Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is a good Tuesday as today the SATC Movie DVD is being released, but more importantly Jazmine Sullivan's Fearless CD drops today!! So for those who have never heard her and those who I have I decided to drop a clip of an eleven year old Jazmine singing on the Apollo. No doubt that she was going to be a star.

For those who aren't familiar with what the current day Jazmine Sullivan sounds like, here is a clip about her and a clip of her singing I'm in Love with Another Man. I'm not going to say anything about her voice because words can not describe. That voice with these lyrics puts me right where the songwriter must have been when this was penned. He ain't always right but he's right for me.

Keith, I see Philly shinning YET AGAIN!!

Be EZ,


Blu Jewel said...

I'm actually feeling like there may be hope for the music industry after all.


Eb the Celeb said...

yes yes yes yes... you know I've been waiting for this album for a while.. I was lucky enough to get a promo copy last week... but I did go to pick up JOE's new album NEW MAn today.... another good one!

Keith said...

Hah, ha....I'm listening to her right now as I write this!!!

sdg1844 said...

She's an amazing talent. I love her voice.

F.U. said...

LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!