Friday, July 11, 2008


So, I was at this site today. They rank black blogs (BBR- Black Blog Ranking). What stood out to me was the classification of the blogs. You know, entertainment, social commentary, political blah blah blah. So I came to one conclusions we black blog surfers sure do like a lot of politics and entertainment as black folks. 9 of the Top 10 blogs were either entertainment or politics. Only one was social commentary.

Then I did not come to another conclusion, which was what kinda of blog am I. Not that it matters because I doubt I'll crack the BBR top 2ooo, but I just want to know what do you call a blog that is a potpourri of things, that is political some days, entertainment driven on a few and offers plenty of commentary on things in society which she lives and others she doesn't.

I don't know... I was just wondering. I mean maybe it should be called creative outlet, but then no because this is all real. Nothing to create except how I choose to present you my life. Maybe reality blogging. I mean really for me I don't approach this blog as place to write articles or debate worthy prose. I do not approach this blog pad with preconceived notions.

I come to this blank screen and I create my reality in a packagable, witty, and fun kinda of way. I come to this blank screen and sometimes my reality includes politics and sometimes I come to this blank screen and my reality is gossip and trife, sometimes I come to this blank screen and my reality requires me to comment on the daily ills of today's American Society.

Every time I come to this blank screen my reality is always a black one.
Every time I come to this blank screen my reality is always female.
And Every time I come to this blank screen my reality is always southern.

I know that while I bring you my reality, my reality is tinged with black, woman, and southern notions and ideas. My reality is different from yours because its full of many other things that intersect and run parallel with my blackness, womanhood, and southerness. The likelihood that our realities are similar other than on a macro level is micro. you know what kinda blog you are (if you're a blogger)? Have you ever really thought about it? I mean there are so many some are reality, others are inspirational, others are entertaining, others are teaching, others are social ( you know where the commenters spend more time talking to each other than they do commenting on the post). There are so many out there and they are all tinged with the things that the authors most strongly identify with in their lives. Do you know what you would classify your blog as if you someone asked you?

You know mine is reality, black southern female reality

Be EZ,


Keith's Space said...

You know, I'm glad you brought this up...I'm in the same predicament...My blog isn't really
particularly about anything...One
day it's political...somedays it's
silly and some days it goes in a completely off the wall direction.
Like Me.. I love your blog because it's pretty much the same way..It's
emotion driven, it's passionate and it's's rhythmic...I
read you and I feel like I'm listening to Miles Davis or Rakim
or The Roots...Your Blog is musical
and lyrical and original and I wouldn't love it if it were any other way.. (My wife is a big fan of yours too.)
In the words of Frank Sinatra-

"Don't ever change babe"

Keith's Space said...

Yayyyyyyy, I'm first again!!!

WNG said...

I'm right there with you - and what I ended up coming to was that mine is an opinion blog. It's my take on everything from politics to football to clothes. It's about me.

I think that is actually where a majority of bloggers are although the specialty blogs get a lot more attention because they are easier to market.

achoiceofweapons said...

I would classify my blog as ecletic, interesting and a hell of a lot of fun. Stop by and read a few posts!

Keith's Space said...

You've been tagged O.G. If you get a chance ,meet my challenege on
my post for today-"Lover's Rock"

Sister Girl said...

I'm my own hardest critic & I find it difficult to sometimes put things into words. If you are ever around me,you would say "Now why can't you write like you speak ?".

But I'm working on being less inhibited & more assertive via pen,but some days it's no telling what you may see....because it's no hold barred in my real world !


sdg1844 said...

My blog is me and all that I am. I have no interest in classifying myself. Too many labels, so little time. :-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i dont know what kind of blog io got u tell me

i dont even see how i made the top 25
have a great weekend my fav financial advisor

NoRegrets said...

Hmmm.... good question. I like to think of it as reflective, amusing, and social. And branch out from there.

quarter-life-crisis said...

Well I can only speak for myself. Seeing that I just write about me and my opinions, I consider my blog a "life" blog.

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i can't even give mine a title, cuz i speak on whatever i feel like. I started out saying it would be a blog about my triumphs and failures entering the publishine world, but then life happened, hit me on the head really hard, an i just started writing about whatever i felt, had to get out...and this is what i like...i am actually sharing my personal diary with you, my ups and downs, and loving it! It is what it is, if folks don't feel it, they got a thousand or more other blogs they can visit, but i'm doing me, and right now, that's what most important to me!

Keith's Space said...

I'm with Quarter Life Crises...I consider my blog a "life blog"

Monica Roberts said...

Mine started out talking about my life as a African-American transperson and evolved from there