Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Monday

Well, we start this week with out the Mac man. However Err'ytime I say mothaphucka I will think of you Bernie Mac!! Bernie got to do a lot in his short 50 years, even if his fame and accolades came later than most comics. He was a great blue comic and then in true comic fashion turned around and gave us TV the whole family could watch. Does anyone else notice that is the comedy formula. Start out shockingly dirty end up being Dr. Doolittle. Even Pryor did it. Martin is doing it now. I know kid friendly comedy equals BIG Money. Mac's show had two Emmy nominations and while others will say no wins means it was slighted. I would say to even be nominated being on a smaller network with a cast of mostly blacks is a huge accomplishment. At least I do have my Kings of Comedy DVD!

And Issac Hayes died on Sunday ! Wow what a weekend. But t'is the cycle of life. Keep on living and one day, well you're gonna die.

I spent this weekend doing nothing. It was utterly fabulous. Oh! I did go shopping, but it was from the comfort of my couch. I love the internets!

One more weekend left before I jet set to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I'm excited. It should be BIG fun!

I miss home. I miss my home, meaning my house in Houston (kitchen pictured), but it will pass. Plus being out and about and seeing more of the world will and does make me a better person. However I would love to spend 7 days in a row in my own place. I know I will soon!

Urban dwelling does have perks but it also has cons. I think there could be a mouse in my brownstone. Argggh. I don't even know how to begin. Seeing the rats on the street was enough but having to now mouse proof my place which I think I will have to do for the winter from what I have been told. Man maybe I can borrow a cat or something. BOO! Plus if it wants to stay here for the winter he better have something on this rent.

I can't wait for fall in New England. I am very excited about it. I need to go to Maine and get some lobster. I can't believe I haven't. Its only like an hour away. I also haven't gone to NYC either and its only four hours away. I still have time. I like this actually having seasons thing. I am now starting to look for boots and other fall stuff.

I can not believe there are only 4 months left in this year and I have owned (noticed I said owned cause I ain't been in my house since I moved to Boston in March) my home for a year. I know I closed in August, but for the life of me I can not remember my closing date. I also can't believe this little cutie is almost one year old (bus chicklet, Rosa). I plan to meet her in Seattle to celebrate her birth and our first meeting in November. One day I'm gonna tell her about all the trife her mom and Aunt Moni got into as young women stretching our wings. Them traveling pants chicks ain't got nothing on us. Ya Ya!!

I know this is one of the shortest blogs I've written in a minute, but you guys need a break sometimes. Right? Well since the Olympics have started here is a little American Olympic Nike hype for you. This is one of my FAVORITE renditions of the National Anthem ever. And unlike some of you reading, I remember when he sang this. I was a youngster but I remember it. '83 was the year I clocked my first decade!

Be EZ,


blackgirlinmaine said...

Fall in New England is beautiful, its a season that makes living out here worth it. Don't feel bad about not having been to NYC yet, I have been out in New England 6 years now and still have not been to NYC just upstate New York which don't count. What makes it bad is I have friends in NYC who would put me up. Though next month I am supposed to do a daytrip to get my hair done in NYC, so that will change soon I hope.

Yes, you have to mouseproof before winter otherwise the mice will be your roommates. First winter in this house we had to hire a guy to deal with mice, turned out in fall they had moved their behinds in so in winter I am hearing stuff in the walls. Not pretty at all.

Rats? Now that is ugh. Back in the 80's in Chicago they had a huge rat problem and I saw some sights I will never forget.

i.can't.complain. said...

as i lay on my couch avoiding getting dressed this monday...

i can't help but agree w/u

and i actually live in my house

it would be nice, however, to be able 2 stay here for 7 days (with no work interruptions)

happy monday, babe.

enjoy the interwebs ;-)


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@bgm- Good. I just feel bad I managed to get to NYC a few times from TX love it and thought before I moved here its only 4 hours. I guess its too close.

Apparently there is a real rat problem in Cambridge. I even remember seeing the rats rn down tracks in NYC before the subway came, however it was in Boston where I met a rat in broad daylight by the Boston Symphony on my way to whole foods. Creepy!

Maybe I need to get me a cat.

Thanks -1-,

Next job I wanna telecommute, because I have lots of time to make up.


Eb the Celeb said...

OK so can I stuff myself in your luggage and go to DR with you?

NoRegrets said...

Oh what a beautiful kitchen. I'm so jealous!

So I don't have to read your archive, why are you not in your home and instead in MA? I'm being a lazy girl.

sdg1844 said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I'll be headed home to NYC in October to celebrate since there are no seasons, but fog and no fog in San Fran.

What I can see of your home looks birght and lovely. I dig the colors. Lucky you going to D.R.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@Eb- You know you look tiny enough to fit in my luggage girl if they weren't charging for bags I might pack you to keep some of my stuff safe the way they be rummaging through bags these days!

@NoR- I came to Boston to work on a project here. I got lured away from my pretty squishy home and FT job. I figure you only live once and the opportunity for me was one of a lifetime. Thanks I LOVE my kitchen too, its made to cook, bake and entertain while doing it. The island is butcher block!! It actually is a little snazzier now; I have pictures and stuff in it, next time I go home I'll take more recent pictures. Like my lovely front yard that I paid to have done right before I left, at least my neighbors are enjoying the green grass!

@sdg- I really can dig these seasons I am not sure what I would have done if I had grown up with real seasons and flowers blooming not just hanging on for dear life or shade.

Yes SF is always just cold to me. NO matter when I go I'm cold. I was there around this time COLD had a sweater in the middle of the day! *lol*


Keith said...

Yeah ,it's Monday...and I'm so sad
about both Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes...I can't believe we lost them both in one's sent my head reeling...They say that these things happen in threes..I don't even want to contemplate who's next.

You have a beautiful home.

I hear that Fall in New England is beautiful..I just hear, I've never been there to know-lolol.

crys said...

man...i got homesick when i saw that picture of your kitchen (and it aint even my home) lol
wow...the things and conversations that go on around that kitchen table - goodness!

the picture still doesn't do it need more like a web based tour....

Sister Girl said...

Oh damn, a mouse in the house....augghh !!!

Ask around the local shops for Peppermint oil & that will rid that crap because they can't stand the scent...but it will make a nice aroma for you ! You can put it into little containers under the cabinets.If you can't find it,you can settle on mothballs or a cedar plank or shavings under your cabinets & that will fix their little nosey butts.

Marvin Gaye had me standing on my tip-toes when he did that National Anthem ! I guess I'm gonna have to put up a playlist on the brotha because you already know. I was so lazy this weekend, but I didn't want to do a doggone thing but relax maximally...and that's just what I did with NO regrets.

I hope you have the best time in the Dominican Republic & don't let me catch you on G-G-W late at night doing some crazy BS...(ROFLMAO).


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Finally some one mentions Marvin's National Anthem!!

I knew I could count on you SG!!


Sister Girl said...

I run to see that commercial EVERYTIME that I hear it playing. You should see me breaking my neck at record speed...totally hilarious !

And he look SOOOO dignified....Lord,give me a BROTHAMAN anyday & I'm set for life !