Thursday, July 10, 2008

Replaced already

I heard this chick today and I know I am WAY behind because she is performing on Letterman tonight, but hey I don't listen to ANY radio here and I have organic TV (no cable). So I'm sheltered. Actually after I researched her, I found I had heard her before on Grey's, one of my favorite shows just in case you are ever in an OG Trivia contest.

Her name is Adele and her web site is calling her the NEW Queen of British Soul. I really would like to know if that is that's what is really being said in the UK , especially since I just read that hip hop and R&B are supposedly dead there.

I guess Amy can now go find that pipe and get back to business looks like that have a cleaner version (ALL PUN INTENDED) of you! Since I like all kinds of music I think this is definitely good mellow stuff.

Adele's my space

Adele's Website
Be EZ,


Keith's Space said...

Well ,I was in London two years ago
and R&B and Hip Hop was still very much alive...They had a whole strip on the east end of London with nothing but "Soul Clubs" where
you could hear Aretha, James Brown,
Motown, Stax,Philly International
and P-Funk played all night long
and see Cover bands...I loved it.
Maybe what they mean is that their
natives are not making any soul or
hip hop.

I gotta check out my friend's XM
radio stations to see if they are playing this woman you're talking about...(None of the local stations
here in Philly are, I know..or I would've heard her)

Even though you don't have cable,
go on VH-1's website and look under
"World Soul"...They might have her.
Another site I would check out is

Crys said...

yeah, i hadn't heard of her either.i like her though.

hey - why don't you gravatar enable your blog?

sdg1844 said...

She has a lovely voice. I don't know about all these doggone titles though. What's up w/that? I prefer Tawiah.