Sunday, August 24, 2008

Special Thanks: Chillaxin' On a Sunday (blog scheduling at its best!)

Thanks for the exotic drinks folks! This list along with my long list of other things I love to drink which is pretty much anything vodka ensures that I’m probably sipping on, finishing, or ordering a drink RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE as you read!!

Who cares if you are reading at 6:03AM can you say Bloody Mary…Mimosa come on folks please remember it’s noon SOMEWHERE! I wanted to name this post I'm Drunk Bytches...Thanks to You, but well you know I'm a phucking lady and shyt so I will simply say the following,Thank You or as they say in DR Muchas Gracias. Now that makes my southern grandmothers much prouder than all that bad girl yuck mouth talking, but I'm probably drunk! And that is probably how I sound right about now on the beach, a sailor! HOW FITTING!

In no particular order here are the people responsible for getting me drunk in the DR. These new drinks have me feeling MIGHTY FINE in the DR. Or at least I am praying they do this blog is scheduled to self destructpost on Sunday.

Which ever drink makes me feel like Beyonce when she be lounging on the yacht with Jay gets a PRIZE!!* I know that was all wrong up and through there, but I'm probably drunk. I want to give you the real feeling of a drunk OG typing a thank you blog.

Tequila and hot sauce (Thanks Torrence, can I cal you Ti after I have one of these?)

Kamikaze (Miz is Representing on the drink front the next two drinks are hers too!)

Green Iced Tea (made with all white liquor, Vodka, Gin, White rum, Tequila)

Black Russian (Vodka with Kahlua)

Lychee Martini (Thanks NoR you all intimidated and you gave me two of the most exotic fun drinks to try. I thought I had tried every fruitini there was and you deliver and you also gave me that yummy Brazilian drink, capirhina)

Capirhina (A Brazilian drink! I am hoping it as revolutionary and life changing for me as their va-jay jay wax!)

Side Cars (Dears, Triple Sec and a touch of lime. My main chick from Gotham City dropped by from hiatus to share a nice little drink for my trip MUCH love sdg)

Honorable mention has to go to Keith who gave my lush azz all kinds of drink suggestions, but of course being the drunk I am I had already had everything he suggest and then some. This is what a vodkanista drinks, no really just pick anything off that list...yeah for real I drank it.

Oh yeah, don't really look for me on Monday! Don't do it. You will be sorely disappointed and I will be somewhere SLEEP! I probably won

Be EZ,
*-This of course is a trick contest because TOM A is not coming so this oversized, coppered, tall but equally as striking (like that self confidence huh- its the alcohol talking) version of Bey ain't got her superfine, caramelized, goatee wearing, line backer physiqued version of Jay.


Mizrepresent said...

Alright girl, have one on me...toasting from the A, lol, have fun!

SaneAndSingle said...

Sounds like a damn good time!

And my potty mouth would make your Southern grandmothers' ears ache!

Keith said...

LMAO at You...You are too funny!

blackgirlinmaine said...

You sound like you are having a good time. Potty mouth, please... I come from a long line if cussers so you are all good. Enjoy the vacation.

sdg1844 said...

LMAO! You sound drunk as hell! Good for you! Glad to provide a little somethin' for ya. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about cussin'. I love to do it as much as possible. :-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

see my bevergare aint make it boo hoo said...

Hey there OG!!

It's nice that you are checking in with your peeps!


Sister Girl said...

Oh heck-2-da-no !!!!

I want details of it all & surely hope you aren't writing it from the crystal ball predicting your level of alcohol toxidity(LOL).



OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I was right I was pretty nice the whole time mostly intoxicated on the sweet ocean breeze and sunlight. Ok not mostly...I'll be back soon just trying to get back into the grind right now!!


NoRegrets said...

yay! Contributing the to the delinquency of Lush Azz, which is now what I'm calling you.