Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fear itself

Why are black people so dangerous in America? or should I say Why do black people cause fear in white America? I was sitting here thinking...I know very dangerous thing me thinking. Anyway, I was thinking and my answer to that question is FEAR. You see logically as a people we SHOULD have no fear. We have been through the worst as a race and yet we still ticking like a Timex. When we realize that if we as a race can survive slavery, Jim Crow, racism as a whole and still THRIVE we have proved our indestructibility as a race. If we can manage to make moves despite the hundreds of years of being held back, we can make it. If we can go from being things to running things with just 40 years of freedom ( or at least "legal" equality) what will we be in the next century. The time is now, the time is now.

We as a race need to come together and really see our value and our importance, instead of infighting. If we could learn to harness the power and respect the hustle we would see that We are indestructible. We would see we should have no fear. How can you be fearful of what could happen to us, when the worst has already happened. What can be worse than being taken from your home, being shipped across an ocean packed like a sardine, split from your family, being bought and sold like horses on a auction block (bit and all), being killed for looking, being hung for looks, being separate but equal, being fired hosed and dog attacked, being victims of assassination of character and body, being cracked, being HIVed, being Katrina'd, being second class citizens, being black in America. What can be worse? See, fear we shouldn't have any fear of loss, because even in loss we have survived it all. The race has survived it all and it is still standing... yeah yeah yeah!

See the reason we are enemy number one because of our power. We don't even see it. We should have no fear but fear itself. We have already been through the fire, what could be worse? We need to fight, after all haven't we proven we can survive the worst. We are a resilient race, if we are nothing at all.

Just a thought.

Be EZ,


Anonymous said...

Damn girl, that was a powerful post. We are indeed a resiliant group of people. What a great piece to start the day with.

The Professor said...

You are right on O.G! Just think if we as a people turned out in mass for the next 2-3 major elections, we would be a force to reckon with. No one could ignore that kind of power. Hispanics have that power, Asians have that power so why not us! But that fear has been drilled into us as a slave mentality and we instead choose to not use that power we have as a block and continue to drag each other down. We complain that no one listens to us, we dont get what we need because we dont squeak load enough. We cant be mad at other ethinicties because their voting block gets heard, we need to be mad at ourselves for not stepping up!

Keith said...

You aint never lied...and you don't know how much I'm loving you right now for writing this...Big ups to you for this...I've been screaming and shouting this til I've turned blue in the face..
(Which is difficult ,considering I'm such a Mocha toned Brother)
but I'm standing and applauding right now!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

I think it is the collective unconscious as Jung (albeit i hate speaking of his bich azz) stated. Their's is one of pain inflicted on a people and in they mind they know one they they gone get it back

sdg1844 said...

Great post OG!

We are resilient, but we are also mentally and emotionally damaged. We have not dealt with what psychiatrists would call the "psychic wounds".

So many of us don't even admit to mental illness and that factor and true healing needs to be addressed before we can move forward.

I'm with you OG. I'm with you 100%.

i.can't.complain. said...

im rockin' with u on this one

unfortunately, this generation aint made of the same grit prior generations could proudly claim.

sad, but true.


eclectik said...

That is what's up come ghostwrite for me :)