Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not Much Poppin'

Wassup? I hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods. I am here but not feeling blogalicious at all these days. Oh well its a shame. I hope you like the J Hud I dropped on you.

My family is still without power but things seem to be back on there way to normal down home!! I love saying down home. Anyway. I'm out I'm sleepy for some reason.

Be EZ,

Pocketbook ft.Ludacris - Jennifer Hudson


Sister Girl said...

Hey OG !

I know what you mean about feeling sleepy, but I've been on the bit of "lazy" side myself. Seems like by the time I get around to blogging, either I'm too sleepy or just downright distracted.

But I'm blaming it on the change of weather. I'm loving the cool sense of change in the air & the fact that the days are dramatically shorter. I find myself oversleeping in the morning & tired much earlier due to it.

I believe that we will get back on it...remember even God had to rest on the seventh day (LOL)

CurvyGurl said...

Hey mami! Glad to hear everyone is safe and getting back to normal. I definitely understand how much of a struggle blogging can be when you're not feelin' it.

Love this song but I can't listen to it without snickering. My friend's mom used to call her "golden cookie" the "pocketbook". So, it's a little freaky to hear about someone getting hit with a "pocketbook"...lol. Holla at ya!

Keith said...

I know what you mean about feeling sleepy..I come home , eat and go right to sleep now of days..Then around midnight, I wake up, write a
little bit and lurk for about an hour ,then go back to sleep.

blackgirlinmaine said...

Glad to see you around, and happy to hear your folks are ok.

Like sister girl, I think the change in weather is making everyone a tad tired. Now that the sun is no longer shining at 5 am, I am actually sleeping better myself.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

It's good to read that your family is doing well!

Thank you for the comment you left yesterday, I really needed to read that!

Funny, people used to laugh at me down here, when I would refer to my 'purse' as a pocketbook..they were like, WHAT?? What's a pocketbook!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

folk im just checking on u, u know im used to seeing u on each post.

take your time reflect
thats jhow it was when i lived in africa, no electricity i did that for 9 mths u can too

ZACK said...

My older bro just moved to Houston a week before the hurricane. But luckily, he and his wife moved into her brother's condo on the campus of NASA. So, their power came back on right away.

They are still broke though. :)

But you'll get your blog juices flowing real soon. I have a suggestion. How does life in Boston differ from what you left in Houston? Maybe you can do the dating angle. Where are the better brothas? (Not that I would need to know, but it's intriguing to know how sistas feel)

The Professor said...

I so feel you..I am TRYING to blog and NOTHING! Hope you are doing well!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Thanks for being so understanding for my lack of drive.
Funke, thanks like I said on your blog moment by moment. That's how I'm taking this blog block.

Zack, actually I have been planning to write my been here six month post, seeing as my six month anniversary was Monday. I even had a post started. I just don't feel like finishing it. My problem isn't lack of topics it's the desire to actually blog about them. *lol*


Eb the Celeb said...

I like the song... but its funny how when she first started working on her album she said she wasn't going to have any rapper collabos and didn't want that type of hip hop soul sound...

how quickly we change our tune... still looking forward to the album though...

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there OG!!

I have never heard any of Jennifer Hudson's music...just her Jennifer Holliday song in the movie "Dreamgirls"! I don't really follow R & B!

Thanks for sharing this!