Chi-Chi said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Rosa and here's to many many more! You are as beautiful as they come.

Sister Girl said...

Happy First Blessed Year, Little One !