Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Day

Ok so I’ve been bloggin’ since 12/2/2004. That means I am pretty close to almost 500 if you add this, my 78th blog, to the 200 on MSN (approx I didn’t feel like counting, there are no number counts on Spaces) and then the 206 on Yahoo I’m coming up on the 500th, I will really have to go home and count my Spaces post so I can let you know when I reach my collective 500th post! Man I really have a lot shyt to say huh?

So I thought I would look back in those archives and see what I was talkin’ bout two and three years ago. It seems I didn’t really have much to say last year this time, I think I was on my grind.

The summer of 2006 was a very big summer for me. It was the first summer of official single life. My divorce was final November 17, 2005. In 2006 I met three men who made a significant difference in my life, for different reasons. One of those men was TOM A. The Baby he was like 6’5” 300 plus playedpro-football for a minute, but he is like 8-9 years my junior. He is a professional Bodyguard now; he guards CEOs of corporations mostly. He’s always flying around the country, actually the world. The other I met around same time as TOM A maybe within two weeks of each other. We can call him TOM B, lol. TOM B is not available but we are still friends. Thank God he isn’t or who knows what kinda triangle I might be in, actually none. I can’t do drama; my DNA can NOT handle it.

They were the first men to really benefit and appreciate my outlook on life and love and helped me be ok being me. They didn’t try to be anything but who they were and they are friends, real friends to me.

So I plucked the blog I wrote this day two years ago. I planned on providing hindsight commentary on this blog. I thought it would be fun to see where I was in my life a few years ago, looking back always makes me excited for the future. Here we go!

This is what I was talking about in ’05 around this time. July 25, 2005

However I wanna talk about what I was talking about two years ago to the day. The date is the link to the original post, but below is the original post with some commentary added.

July 24, 2006
What it do? Man, I miss you guys a ton. So much so that my inability to see you guys at work doesn't stop me from blogging at work. It does stop me from reading blogs, commenting on blogs, quick commenting on blogs, and posting my blogs hot of the wire (well there is a small loop hole and I could post from work, but I wouldn't be able to see the post). So basically if I have a minute I write a blog and if I am still feeling it when I get to the house, I just post it. Not quite the same as full time interaction on the 3-6-0, but it works for me. It has to. Just know I love you guys.

Speaking of
The Wire, man it is almost time for Baltimore's gulliest cast to come back for season 4. I remember when I started watching The Wire; my ex said hey there is this show I want to catch its supposed to be the shyt. I said sure and from the first time I laid my eyes on Idris Elba (Stringer Bell) it really didn't matter what the show was about. See that is perfect mix of book smarts meets street smarts. I mean here is a man with an MBA applying corporate business principles to moving weight. The same way W be applying Thuggery principles to the White House!! I know its just TV, but if Imma phuck with a drug dealer it's gonna be a Stringer Bell, not a Poot or Bodie! Well maybe Bodie cause he takes excellent notes when Stringer be schoolin 'em LMAO. Good thing that HBO being HBO gave me a show with more than eye candy, they gave me GREAT TV. You really can't sleep on HBO's original programming it is OFF DA CHAIN!

The Wire, was one of the first shows that we set up on our Tivo. Man, I've been rocking Tivo for a long time, since like 03. This cat at work, Brently, was like you should get it Monique it will change how you watch TV. I mentioned it to my Ex and once but he wasn't really feeling Tivo until we went to some work party. It was there he heard the revolutionaryness of Tivo from B, we got a Tivo like the next week. (He is and was a technology junkie. I guess that's something that we had in common.) The Tivo was the one thing in the divorce I am glad I got.
Anyway, I am so excited because season three had so much action in it, so many story arcs to take. A friend of mine and I were discussing all the possible arcs the story can take now that Stringer is no longer in the picture. Who is gonna step up and run the crew? I don't think that Avon plans on stepping back down going into day to day ops, especially since he feels all the beef is not worth it. You gotta remember the last episode, when Avon finally GOT what String had been telling him all along. That this turf war was some BS and how they needed too get in where the REAL MONEY and crime was, guess what real money and crime was not in the ghettos of B-more, more like city hall baby!

Will Marlo and his crew just take over? Naw, man Barksdale is an institution in those towers, right? The thing is Stringer had finally realized where the real corrupt and big money was and of course it wasn't beefing in them streets, so will there be more in depth arc about the corruption in government, me thinks so. Then don't forget The Greek or Prop Joe, you think that those characters got introduced in Season 2 for nothing. What about Cutty, what's his deal is he gonna stay on the straight teaching the kids the finest points of boxing or will he go back to doing what everyone thinks he does best, thugging? The writing on The Wire is so great I can even begin to guess what I think is going to happen with these characters, I guess we'll see. Good thing is we don't have to wait long. What y'all think? I'm interested in seeing what other people think is gonna happen in Season 4. I ain't even gonna talk about Omar.

Man I still miss The Wire, Best TV there was!! It’s interesting looking at where I thought they would take the show and where they actually took the story. I’m getting ready to buy the box set. Wow what do you say about a woman who owns the SATC box set and The Wire box set? Well that is me and my black folk soul!! Worlds a clashing at every turn!

So, I was thinking about how much stuff my ex was always exposing me too. There are so many things that I like or think are cool that he introduced me to and vice versa. I definitely can attribute all my knowledge about comic books and porn to my ex husband along with a greater appreciation for sci-fi. Although the sci-fi thing started when I was kid hanging out with my big cousin, Wink. He was all about the sci-fi. I am sure my Ex is happy that I gave him appreciation for house keeping, home shows, and better ties. Oh and Nip Tuck and The Daily Show and ... HA! Anyway, I have come to realize that is what the circle of life is about, its about linking up your circles and making chains, sometimes those links are unbreakable like shackles, other times they are like those paper chains that kids made for Christmas trees in elementary school. Where did that thought come from? Who knows?

I just thought about this, once you are divorced, well for me, the ex-husband is the only man I really refer to as "The Ex" I mean the rest are just "this guy I usta date" or "this dude I usta phuck around with" I know so common, but it is what it is. I wonder if any ex will surpass the ex-husband. I doubt it. I think it's a title he should keep for buying me the rings that BLING. LMAO!!

Man I think I was ready! Completely healed from the relationship that was my marriage, ready to really be loved and loved. I could look back and really gather some wisdom from my situation. However I think I unpacked my bags this time instead of adding to them.

Official Catch Phrase named for the second half of '06
Speaking of "It is what it is" the other day a small quorum met (ok it was Tressa, Tia, and me) and we have decided that the phrase "It is What It Is" has become the official negro catch phrase of '06. Sure it started as the Corporate America catch phrase (which Mandy brought to us earlier this year also along with corporate buzz words like Town Halls and Diversity), with every mid-level manager using it to justify his/her numbers and accomplishments. Now it seems every black person in America is saying that. It reported as a phrase that some are hearing on the daily!! I gotta stay up on our catch phrases, how else am I supposed to know if I'm blacker than black and that's a fact y'all. Plus that phrase sounds like something uttered by
Yogi Berra can someone please verify the origins of "It is What It Is"? I bet Yogi said it, I mean he is the same man that gave us "It ain't over til it's over".

Weekend Update
My weekend was good and I didn't even go out, ok I did a little but not with the crew so it doesn't count. I guess I have just come to realize that my weekends will always be cool, because I have cool friends. We don't need much to make shyt fun, just each other. I love that someone can send an impromptu text to unite and a min-party/ laugh fest can start. It's nothing like people who love you for you. Not that I have ever been accused of not being me, because I will always be me, but it's all love. They love me just like I am good, bad and slutty! I wouldn't have it any other way. I mean there are so many YouTube moments as TGL would say, I may have to start walking around with my camera and a tape recorder. The picture up top is 1 Mo Yang!! Live in living color. Standing in the kitchen laughing at some bullshyt going ok this is some sitcom SHYT!! Phuck Clair Danes this really is my so called life and I am loving it!
OK he's cool!

Mandy told me the other day I gotta stop assuming mofo's are deadbeats. The thing is either I withhold all credit or I give you WAY TOO much credit, before you deserve it. She is right, this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see the ambition in the eyes of someone who I think is cool. Nothing for me CEMENTS an attraction like a dude really being on his hustle. Nothing like a MAN on his grind, it is the sexiest thing to me. I'm talking that Rick Ross Hustle, baby…everyday he hustling.

Men who are actually doing what they want to do with their lives and making it happen are the sexiest men out there. They can be holding down a 9-5 while working their side gig (I dated a dude who used his size (6'5" 305) to his advantage, he owned a Bodygaurding Business on the side. He would make extra change on the weekend and vacation guarding the bodies of the rich and famous. OOO the dirt I found out about who hated who and divas that didn't like each other. Priceless), they could be owners of a small business growing it into a mid-cap (that's my ex. Building an empire one brush stroke at a time) or 3) or they could be doing their corporate thug fizzle showing the fantastical workings of the black man's brain (I know a few men like this, but none stands out more than the law student that I had a brief affair with. He was on his grind doing all kinds of things. Watching him get ready for school (on the days he had too work in the firm) in the morning was great. Nothing like a suit make a man look smashing. Really brothers you all should invest in one great cut suit in a good neutral color like gray or navy) As long as they ain't just putting lip service to dreams, you know the type all they do is talk about their dreams and ain't bit more made a move to make them happen other than telling you about the dream to get you wet cause they gotta dream! I wanna do this I'm gonna do that but then you realize it's a bunch of what they trying to do no steps have even been taken in that direction. LOL! Mandy wrote a blog about them a long time ago the dudes in Real Estate, Promoters, and.or doing their music.

I gotta stop assuming the worst in people; I think it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The old folks always talk about how you should watch what you say; because words are powerful and you could speak that shyt into existence. I do believe that on SO MANY different levels it isn't even funny.
Anyway, I am gonna say true ambition, you know action, not just words about action put this silly azz southern girl in check real quick. Ask my friends, ambition made me overlook height and hips!! On that note I'm OUT!!

Yep you guessed it! That was all about TOM A. This is the first time I can find that I knew I really liked him. Wow 2 years ago to this day I can be found going on record about him. Wow! That’s kind of powerful to me. I mean he impressed me enough to mention him in a round about way. That is the baby I was referring to, he usta bodyguard celebrities, but stopped because they never paid on time or period. Funny how I feel about my friends hasn’t changed ONE BIT! When I went home I felt the same way, we really should be recording my so called life! I really think that I live a blessed and favored life and thank God for it everyday, all of it even the parts that suck sometimes. I know it makes me a better person and more appreciative of all my blessing.

OH BEFORE I FORGET!! Geno and Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeva congratulations on making it official. H, I was not gonna tell you that when I got the text I was driving and I BUSTED OUT in a BIG GRIN!! I know ppl thought I was on medication (well I should be, but that's a blo for another day!) It always makes me SO HAPPY when I see people who make it, despite all the bullshyt that is life. They figure out what is truly improtant to them and they make it, no matter what the circumstances are. So to that trunicca and his grown azz woman I tip my glass and toast to you, can't wait to see you two make it official!

Be EZ,

Same sig as always ...well you know I'm all about being EZ just cool no drama! Haven't always been that way, but been that way for a minute now. Be EZ!


WNG said...

I'm almost at 400 posts, all on blogger though...

maybe I'll do a little retrospective like that while I'm on vacation...

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

You know I wish I would have started off on Blogger, but I guess I didn't truly realize that I was a blogger and not a social networker! I would have stayed on spaces if they wouldn't have switched up the game and went more facebook myspace.

It started as a blog site then morphed into trying to be more of a social networking spot. I really come to blog so all that extra stuff just ends up annoying me! *lol*

I think doing a retrospective and throw back post is always good, it lets new readers get a feel for you and old ones appreciate where you’ve been.

-OG said...

Hello there!!

Wow! You have been blogging for a loooooong time!

I think it is very deep to look back at ourselves through a time capsule and examine where we were mentally and emotionally at that time. I am a firm believer that we have so many lessons that we can give ourselves FROM OURSELVES but we tend to think that all of the lessons will come from other people.

Keep on blogging, my sista!

You have a lot to say!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

i.can't.complain. said...

500 posts, though

ure a beast


Keith said...

Wow, I'm only up to 160... I gotta long way to go. I'm a new blogger though.