Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fandango!

Fandango- A lively Spanish dance in triple time performed with castanets or tambourines. The dance begins slowly and tenderly, the rhythm marked by the clack of castanets, snapping of fingers, and stomping of feet. The speed gradually increases to a whirl of exhilaration.

I love the word, but never really KNEW what it meant, so now that we all know the meaning of fandango FANDANGO FANDANGO FANDANGO FANDANGO God I love that word!

This blog will now commence slowly and tenderly and hopefully end with lots of snapping fingers and stomping feet woo hoo. This blog is also somewhat of a flashback as I will go to an old often used blog format of mine (and TV Guide).

Cheers! and Jeers

Cheers to Tyra Banks and the transsexual contestant on ANTM Cycle 11, Isis. The is a great move forward for trans-women everywhere and a new twist to a 11th cycle of models. Way to be progressive and keep the show different and new! As a glamor loving bio-woman, I am intrigued by trans-women's lifestyles, so this will be a nice insight to the life. I once watched a documentary on transsexuals in the prison system. BROKE MY HEART!

Jeers to those who don't understand that equality for all means equality for all and our fight should include all those who are discriminated against for whatever reason the discriminators decided to discriminate.

Cheers to body hair removal namely waxing and soon to be laser (yep I'm lasering the phuck out of my chin hairs...I SWEAR)!

Jeers to me for having so much to remove, hello Miss Esthetician I will need to get all my facial hair waxed (grr sideburns), underarms and bikini! On a TMI side note I apparently only have professional waxing of my va-jay-jay when attending weddings. The last pro that waxed my va-jay-jay was a really nice chick in Seattle for Bus Chick and Bus Nerd's wedding. Usually the lack of hair or extra hair on my va-jay-jay is self-maintained.

Did I mention that I am growing out my eye-brows because I do not have my beloved Lynn to keep my eyebrows in check? I have yet to find anyone here who can even even touch the thoughts that Lynn has about her kids while snatching the hairs out of eyebrows. I decide to grow them out and pay a lot to go to a eye-brow groomer. Lynn is an eye-brow guru I only pray that this "groomer" I'm going to will be one/one hundredth as good as Lynn.
I know she won't be cheaper. I pay Lynn $5 for an eye brow wax that looks like a million bucks!

Cheers to my co-workers becoming my work friends!!!

Jeers to my co-workers becoming my work friends, now I will miss this crazy kids when I leave and go back home

Cheers to vacationing in the Dominican Republican!!

Jeers to packing for vacationing in the Dominican Republic

Cheers to the work bathroom stall that makes me look like a King magazine model. The wavy reflection hides my cellulite like high dollar air brushing! ( Yes I check myself out in the bathroom stall reflection, it started as an accident and then as confidence booster)!!

Jeers to the work bathroom that smells like the men's room (read pissy).

Jeers to losing my Charlie Card (montlhy bus and subway,called the T here, pass) 8 days into the month.

Cheers to being able to afford to replace it (I don't pay for gas!!) and to the person who found it being in need of free rides on the T in August!

Cheers to the comeback of the dollar!!

Jeers to the administration that single-handedly drove it down to almost peso status.

to being 35 and loving life!!

Jeers to being 35 and having my metabolism slow down to the speed of a handicapped one legged old person on a walker.

Cheers to gas prices driving down road fatalities (33% less in MA) and finally dropping period!

Jeers to gas prices ever being that DAMN high in the first place

Cheers to public transportation!

Jeers to public transportation

Cheers to New England seasons, namely Fall!!! It ain't even here yet and I am geeked.

Jeers to my New England infestation of mice and apparently flies (WTF?) that I am learning to deal with. Sister Girl do you think if I dust mop with peppermint oil it will damage my hardwoods?

Cheers to Friday Thank phucking - oh wait I don't think I can use that in the same sentence with God!!!!

Jeers to Friday with lots of things to do before I go on vacation

Cheers to my friends!!!!

Jeers to those friends being over 4K miles away.

Cheers to Doublestuff Oreos and milk!

Jeers to the damage Doublestuff Oreos and milk do to my 35 year old waistline.

Jeers to Flour cafe for never having those scrumptious chocolate cupcakes that I love when I walk by.

Jeers to Flour for making me look in their window like a crack fiend trying to see if they have them damn cupcakes. I once accidentally flirted with a man while trying to see if they had them.

Cheers to Flour for never having those damn cupcakes. If they did I wouldn't be able to fit through the door to buy one or two or many!

Cheers to TOM A for calling me an extraordinary person the other day!

Jeers are you crazy ain't no jeers about that

Cheers to everyone who reads and enjoys my blog!

Jeers to me not having enough to really enjoy your visits here this week.

That's it folks, its Friday run along be merry! Make love not war and see you on Monday, also know it is the beginning of the FINAL countdown

Be EZ,


The Professor said...

Whoo Hoo! Great rundown! Sounds like you have started another great blog tradition I hope will occur more.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i will toast to that

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the DR that is enjoy

Keith said...

You're full of surprizes O.G.
Have a Great weekend Hon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah New England has crazy wildlife that resides in buildings. Are the flies huge? Reason I ask is our second summer in this old azz house we got hit with something called cluster flies, I won't describe but for a day I thought we were living in a house of horrors. Thank goodness for exterminators! LOL

Great post today! You had me cracking up about the hair removal, back in Chi-town, I used to get the best hair removal services (its called threading) dirt cheap and great. Of course in Maine, no one knew what the heck I was talking about so I had to go over to waxing (ugh..) so I feel your pain.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

The flies where bigger it seems but they were so many. Now I think they have all died only a few left in my spot, but I bought me some raid and a fly swatter. I'm ready to DO BATTLE!!!

Yes, we have threading in the H too, and my BFF swears by it (maybe it’s a Chi town thing), but I'm a waxer. Actually before waxing I use to have a chick, Lan Le (Lynn’s back up in the H!) tweeze my brows by hand for $5 I tipped her way more which is the same I do for Lynn ESPECIALLY now when I visit.

I'm serious I am lazering my chin this winter!! Its the only place I have gray hairs can you believe that?


NoRegrets said...

There's never TMI. :-)
At least in my book.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sister Girl said...

"Jeers & Cheers" was mentioned in the episode of Family Guy last night & Jillian was speaking with Brian via phone with the TV guide in her hand(LOL). How coincidental was that!

Just you wait and see that hair starts popping out in some of the craziest places ! The more you try to get rid of them, the more shows up. But you had me rolling talking about the grey ones; my first showed up in my eyebrow.

*Sorry, know sometimes "keeping it real" tends not to be pretty !


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

OMG! SG,that is so funny because that episode came tonight(Friday) the during the 6-7 block of FG they show here. The only time I get to see it here since I am cableless. I laughed because I had wrote this today and because the episode was IRONICALLY the one where they had moved to Texas next to the Lynches. *lol*

Its funny because they really do think about Texas like that.


12kyle said...

@ OG
*comin' thru for tha 1st time

Nice blog. I'll be back. Thanks for comin' thru to the 12th Planet