Friday, July 25, 2008

Stuntin is a habit! Get Like Me

I love David Banner! A self –proclaimed nicca by default! I know what that means, if you don’t I’ll explain. It’s completely different than being one by choice. It also doesn’t mean he isn’t educated or a thinker it means despite his environment he has succeeded. Also he is from the Sip and considers himself to be as country as they come. He has managed to make a decent music career and movie career and is even has a cartoon coming out. Famous, but some how that dirty is still in his blood. You can take the boy out of the country but...

I know it’s in mine, no matter how high I might fly I will not forget my country girl 5th ward beginnings! No matter how much I know stuntin shouldn’t be a habit and gripping wood grain and tippin on four fours is not in sync with me and my enlightened theories on race and sexuality, it’s a part of me! Just like Banner who is a college graduate, and a thesis away from a post graduate degree last time I checked and very active on the political front. I have Chad in my heart and DJ Screw in my cup, metaphorically speaking of course, too DB.

So the real reason I wrote this in hopes he just may Google himself, however it didn’t work with Mos Def or Common, but I am NOT a quitter! *lol* Let me stop before someone believes I am crazy, but just in case. Banner – Call Me…I have some ideas for the cartoon. Actually to be honest there is a 1 degree separation between me and him, I know someone who went to Southern with him and I have another friend who is [claims]writing for his Cartoon Network cartoon.

I think I like DB because he embraces his southern roots yet progresses forward as an Artist, like Outkast you can see the growth with out losing who they are. I don’t ever want to completely lose my country girl roots or my love for 5th ward things (aka hood rat things), that’s who I am no matter what I become or do in life. I love my hood and I love my people and I love where I come from and I think that is what makes me unique as a person. I am such an odd and unique mix, but hey isn’t that being black in America. Black folks soul are always this churning mix of things that don't necessarily go together.

If you don’t know about Lavell Crump check his evolution out right here! I think its interesting.

Be EZ,



Keith said...

Hey O.G. Where you been??

Big Man said...

I always respected Banner. But, he seems to be pissed that he didn't blow up as an artist. That gets old.

I like he can be smart and still connect with hood cats.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Keith, I've been around. You know Moma OG went back last night so I'm BLACK!! Miss me much? Janet Jackson style! *lol*

Big Man, I think recently DB has found his comfortable place in hip hop. I think of him as a southern Mos Def or Common who kind sit to the rigth of Jay and Kanye, respectively. I think Banner is that way to Weezy and TI, respected just not as MAJOR!

Maybe his fame will come later like UGK. People slept on them for a LONG time! I love me some Bunbina too!!


Big O said...

im a DB fan. i do think he been lookd over alot in his career though. sometimes bullshit sells before realness...

i just hope he dont do a Goodie Mob and pull a "World Party" on

sdg1844 said...

Hey OG! I hope you had a great visit with your mom. It's all about balance isn't it? There are some things you leave behind and some things you keep. We are complex beings.

No matter my college education, I will always be a Harlem-ite. It doesn't matter where I go. I was molded and formed by my life there and it was challenging and beautiful.

I sometimes wonder why we always believe we must be this or that (shout out to Black Sheep). Why can't we be the totality of our experiences in life?

Sister Girl said...

Call me 'hood ALL day long, but there is a time & place for everything that goes around !

If a person loves me for what comes of me,they can thank the "hard times" of growing up in South Dallas. Athough society states that we are lacking many things of variations,respect for self & others carry no price tag.

There was never a day in my entire life had any of us (siblings) been hungry,barefoot,dirty...lacking for a dang thing. We weren't rich by any means physical, but we loved each other and our fellow man.

But with that being said, I make NO APOLOGIES for the roses that came up from the cracks of the potholes of the ghetto. So when I see someone that speaks very low of where I grew up, they are so AMAZED to find out later that I was a product of that environment.

With the right mind & attitude, you can do ANYTHING that you want to do.