Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Palin Palin

Long ago in a land far away where milk and honey were a plenty, ok so it was like 6 months ago in Houston where I had cable, Jon Stewart was my number one source of political information and news. I love this man. I really do. Those were much happier times cable makes everything dreamy .

Now, I am in Boston with no cable and thus The Daily Show TDS and The Colbert Report TCR are no longer there to keep me up on politics or crying with laughter to keep from crying in despair at this administration and our crazy partisan political country. However there is this powerful thing called the internet, internets if you’re W or nasty.

It allows me to watch TDS on demand, which is kinda how I use to do it back home. I usta to like to store up 2 or 3 episodes on the old Tivo for maximum enjoyment. Anyway, I thought it was time I share with you guys the man who so many love. I have to admit I have loved you long time Jon Stewart. Don’t thank me for today’s clip, thank Crys, when she decided to share this with her list serv ( yes this chick has a list serv, no foolishness she’s about the business, well at least the list I subscribe too*lol*) . When she sent me this clip it occurred to me just how underrated Jon Stewart and team are, I remember when they couldn’t even get on the floor of the National Convention, now many recognize them as some of the most FAIR and BALANCED and definitely the funniest political reporting out there. So since I don’t feel like talking I’m going to let TDS v-blog my feelings about the Palin speech and the RNC. Enjoy! Thanks for the well wishes, I am starting to feel much better.

I would also like to state that my friends and I are both in agreement that Tina Fey should return to SNL just to do a Palin impersonation. Can't you see it now. Ok I'm out.

Be EZ,


Keith said...

Hey Girl, How are you doing? Get your rest , recharge your batteries
and come on back. I've done two posts on Sarah Palin, not doing any more...and the Field Negro has
blogged about her all week...I can't read or hear anymore about the woman...I've already moved on..You know how we Aries people do. I never get tired of reading your blog though...Glad you're still amongst us. I hope you got to read -"Mabel Reconstituted" on
"Escapades" Held that one back just for you.
In other news ,I had my rum in your honor last night and witnessed a different kind of love unfolding right before me. I was going to blog about it on Keith's Space...but I thought otherwise and decided to turn it into a short story...I'll be posting it in a few days.Keep reading dear and be EZ.

Sister Girl said...

Hey girlfriend,

Jon Stewart had me running to the bathroom trying to keep from peeing on myself from laughing so damn hard last night ! Here's the link from YouTube that created to ruckus....

I've watched Jon Stewart since day one, but this was too dayum funny to me !


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Wassup Keith, I know you have done two posts on her and I have read the Mabel story, I’ve been lurking and reading just not saying anything. *lol* I’m waiting on the next installment. Ah the rum the rum is a dangerous thing, although I do love me a few rum concoctions every now and again.

Everyone has been talking and blogging about her which is why I chose to let TDS pretty much say the consensus for me. Plus in my head I believe Jon Stewart googles those who embed The Daily Show and I will get some kind of secret daily show award. I would love an interview with any of those guys. Plus I think more people should watch them.

I usta have a co-worker at one of my old jobs; he and I would totally rehash the whole daily show at work the next day. He was a white man who liked to apologize for his privilege as the BEST TIMES. He so got it. I miss you RJ!! *lol*


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Thanks SG! You really are like my sister from another mister!! *lol*


Anonymous said...

I love Jon Stewart, that clip was hilarious and on point as far as the doublespeak that is going on.

Glad you are feeling better, seems to be my turn to deal with agonizing allergies this week.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

girl u know how i feel, glad to see your blood boil again in word form

have a great weekend folk

truth said...

Great clip,
I have only occasionally watched Jon Stewart and the daily show. Seems like I have been missing out on a lot of informative political commentary. Thanks to you, I'll make sure that I tune in whenever possible.