Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checking In!

OMG...So I had been working on this blog it was great and of course somehow, I managed not to save it or lose it or something. I had pre-wrote it because I knew I would be busy but hadn't proofed it or sectioned it off, I was planning to release it in three parts. I guess that means its not time to share that information with the world yet, oh well!!

The visit is going well went to the Cape today. It was cool, but I wish we would have just stayed here and tooled around oh well maybe next time. I am sure there will be one, seeing as I don't have any idea when this gig will be up. It's cool right night I still like it here!! *lol*

Oh yeah so I'm going to the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana to be exact) with the crew (that's my BFF, Mandy, and South Side Silky, yes her pimp hand is raised RIGHT NOW!! Crys). I'm excited it was a last minute kind of thing well 6 weeks last minute. We're going to a friends wedding. I applied for my passport Saturday before my mom got in. I looked like a penny on my passport picture but I refused to have him take it again, and be one of those people. You know the ones who retake government photos, so I will be looking shiny and copper for the next ten years of jet setting across the country!

Not too much else going on, well there is but no real time to blog about it. Maybe once the maternal visitation wraps up on Thursday. Duck Boat tomorrow after work!! I'm trying to make a few stops by the places I regularly hit up. Just know I may be too tired to comment, this could be a lurker week.

RIP Estelle Getty, 84 years is a pretty good life...I hope I get that many years and I hope they are half as funny as the lines she got to say as Sophia!

Be EZ,


Keith said...

I can dig it O.G. Go on and do your thing...but don't be a stranger...Come on back when you get through...A day without the Original Glamazon is like a day without sunshine!!!

i.can't.complain. said...


i didn't know sophia died


"picture this. sicily, 1929..."

r.i.p. estelle


Sister Girl said...

Oh yes,the Golden Girls & Designing Women are shows that will NEVER grow old or out of style !

I saw earlier that Google issued a statement that some sections would be down around 7:30 PDT, so I bet that is what happened to your writing(frown).

We will continue to look forward to "What's good with O.G.", so just lurk about all you darn well please.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

my folk has a house there - in the DR, in PC in fact

u balling

sdg1844 said...

Have fun OG! Enjoy your mom and glad you got to the Cape even if was brief. I'll eb ehaded to a friends wedding next year in the Cayman Islands. Black Love AND a lovely island. What could be better? LOL

I loved The Golden Girls when the show was on. RIP Estelle Getty. She lived a long life.

Crys said...

yay! i'm excited too! me and my mom went shopping yesterday, i bought two sets of pajamas. my mom said 'if you're going to be there for 4 nights, don't you need 2 more sets' i said - 'mom, i plan on being NAKED atleast two nights'! LMAO!! you should have seen her face!!
**oh and i made the lady take my passport picture 3 times, and i chose the best one - with my PIMP HAND RAISED** lmao!

Smokie said...

Oh Sophia!! :-( I'm a black woman who LOVES the Golden Girls... now there will never be a reunion show.. ;-(

Mizrepresent said...

Hey girl, glad you are having a good time and congrat on another trip in the making, sounds like fun. Be safe!

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there O.G.!!

It was so sad that Estelle Getty passed on but she had succumbed to senility many years ago. She was a wonderful comic and a treasure. The writers of that show gave her so many wonderful lines and she knew how to take a one-liner and have her audience on the floor in tears for the rest of the show!

She will be missed. I need to hop over to You Tube and see if anyone has posted a little tribute video of all of her clips.

As for the blogger post problems... Blogger has so many issues that it's amazing that most of us are still posting and that the text and everything looks decent..they have MAJOR glitches in every component of their blogging platform...


Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!