Friday, June 6, 2008

Let's do this B!!

The pound heard round the world!! That’s what I would like to call the photo above of Michelle Obama giving, her main man, Barry the “you da man” South Side dap up before he gave his speech in St. Paul. While many an article has been written, blog blogged, and conversation had about the long term effects that this historical run for the presidency will have on our younger generation. Inspiring them to pull their pants up and want to be something besides AI, TI, or TO.

I got to thinking how Michelle and Barack may double-handily show us just how important the family unit is to our community. I have long thought the deterioration of our community and our nation has been the fact that we got out of order. We started making single motherhood a choice and not a necessity and while I am the number one champion of doing things your damn self, I believe in family. I would never choose to have a child on my own or advocate choosing single parenthood over a family unit just for kicks. I do believe there is something about healthy love that is transformational for all involved.

As I had said before, I do believe that you have to love yourself in order to be in a healthily loving relationship. There is something about having that person there in your corner ready to roll with you, that person who loves you no matter what, that person who will slap you up side your head when you are acting an azz, that person who can’t wait to give you that South Side pound when you get it right, there is something about having a person like that in your corner that pushes you past the times when even you don’t feel like doing it. I think at this point I may be more excited about the fact that there is about to be some black love in the club…I mean white house. Hell some love period. I like that B-Rock and South Side Shelly are not too uppity to show us how they feel about one another. I like that we can feel the heat when he looks at her. I like that they make it look fun; we all know it ain’t always fun. I like that how tthey care and support each other is almost infections. It makes you wanna go out and love a black man today! I like that she is strong but it is clear she defers to him and he is not one bit threatened by that strength. But hey that is how a REAL MAN rolls!

Yes if I really sit and think about it I have to say that the one thing that is more exciting than seeing a man like Barack Obama be in a short line for the presidency is seeing a couple like the Obamas show us that love is still alive and kicking in this nation and BLACK LOVE is not dead or a folklore, buried with Ozzie Davis. Sure Sen. Obama has changed this politics game and even our game as far as the community. However I think the Obamas may have changed the love game, not since JFK and Jackie has America seen a couple that wasn’t afraid to show us their love in the white house setting. Are they the new age Camelot? Was the Kennedy endorsement a passing of the torch? And I feel safe to say in this day and age of tell all your business media, if Mr. Obama has any Marilyn Monroes around (or should I say Superhead) they would have long been trotted out on TMZ.

America has been so desensitized to what a husband and wife should be that it saddens me sometimes. When I saw how so many people were mad he said you are not going to attack my wife when the GOP started their old bait and switch politics, I was so sad so many Americans didn't see the love and the romance in that gesture. I thought wow, maybe if some of those other dumbazzes would have stood up for their women and called people out for playing dirty politics, maybe we wouldn’t be here in the first place. I mean sure, I doubt he thinks that saying leave my wife alone will stop the GOP, how ever it was something to me that was valiant and vigilant and a reminder to men of how a man should protect his woman, his family at all cost. Actually if I was the GOP I just might stop what I was doing.

Hell maybe if Bill had taken that road with Hillary the RIGHT WING MEDIA machine never would have taken hold of this country and run amuck. I know one thing I think that this run for the presidency will not only inspire our young men to pull up their pants and start being men, I think it may also inspire them to lay down this pimping game and get them one of these strong black women we seem to be growing by the droves. By viewing their actions Barack says don’t be scared, you a man you can handle that strong black woman. And Michelle says be strong do your thang girl, but don’t be afraid if you choose right there is a man that knows he the man and knows that strength will only make him stronger and together you guys will be UNSTOPPABLE!!

On Wednesday I was e-mailing with my BFF about the picture and just how cool of a couple they seem to be. I mean we all know that we really don’t KNOW about their relationship. Then she said something that pretty much summed it up for me Michelle just seems like a no-nonsense type of sister and you know her man has to be strong just to handle her! If he can be HER HUSBAND he can definitely be MY PRESIDENT!

Black Power! Black Love!

Be EZ,

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Hey O.G.!

I am so happy that you wrote about the Obama's marriage! I love this couple and what they have is REAL and it is obvious...there is no "pretend unity" going on for the sake of the cameras...this is a couple that is committed to keeping their love strong.

It is wonderful to see a strong sista supporting her man and not being labeled an accessory. Obama clearly views his marriage as a partnership of equals.

They have a lovely family and I believe that it is LONG OVERDUE for white America to see a glimpse of a solid black marriage...the Obamas do not represent all black people but they do show a side of the black family that is often not prominent in the media!

Continue to blow your trumpet about black marriage. Many blog hosts talk about black LOVE but they aren't promoting MARRIAGE...we DO need to continue to tout black marriage.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Danielle said...

Tell it OG! Whenever I see them, they make me smile because marriage, love, respect and family are some of the best things anyone can have in life.

I am so pleased and blessed to be alive at this moment in time. The Family and The Black Family are to be celebrated.

We have to do all we can to change the dialog about what it means to be "Black" today. For too ling, it has meant pathology, broken homes and poverty.

I think the Obamas are part of that first step.

leva said...

Girl I love seeing both of them anytime, and when he told the GOP to lay off his wife, I tried to figure out a way to vote for him twice!!!

Becuz of the respect that I have for Michelle and their union, I can’t look at YouTube videos like Obama Girl. It’s so disrespectful of what they have going on? Ya know? So many people just don’t get it becuz they hardly ever see it. But BABYYY, it looks so good!

I just love that pic. When Geno and I saw them do that, we just smiled and he said, “Now that’s wassup!”

Mizrepresent said...

You know, most folks are hyped about his running, his candicacy, but i am more hyped about a black mam and a black woman, loving, leading, and holding each other down...this is the turn of the century, this i hope is the turning point for all our men to see. I so love it and I so want it!

Great post.

Eb the Celeb said...


love love love this post!

Black love is the most pure, most beautiful thing and I am happy its being represented on a national scale and in real life. I mean we always had the Cosby's but now we have it in real life and I am exstatic

PuRp said...

They seem like good people. I can definitely see that he loves her. I like how he defended her and told Republicans to back off. You know he isn't going to take any shyt coming towards his wife from them jokers.

Win or lose, the African American community has won just by seeing this man and the example he has set for young people all over the country.

Keith's Space said...

You go O.G. Let's hear it for Black Love!!!

ZACK said...

"South Side Shelly"! LMAO!!!!!

You the Woman, O.G.! Great nickname for Michelle. She might be a subdued attorney in public, but in private- she is South Side Shelly !

I completely agree with you about the importance of family. You also hit the mark about loving oneself. Very timely message. Great job!

Renee said...

Thank you for the comment... you have always been right, never led me astray... I completely agree with what you have said about black love in the white house. Unlike with Bill, can't talk bad about his wife and not have him raise up like most men should but most politicians don't. For everyone that has a fear that he can't defend our country, defense starts at home. Your family is the first place, which makes him better than most presidents we have had so far.

How is Beantown?

aulelia said...

they just are great. no two ways about it.

Sister Girl said...

I'm feeling them like mad...and the party is JUST getting started !!!!!