Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who’s My Daddy?

Question, why are there some men who find joy in a woman calling them daddy who is NOT their daughter? There are Big Daddies, Sugar Daddies, Mack Daddies, Poppas, Big Poppas. I mean really if you cool with that type of thing then cool, however it irks me when a man asks me to call him daddy or even refers to himself as daddy when referring to us. You know things like What you got for daddy today? You love big daddy? Who is your daddy? And lets not forget our Latino brothers who go wild when you call them Popi, Big Popi!

I mean I do get it and I’m not going to lie I have called a man or two daddy because I knew for what ever reason it made him smile, but really it’s still feels odd to me. However I also do not like men who call me babe or honey or any of those lovely names, well I should say I don’t like the casual use of them. If we are not in a serious relationship, long time friendship, or married, calling me baby, babe, honey, sweetie or any of those saccharinely sweet terms of endearment always make my neck hairs bristle just a bit. I mean not enough to be all don’t call me that, but enough to mention to my friends I hate that he calls me babe. Of course my friends' reply is always Girl you are trippin’.

I also wanted to know what is up with momma? Little momma in particularly, but plain momma too. I mean this is all totally understandable if one is married and/or actually a momma. I mean how else are you gonna stop the kids from calling you Jason and Monique, but why? I mean really what is that all about. I had a friend who called me his lil’ momma. I should add the scandal that he did have a wife (on again of again wife), so when he was on the phone with his friends and they would ask his where abouts he would say he was with his little momma ( I guess as opposed to being somewhere trying to reconcile with afore mentioned wife). I guess that name is just more comical than annoying to me, because the irony of calling me lil’ momma is well…comical. I will never be accused of being little or lil’ and well I ain’t nobody’s momma. I just took it to be the slang for I am with a woman who is not my wife, but because I still have a wife (whether in name only or not) I can not call her my gal. You know like the head ho in charge so to speak. Who knows.

Then there is momma. TOM A calls me this occasionally not a lot but occasionally he will say what’s up momma. Or greet me with a kiss and say how’s it going mommy. Which brings all the way back to this Who’s my daddy. I mean really I have/had a daddy, I don’t need a surrogate stand in. I’m not looking for a man to be my daddy in any kind of way, but I get it. It just perplexes the shyt out of me, anytime a man is like you like daddy’s [ insert whatever your imagination will allow you to here]?

Speaking of daddies, today is my dad’s birthday if he was alive he would have been 56. Unfortunately he never made it past 46. I miss him and sometimes I can’t believe that he has been gone for so long. Although I know he lives through me, because my mother reminds me often when she calls me by his full name. That normally happens when I am acting JUST like him. Its funny my mom told me she just realized how much she and I looked alike because she said when I look at you all I see is your daddy!!

See I know who my daddy is? And he ain’t you home slice.

Be EZ,


Keith said...

I call women "ma" all the time...does that count?-lol.

Keith said...

Oh yeah and occasionally when I get one up on my wife or some other female..I've been known to say-"Who's Your Daddy Now?"

Mizrepresent said...

Daddy, i don't care for too much...but Papi is kind of sexy, lol! Not many had me call them papi, but i have to tell you the right one...i would call Papi all night long!

NoRegrets said...

I like being called baby. but that's just me. If anyone called me their momma though, I'd be grossed out. I had one boyfriend... but I won't go there. He wasn't a boyfriend for long.

crys said...

i prefer being called anything food. sweet pea, cookie, cake..anything you enjoy putting in your mouth - FOR OBVIOUS REASONS

call me WHATEVER you like to eat - and then eat me (man that was too easy)

blackgirlinmaine said...

Papi is sexy, I sometimes call the spousal unit Papi, but never Daddy. Shoot, I don't even call my Dad, that, he's either Pops or Dad.

Sister Girl said...

I can dig it..but once I had a lover who was like NO other,& for a hot second I was guilty of calling him "ooooh daddy". But I've since come out of that drug induced coma & back to my senses(LOL).

If a guy would ask me that now,I would say "Winfred"....that has changed the look on MANY faces MANY times because they *knew*.


ZACK said...

Great post, O.G.! Sorry that I've been so INTO my own blog, that I haven't visited yours.

You have Hispanic guys who call other men "Papi", so it's just annoying when people do it all around.