Friday, July 4, 2008


Ok so I have to let you know that this blog is scheduled, all blogs from now until Wed, probably we be scheduled maybe for LIFE!!. Thanks to the wonders of blogger technology I am able to be frolicking with my homies in the H and still dropping blogs like I’m Weezy on his mixtape grind! I have actually been giving you guys scheduled blogs here and there for the last two weeks, kinda a pilot for this vacation. Don't fret I'll be around just don't want to spend my time in the H blogging.

Actually, I have found scheduling the best way to write all the crazy shyt on my mind when it comes, it keeps the blogs coming at a pretty steady daily pace, not that I think you guys would die with out reading me. It ain’t that serious, but it’s fun!

So today’s blog is a new move, in the creative yet WILDLY silly mind of me. Once again Imma do something different. Just read don’t try to figure out my lunatic mind it will drive you apeshyt! Really it will! If you haven’t realized by now I love music, it expresses my soul. So I decided to just list random lyrics from songs on my iPod that hit me. Not the usual stuff just random stuff. Some are self explanatory…others well I’ll try to explain, actually no I won’t. I will only explain the ones that I want to explain. As I have been told a million times in my comments, is my blrogative! (blah-rah-gu-tive) * two Bobby Brown pelvic thrust* <--- that is the new two snaps (according to me!)

Come harder, this won’t be easy/ don’t doubt yourself trust me, you need me
Beyonce, Upgrade U

I really could quote this song in its entirety, as that’s how I feel about myself, I’m an upgrade. However I also feel my TOM A is my upgrade too!! He may be the block, but I am the lights that keep the streets on!!

He knows how to treat a lady, but he won’t let you get too rowdy
Fantasia, Hood boy

I have to explain this one, because I am not sure it applies to all women. Look I’m a tester, knowing is half the battle. But hey being the girl I am I HAVE to know a man got me. Cause if he doesn’t, well I’d rather GET MY SELF!! (but not too much, Don’t let me get me) Anyway I say all kinds of shyt to see how far you will let me go before you just check my azz, also know to Fantasia (or whoever wrote this song, cause I don’t think it was her) as not letting one get too rowdy. I guess in my mind I feel if you can’t handle me and my loud azz bark (and pretty vicious bite when I want to) then you can handle the world that will come at US. And I need my man to be able to handle the world that’s coming at US, because we keep RISING TO THE TOP!!

So let me tell ya bout a playa I know / 6 foot 4/ 225/ he's all the way live/ see where I come from/ we like em like that
Fantasia, Hood boy

See in my inner circle all we do is ball Til we all got triangles on our wall
Jay Z, Moment of Clarity

Another line I love because it makes me think of my H town crew. Everybody in my framily we Do It Big, Son!! I have to say that my friends and I keep each other going we keep each other sane and I like to believe we keep each other successful!!

Believe me if I let you get a sniff of the whiff/You gon’ do things the way I do
Fantasia, Not the Way I do

They think cause it’s Southern/ It’s easy to get the lovin’
Fantasia, Not the Way I do

A phenomenon I have experienced here and a few other places north of the Mason Dixon. I guess the thought that we, gentile southern women, are easy because of our politeness. I have been told women up North are hard while we seem to be more accommodating, since I’m not a dude I can’t speak to it. But I can say Sir; it is not THAT easy to get MY lovin’!
Anyway this explanation also works for the next song lyric!

Man, I don’t give a damn I LOVE that nicca
Ludacris, Waring

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know I know but you already know my affinity of things of the hoodrat variety, which causes me to say this phrase quite often

When I came I was draped up and dripped out
Ludacris, Grew Up A Screw Up

I went from ashy to classy
Ludacris, Grew Up A Screw Up

Love isn’t something you earn its deserved/ Love is something I can give cause I’m worth it
Floetry, Flo’ Ology

Another truism of life. Before you can give love YOU have to love yourself otherwise your love ain’t worth the dysfunctional platter you serving it on! When you don’t love yourself, well hell it’s like the whole US thing. You have to love yourself in order to love me, because things we do as human will and can reek havoc on those not secure in who they are and more importantly WHO’S (if you believe in a WHO) they are.

I ain’t gone lie, I’ll fill your space/ Then forget your face, I swear I will
T.I., guest flow on Justin Timberlake’s My Love

This, my friends, is SWAGGER at its best. It’s what makes the girl get in line. It’s also love and self respect. If more women thought like this there would be LESS Dr, Phil shows ( Jerry Springer shows, Rickey Lake shows, etc- BUT NOT LESS OPRAH shows!!!!) The thing is no matter How groovy you think one is, if they are being difficult or not “acting” right. It is far better for you to keep it movin. I mean come on there is more than one fish in the sea, bus on your route, face to fill your space or whatever metaphor you chose to illustrate the highs and lows of dating. LOVES IT!!

So many doubt ‘cause I come from the South/ but when I open my mouth all bullets come out
Lil’ Wayne, guest flow on Robin Thicke’s Shooter

Again some northerners REFUSE to give us, country folks, credit. We’re a pretty smart bunch if I should say so myself. And if you are black and from the north MANY of you have origins down there in that land of cotton. Many, many, many of our great leaders have opened their mouths and let all bullets come out LONG before Weezy. MLK, Thurgood Marshall, me (ok only in my mind but still you feel me!).

But this is Southern/ If we to simple then y’all don’t get the basics
Lil’ Wayne, guest flow on Robin Thicke’s Shooter

To me this is the most CLASSIC comeback to all those who shyt on southern rap and southern life in general. That’s all I have to say about that!!

What if I had a thing on the side/ Would the rules change up or would they still apply?

Ciara, Like a Boy

Ciara, the answer to this question is YES the rules would UNDOUBTLY change up. I’ve had them changed up on me before, that’s how I knew it was time to hit the road and boys can NOT take it when you give ‘em what you get.

He’s so good and he knows how to love me/ But so hood he’s heavy in the in the streets
Ciara, Can’t leave him alone

Story of my life and love all things with a little hood in them. Alas I ask (and I’m asking YOU, again Crys…I see you) why and what are the streets sayin’ when they are calling? I think perhaps the streets are saying You belong to the city!! Look even the streets like ex-Eagles.

Tell me it would break your heart / That you love me and all my dirty/ you wanna roll with me you wanna hold with me/ you wanna make eyes and get Norwegian wood with me
Robin Thicke, Lost Without You

YES… YES… YES I do! Love is so much about loving the whole person, and I particularly love that line, you love me and ALL my dirty. I think it’s important to love a person and all her dirty!! That is why I love my TOM A so much!! I had to Google Norwegian Wood, but… well… uh… you know I had them R&B days too!

Them chicken is ash and I’m lotion
Mariah, It’s Like That

You cannot hate on me because my mind is free/ Feel my destiny, so shall it be
Jill Scott, Hate on Me

I am not a fan of haters!! And neither is my girl, Jilly from Philly. However if you must, hate on me haters!! I usta play this at work after a co-worker, LT, sent it to me one day after a meeting where it was SO OBVIOUS these women where doing their best professional hating they could to stop my bulldozer grind. The women who I seem to have the MOST problem in the work place are insecure white women who pretend to be secure. My shine exposes all their holes, now sure I get hate from other places, races, and gender, but I’m just saying. Insecuiruty, almost like cocaine, is a helluva thing.

Got me and my three best friends/ Like we do it we gone do it again
Beyonce, Get Me Bodied

NEED I explain this? In my currently life the third best friend spot rotates to whoever’s face is in my place but in my life (the other two are easy Mandy and Crys (when she wanna play). My three best friends are Mandy (my BFF proper name Amanda), Carloff (aka bus chick proper name Carla), and Ronnie (aka Baytown Whitley Gilbert proper name Veronica). Too be honest depending on when you read this I could be getting bodied with my 3 best friends in the H right NOW!

OK… OK… OK I know enough I could go on for years, like I said I’m not even including all the hip hop classics that are in my regular vocab, besides I got a meeting in the ladies room! (ß- didn’t know I was gonna hit you with the Klymaxx huh?)

Ok ok I can’t resist,

I’d hate to come down to their level and become a BW/ A basic woman
Klymaxx, Meeting in the Ladies Room

Uh uh oh Uh uh oh!! So I leave with this little diddy and if you know who feel free to share it with the crew.

Never gave up hope/ in myself, nor debated/ didn’t shed a tear when I wasn't picked/ ’Cause I got a cone now, want a lick?

Be EZ,


Sister Girl said...

You're shining so bright in this blog that I had to reach for my sunglasses just to fight back the glare(LOL).

I'm digging Blogger like crazy now that I've balanced out a few things & I'm so happy that I found this as an alternative.I also just discovered the option to schedule future postings,but seriously....I think Google ANYTHING is the shyt !!!!

I wouldn't change one dayum thing about being the Southern tease that I am, and those that don't like my city/country mannerisms can just get out of the way for the next one in line that's waiting for him to step the hell off.

What is it that makes us so interesting in the first place ? You & I both know the answer,but I'll leave it for them to figure out because I'm much too busy doing "me".


ZACK said...

This post depressed me. But it's not your fault. I was reminded of all the superficial lyrics emitted by female singers in recent years. The fact that they prefer big, tall thugs is incentive for another dip of my low self-esteem.

I'm not saying that ALL women are like that- but it's enough to keep a man down. Especially a man who is trying to be a good man.

My biggest problem with women is that they always go after the bad boy or the pretty boy first. Then, when they realize that the nice, average looking guy isn't interested or taken- then they wise up. It's too late then.


Maybe I misinterpreted this post. You know that I read at a 3rd grade level- which still makes me 4 grades ahead of Fantasia!

Keith's Space said...

O.G. Let me just say that you are
like the sign we share (Aries) a true pioneer with this scheduling and with a few exceptions,I have all of the music you named and am
downloading it right now...Creative
and interesting post as always.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

guess i dont have swagger by your definition

have a great weekend folk and b safe said...

Hey there! {waves}

I hope you are enjoying the time off!

I was cracking up at the new phrase I learned over here:
"It's my blogragative!!"
I will be USING THAT one when people come to my blog acting like they want to be George Jefferson up in my joint!! *LOL*

@ Zack
Fantasia has learned how to read now.... you know you "ain't" right for that!! {gasp}

OG, you are always keeping things poppin' over here!

{thumbs up}

leva said...

Very creative OG. I loved it. I also wondered howdahell you kept up with your blogging so frequently. Now that you've let the cat outta the bag, it won't frazzle my mind so much anymore. I thought you were the ULTIMATE Superwoman. lol