Saturday, June 28, 2008


No place like it. I'm coming home for the 4th and you ALREADY know!! This is what makes me a walking, talking oxymoron! The multiple soul individual that W.E.B wrote about!! The Negro!!


I mean that's the only way I can explain my LOVE for lack of a better term, hoodrat things.I am conflicted by it some days. I mean sure I should be discussing enlightened things, uplifting things, but I handle my business so i think I deserve to get THROWED!! Y'all have a good one

Be EZ,


sdg1844 said...

It's your blog. Talk about whatever you want. That's the beauty. I'm sippin' on a nice Pinot Noir and I'm all about Maxwell and Wentworth Miller right now. Just Jones'n. Have fun on your trip back home. said...

Hey there O.G.

This blog is your world, my sista....spin the globe as you wish!

Enjoy your 4th!

Would you believe I have been so intense with my writing, I didn't realize that the 4th was coming up next week???

Drop by my blog and check in on a sista!!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

LOL @ both of you!

Lisa I am headed to your blog right now it is one of my Saturday morning thangs. I like to read with NO interruption and soak in your words!


Felicity said...

I have to say, I don't play music like that. But Glamazon Chronicles, your blog is fine, you have great threads and I wish you a safe journey home, have a great weekend and enjoy the 4th July

Sister Girl said...

Well, it looks like I'll miss you again !

I'm suppose to be in The "H" on the following weekend with the crew, but if it's as hot/rainy as it's been may not work out to include me. You know that I can just take so much heat before I lose my composure.

Either way,we'll chat before then & I'm happy you'll be home.