Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Thinking

What to blog about today? First off I can't even bring myself to discuss this. I am completely and utterly speechless. So I will move on, because I just can't talk about it, but I sure will be making my rounds to read what the blogsphere is discussing regarding it, blogs have been hot since Sunday, but many bloggers keep a M-F schedule, so today should be very interesting, racist comments and all. The sad thing is I am almost sure MORE of this will come and probably much worse. Oh America...

I guess its fitting, because after all it is Monday. Mondays are not my friend, they put a complete and total stop to my shiftlessness. Blogging has infiltrated my empty thoughts. I often find myself thinking total utterly useless and completely empty thoughts. You know thoughts that have absolutely NO nutritional value. Actually not all things with no nutritional value are bad. A few things come to mind that I think are completely ok with no nutrients like alcohol (especially Vodka), sugar, sugary alcoholic drinks. Anyway

When I was back home driving in my truck (actually its not a truck its a SUV, but I hate using SUV) that cost me the price of one T pass to fill up. Gas price gotta love 'em right. Well anyway I was driving listening to Jay Z's Kingdom Come, look I don't know why but I was. Anyway the hook goes like this

I will be... King of New York
I will be... New York
Not only NYC I'm hip hop's savior
So after this flow you might owe me a favor

When Kingdom Come, You ready?
When Kingdom Come, Uh-Huh
Not only NYC I'm hip hop's savior
So after this flow you might owe me a favor

So this is where my empty thought came in. My thinking was if Jay-Z is truly indeed hip hop's savior what would that mean in the context of the Bible. If he is the savior of hip-hop, that would mean that Biggie was John the Baptist. I mean really think about it, if you know your Bible or went to Vacation Bible School for a few summers you know that everyone was on John the Baptist's jock. Can I say that? Anyway you get the picture. Many thought him to be the Messiah. The people loved JB and they couldn't get enough of him and depending on what religious scholar you talk to that that popularity lead to his death, well that and the prophecy. Anyway, I mean really think about it JB talked about there is one greater than me. Now of course Biggie never said that about HOV, but as far as history goes Jay Z will die being perhaps the greatest rapper alive or at the least leave a strong argument as to why he should be. I won't go through all the biblical similarities the two have with JB and JC I'm just saying think about it.

I guess that would leave Damon Dash to be Judas, in a much simpler form. I mean really there was a radical turn with the split from the Roc. I mean he didn't kill him but I'm not really trying to make a verse to verse comparison between Jay and JC. I was just thinking empty thoughts. Then after I had it I thought I should blog that and see what the world thinks. *lol*

I mean maybe this thought does have some nutritional value. I often think about hip hop (not the commercial stuff) has this religious influence. I think that because of the black church's influence in the black community. There's a course at my Alma mater about hip hop and the church, if I was still an undergrad I would take it, because just sounds really interesting. I should see if I can audit the class when I get back to the H.

Other than that this Monday I'm not really too inspired to chat about much. I spent a lazy weekend catching up on house work and sleep, and to be honest I could use more time. Oh Monday why do you come SO SOON!?!

Be EZ,


Keith's Space said...

You know of course that Jigga is my
favorite rapper..(I've shouted him out a few times on my own page.) You really gave me some food for thought with the Biggie analogy.

You're right...On The East Coast we
all thought Biggie was the greatest. (We still had mad love for Tupac..but it was Biggie we were feelin in 1995 and 1996..)

Biggie kind of like brought Jay into the game..and when Big died,
Jay filled the void.. I never thought of it in biblical terms

You're right..Hip-Hop has been kind of like the "bible" for young
Black America.

Crys said...

well i know one person who begs to differ with this - LIL WAYNE. lol. good thing he can't read - or he'd be all over your comment section my sweet

sdg1844 said...

I think Big was brilliant @ what he did. I'm not a Jay-Z fan, but remained entertained by his biblical aspirations. Smile. Have a good one OG

Eb the Celeb said...

There's a lot here but I am only going to comment on the New Yorker cover...

They are known for their satire. That is why people buy and read the mag... but that cover is definitely a bit much.

We can be mad but then again we can't. They have done things like this with white politicians and actors as well... so I think we automatically thinks its something racists... but its just the nature of that magazine.

I dont think we should except it but a lot of people my age dont read it so I dont want them jumping to any conclusions about the mag like it was a senseless attack or something

WNG said...

Four days til Friday!
(That's how I make it through the week).

oh and I think you're gonna be pissed at me for my post tomorrow, so just let me say now that I value your opinion, my comment section is your comment section, feel free to blast me, I'll still luv ya!

Sister Girl said...

Monday hasn't been my friend either today because of everything that could go wrong,I'm entertaining a fever !

I was straight up pissed when I saw that cover on the news this morning. I'm so sick of the haters of advancement of Obama showing off their sheer ignorance. Just like they feel about their "whiteness" is the same way I feel about my "blackness", can you dig ?

As you know,my love for music reaches out to all genres. Give me my old school rap anyday,but so does Soul-Blues-Easy Listening-Country(yes,I said COUNTRY)-RnB-Rock.

Jay-Z is someone that I'll definately dig until the end of time because he's always on his game.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@Keith- I'm glad you feel me

@Crys-LOL...TI wouldn't agree either but I don't know what internet surfing restrictions his house arrest has. I bet he won't comment either.

@SDG- yes he does have many doesn't he hip hops savior, Hova, it really is quite the God complex.

@Eb- I definitely totally understand that the New York is Satire however there are ENOUGH ignorant folks out there who don’t know it and I have to say it is a BIT MUCH considering the sensitivity about all the things that are depicted. I see it like Dave Chapelle he was satire too but at some point one draws the line because they realize they are no longer calling attentions to the issues of society it can be read as okaying or laughing at the issues of society.

I don't think the New York publishes satire as openly racist.

I just don't want to talk about it, its kinda like the artist that was shut down I could see what his offensive art installation was about, however he was asked to close it. I mean if he was asked to take down art that pinpointed horrible stereotypes like the picture of the Obama girls with nappy headed ho's above it, then the NY can't get a slide on this. It was OVER THE TOP. I totally got what that artist was saying he was trying to make people see the hurt and pain in that phrase...but I digress.

It just amazes me how we can be so sensitive of women but not race. I mean I don't there's been a NY with HRC crushing balls in her hands...who knows maybe I'm wrong on that one.

@WNG- Pissed? At you? NO WAY!! You are my sister in vodka! NEVER!! Can't wait.

@SG- *lol* I know you aren't that fond of these weekend enders either!! DOWN with Mondays!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Mizrepresent said...

Okay, so i'm following, and strangely it makes sense to me...but i was thinking and i won't go any farther than where does Tupac fit in?

btw - lol at Crys

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

LOL! Yeah I feel you Miz, I couldn't put Tupac in this equation, this only really works if you believe Big to be the greatest of the two! *lol*


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

cant say he is the savior
and i cant say if anyone could save hip hop
folks aint welle
knowledge will be its savior read no mor

Zackory Kirk said...

Funny yet insightful blog... Raw and real and refreshing, OG...

I hate Mondays also...And I want to know what you dont want to say in the opening of this blog...