Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's look towards the future

Rather than post about foolishness at Fox, I'd rather post a link to a great blog with an AWESOME post about Black First Ladies.

Oh yeah, I'm happy to say I will be flying to Newark because I think that is the last open spot for a black first lady as fly as myself. Well at least I like to daydream there is, I'm sure Mayor Booker has a girlfriend (or boyfriend you never really know these days) or maybe even a fiance (or life partner). But just in case, I would like to go on record and let the world [wide web] know I'm not too much of a BAP that I can't live in the hood of Newark! *lol*

Anyway,if you get a chance check this post out. It was pretty awesome!!



Nichelle said...

Hi OG,

Thanks for posting my link on the first ladies.

As a BAP who lives in Newark, NJ, I'm sure you will be fine here - just be prepared to do your grocery shopping, etc. outside of the city because the gentrification hasn't quite kicked in yet.

Incidentally, I am writing a post about Newark right now in response to a ridiculous piece in the July issue of Esquire where all (not some) of the residents of Newark are referred to as "zombies" and my bougie ass is offended! You're a glam girl, you know how it is...

I am supposed to be writing about moisturizers and lipstick at my beauty site (55 Secret Street) but duty calls.:) said...

Hi OG!! {waves}

I loved that article on first Ladies!

Thank you for positive coverage of black women! So many blogs post articles about how black women are being attacked, killed and dismissed...okay...we know that already... black women bloggers must promote more coverage of black women who are elegant, sophisticated and phenomenal...rather than constantly pointing out our victimization in society.

Keep this up! It's inspiring!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

leva said...

Thanx OG! I loved this article!