Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Thoughts!

Today is just a day for a random blog full of random azz questions and thoughts that are in my mind.

I have never realized my PURE dependency on AC until now. Boston gets hot but not any extend amount of time so because of that lots of places are not air conditioned, like my apartment! You know the ALL BRICK brownstone I live in. I did buy a window unit, but we Texans are really spoiled. We hardly ever truly experience the heat. It’s just basically running from one building with conditioned air to another one. Try riding the bus and getting around by foot. I must admit I would never even contemplate attempting this lifestyle in the south.

Man solid brick on a hot day is like an OVEN. My friend Buschick asked me in college why houses in the H are only brick fa├žade. I never knew… well NOW I KNOW!!

I already miss basketball. I mean baseball is ok, but I don’t have the attention span for it that I did in my younger years. I'm ready for some FOOTBALL

Hancock. Who’s going to see Big Willie on Big Willie weekend? I just entered myself in a drawing for some free sneak preview passes. I love Will Smith and he really is the biggest box office star, if you ask me he is BIGGER than Tom Cruise, PUN INTENDED.

Can I say I am SO GLAD I ride the bus and live in a metro-city like Boston right now while gas is SO HIGH? Well I’m saying it! This had to be the MOST PERFECTLY timed job I have ever had in my life!

So since I’m up here I am really thinking about extending my stay and applying to Harvard or MIT to get my MBA. Thoughts? First I need to be disciplined enough to study for and take the GMAT. I don’t know my school legs may be gone… gone… gone… forever.

The biggest contributions that Jessica Simpson has made to this world, and ever will make, are her expertly designed shoes and handbags. That will be the only Jessica Simpson you EVER see this glamazon copping! Did I see Dukes of what?

I miss Houston the most right before I come home. I just get mad anxious.

I think I might start training like a boxer again found this today The two best work-out plans I have ever been on and enjoyed the most were when I trained with this guy named Sal in his ultimate fighting gym and when I trained with Houston SWAT team. My friends will tell you I LOVED both of those. I got up at 4:30 am 3 days a week to do SWAT and I ain’t a morning person. For some reason my body responds best to and I love extreme training. I blame it on my dad for running me like a Marine with the Rots for Jr. High basketball. Our team didn’t warrant all that mad woman training. *lol* Training hard like that does give me like this supped up high!! HOOOOORAH

I usta have a PT who was always trying to get me to like go full out because of my muscle mass he was all if you just trained super hard you could win your weight class for body building easy. Ehhh I like Big Macs more, I guess. Actually I like chocolate frosting and cookie dough more than oiling up with spam and losing all my body fat. I like my body fat it’s in the right places well… most of it is…no all of it is…just too much in some places.

I need to go to Chinatown and see if I can find me a hot new purse. I’m not really a label popper but I had the glorious fake Gucci that I loved. It got stolen- BASTARDS. It wasn’t about the label it was about the design and it being a perfect bag for when I wanted to carry a brown handbag.

I’m a single black female addicted to retail. Knowing is half the battle.

I have a soldier. *lol* Just wanted to say that. Soldiers are not thugs contrary to popular belief they are men. I mean the problem is everybody out there saying they are men aren’t, lots are boys. I usta need a soldier. Now I got a soldier. Barack is a soldier. Al and Jessie they ain’t soldiers.

Swaaaaaaaaaaager ain’t nothing sexier!

You know Chris Rock asked “What 75 year old black man trusts white people?” So why was Jeremiah Wright such a scandal? Well the first time. The second time that was something that really was between him and B, we just happen to be party to it. Anyway…proof no one is really paying attention to what we do, think, or feel.

My friend wants me to plan a couples vacation for the framily. Any recommendations on places we can travel for a reasonable price? I’m thinking we might use this site and rent a villa somewhere. Who knows when.

Why do I enjoy so many social hoodrat things? Does that make me a bustit baby? Can someone get me the definition on that? ( I know what it is, just making a point) Does my question signal that I have outgrown Hip Hop.

I never thought there would be easy listening hip hop and the new stuff. But hip hop is that old. now, it's like Rock. The stuff I listen to is like listening to the Beatles or the Stones. That son, cracks me up. Hip Hop classics that's wassup!!

I would NOT trade my life with anyone, not even to lose these 35 year old metabolism lbs that are packed on my azz right now. Its true you gotta do a lot more to maintain and even more to lose the older you get. It's still cool, I've just lost step in response time, you know like Michael when he performed and did that spin with NSYNC. He was not the MJ of Thriller days gone by. Well neither is my metabolism

Youth is WASTED on the young and 30 is the new 30! And 35 well I think it’s PIMPALICOUS

Black men are the best!! They are also the worst (ok… not the best) that’s why black women are so conflicted. It is true; I really don’t want to look across the line (of color) for another mate. We got the best men, the KINGS. DAMN YOU!! We love you, but we hate you at the same damn time. I am SO IN LOVE with A black man right now, but say this as a move in solidarity for my sisters that aren't, someone please key up the music “It’s a thin line….”

Ok I’m done with these complete random thoughts I just wanted to say something today!! You know wave at the blogsphere, so to speak!!

Be EZ,


Sister Girl said...

Lord knows,sister....If there is something to be said, you're gonna say it ! But that's OG for ya...spitting the microphone & tattooing names of the left behind on the wall.

I love my black men indeed, but color isn't a real issue if he treats me right. Jessica Simpson has a very nice collection indeed, but I'll still searching for Via Spiga in size 11M,please !

I'm working on posting more on Blogger in my own stuff,but "If I only had a brain"...quoting the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz(LOL).


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Well SG I have tried LORD knows there are plenty of non-black men up here trying to get me to try every day. It just feels odd to me. They always seem to be trying to hard and I know that has not to do with color because there are plenty of black men that fall in that category with me too!! Oh well…

When I find that cool azz non-black boy I'll be sure to let you know. But since I'm not really looking (I got a soldier)...

Now I need to go check your Blogger out, last time I was over there all you had was half a two week old chicken wing and some flat coke.


Sister Girl said...

You know my writings don't amount to a hill of beans,but I'm left speechless after I finish your blogs(smile).

Most of mine thoughts won't seem to come out when I'm just plays in my head !

Be patient...God is still working with these old bones(LOL)

Mizrepresent said...

I want to go see that HANCOCK movie, love me some Wil Smith, and yes you are right he is the bigger man, lol ...i mean star.

Gurl, i started riding the bus 3 mos ago...they are gonna have to kick me off...couldn't have made a better choice, now i have gas for the weekend.

Swagggggggger is the sexiest!

Keith's Space said...

WOW..I have wanted to do a post like this since I started blogging.
Just random thoughts...Didn't have the courage. Sometimes I'm afraid of what I think randomly-lolol.
I admire your courage. Because of folks like you...mine is growing everyday..I'm slowly finding my voice as well as my swagger!

sdg1844 said...

Your random thoughts have me laughing my ass off. Yes, I love them and hate them at the same time as well. Damn Black Men.

Jessica Simpson is doin' the damn thing w/those shoes. I LOVE her shoes. Haven't tried the handbags.

I respond to extreme sports as well. I did a 90 minute bootcamp after work where we exercised straight through and did circuit training.

I need to get back to exercising because I always feel so much better. I was born to stay in motion. I don't do stagnant well.

Swagger is pretty fly isn't it? That's why Loves me some Maxwell. BET is dead to me, but I caught his tribute to Al Green over at Soulbounce. Lord Have Mercy!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

@SG thanks for the love

@Miz- I’m glad to know I am not the ONLY one who LOVES the bus. I hardly ever ride the subway. I just get see so much more of the city.

@Keith- YOU CAN DO IT!!

@sdg- I'm glad my random thoughts are entertaining.


quarter-life-crisis said...

Random answers to your thoughts:

Have to check out "Handcock". I always want to check out Will Smith's "4th of July" movies.

Of course I agree with the 30 is the new 30 (LOL).

Been running reasons why I should try dating men of other races in my head lately. Maybe it could be fun.

OH!!! I been thinking about going downtown and purchasing a "purse". Gotta fake it til I make it!

Glad to come back to your blog (been m-i-a with checking blogs due to...... pity party) and read well versed material!