Thursday, July 31, 2008

When Mothers Visit

Me and Mom on the Duck Boat Tour!

So it has been a whole week since my mom left Boston. I think she had a good time. Let me tell you as bad as this sounds when she left on Thursday it was TIME for her to leave. Not that I don’t love my mom and adore her, but 700sq ft (or how ever small my place is up here) and two grown women will eventually end up on someone one, ME, needing her space.

My mom stayed here for almost a week, I worked most of the days so she could really get some vacation out of her vacation, which means she spent her days lounging around my place eating and drinking what she wanted (which included margaritas). The weekend we walked around the city, but it rained most of the time she was here, I am convinced she brought the Texas thunderstorms with her and not the global warming my co-workers blamed them on.

Despite the rain on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of her Saturday through Thursday visit we manage to do a few things. She cooked for me in my small kitchen, I made margaritas in a bucket for her, this bucket provided her with a daily vacation margarita. We went to a few of the sites like Newbury Street, Prudential Center, and Roxbury.

Saturday I picked her up from the airport and we went food shopping, as they say here. She cooked a few nights while she was here and I was so happy that this week I had so many great left overs for dinner. Then after that we walked around my neighborhood and I showed her where I lived and all that jazz. We ordered pizza, Momma OG loves pizza (Crys she is secretly waiting for a pizza invite from you and KB *lol*). It was nice to get her some good ol’ NY style pizza. She enjoyed it. We also went to the liquor store for the tequila for the bucket of Margaritas, which I finished up last night! YUMMMY!

Sunday we walked over to Newbury St and I took her to this great little restaurant that my BFF and I stumbled upon when she visited. Stephanie’s on Newbury. I have yet to order something from there that I didn’t like. She liked it too!

Wednesday, we rode the Duck boat and saw all the cool sites in the city, coincidentally many of these are in my own back yard. I mean I knew I was in the mix but I had no idea how close I was to so much of Boston. We learned all kinds of facts and saw all kinds of historical landmarks, even the building in which Declaration of Independence was drafted. The first draft, I wonder how many drafts there were. I got to drive the Duck Boat on the Charles River or should I say steer the boat on the river. That was fun, well besides the tour guide getting all up in my where are you from business! Just so you know originally we were suppose to do this Sunday but it rained and that pushed all our Sunday plans back. It threaten to rain on us again on Wed after a beautiful Tuesday at the cape, but the gods saw fit to let us see the city. The rain cleared out just in time for our tour and we didn’t even have to open our umbrellas once.

My mom really enjoyed the tour a lot and we even got the goofy souvenir picture. Whatever momma wants…Tuesday, we had fun driving to Hyannis. It’s a pretty cool city we didn’t do anything to touristy like the Kennedy compound or anything like that, but we did have fun just driving the town and taking in the scenery. We even went to the local mall, which reminded me of Baytown’s mall- WHACK. But hey we were touring so why not see what the locals were doing.

I must admit by Thursday I think she was ready to go home and I was ready for her to go home. It was a great visit and it ended before we were sick of each other! I’m glad my mom got to come up and experience a real vacation on her vacation, not just her typical staycation. She said I haven’t been anywhere on my vacation in a long time and then she thanked me for the visit. That was the best part of the whole thing being able to provide my mom with something more.

As you guys know I view myself as the shoulders that help hold my family up. Sometimes the pressure is hard when I think of what it will take to make sure my mother can retire comfortably and live a good life, but when she is happy it makes it worth it. The worry melts away and I feel like I am fulfilling my duty as the eldest child and her only daughter.

Be EZ,


Sister Girl said...

Oh my goodness, you know how demented I am. When you mentioned margarita bucket, I pictured the five gallon pickle bucket from the old days...or am I right ?

Tell your mother she knows that I'm a pink & black fanatic,so send me that top in that picture(smile). I'm so glad that you both enjoyed her visit,but it's H-A-R-D entertaining when you are in close quarters.

Even though it's your mom,you & your sweetie would have enjoyed the tight squeeze MORE because you can always sit on his lap or lay in bed with your legs entwined. I don't think either of those would go well with your mom...LOL !

There's nothing like the sweet sound of NOTHING sometimes,ya know ?


Crys said...

awwwww mother worship! you know how i love it! hmmmmm and you don't want me hanging with your mom - you gone come visit and we gone be chilling at your spot with my 'friends' + the next door neighbor - having a real xfunky xgood xtime

NoRegrets said...

Funny, I don't hear the accent in your posts. ;-)

Glad everyone had a good time!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now that is worth celebrating sister

Eb the Celeb said...

Are you serious... moms looks soo young... black definitely dont crack...

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@SG- It was a big bucket but NOT that big. *lol*

@crys- Your CRAZY. You know she lookin' for pseudo grandchildren. She always trying to be some body's third wheel grandmother. *lol* Talking about they go for pizza I would like to go to pizza, tell you momma to watch out the third wheel grandmother eyeing her baby!

@NoR- lol u gotta hear my accent especially my y'alls! *lol*

@RDB- You right I am blessed to have her here. She's the only parent I have left.

@Eb- Yep she is very young looking people think that we are sisters. I always tell her I just look old for my age. *lol* She HATES that, but I'm thankful for those genes it's why people never guess I'm 35 *lol*


quarter-life-crisis said...

I am glad your mom enjoyed her visit. Its always nice when they come and leave gifts (food). LOL

sdg1844 said...

That was sweet OG. You and your mom look very happy together. I'm glad you both had a good visit and got out of one another's hair before things got "dicey." :-) said...

Hey there OG!

That photo is just TOOOO cute!

I have been trying to get to your site for days and I get an "operation aborted" message in IE so I did a re-install and everything!!

You know I could not figure out WHY I was only getting that message when going to your blog!! *LOL*

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!