Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Black Irish

So it has been almost 15 years since I lived in a city that was alive with NBA Championship fever, considering the 1995 Rockets weren’t slated to win a game of tidily winks until they actually won it all, it’s been longer. However I live in Boston now…Boston! Bostonians are famous for a lot of things most have to do with obnoxious behavior, racist busing and cops, the Irish, the Italian and a fondness for taking R’s in the English language and moving them around (caws and idears know as cars and ideas to the rest of the free world); however the thing that stands out most to me about these New Englanders is their fierce love and support of their sports teams. Despite what Mike Bibby said the majority of Boston fans ARE NOT of the bandwagon variety. It’s hard to be a bandwagon fan here, you can’t just slip in and get a ticket to see the Sox, Celts, or Pats on a whim. You gotta scratch and claw and pay the scalper in most instances.

I grew up an 80’s baby. My childhood was littered with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince, neon clothing and vans, big asymetrical hair and loud make-up, and biker shorts. You know round da way girl kinda things well and a little new wave for good measure! I watched sports, mainly basketball; the 80’s was a good time for basketball in the H too! I grew up hating those damn Celtics! You know which Celtics I’m talking about! Bird, McHale, Parrish, Johnson,Walton, and Ainge ARGH!! I watched those dang Celtics whoop up on us and get all that luck of the Irish. I never rooted for them EVER. I remember rooting for LA; I remember pulling for the Bad Boys of Detroit BUT NEVER… NEVER did I root for or even feel ambivalent about the Celtics. I always wanted and needed them to lose.

While I would like to think that it was my deep seeded hate, basketball voodoo, and need to put their rightfully cocky team in their place that put the kibosh on the dynasty, the team did FINALLY begin a decline and crumble to less than a shadow of its former self. It seemed after Len Bias died they began a steady decline, sure they were in the hunt but by the time Phil found Mike some kids to play in a trianglewith, the greatest basketball team of all times (I know that’s arguable to some but hey they do have 16 championships) was but a mere memory of my childhood.

Fast forward about 20 years and little OG is all grown up and by fate and circumstance I’m living, working and doing the damn thing, temporarily (Houston I’m coming back I promise!), in Da’ Bean!! And I guess by that same fate and circumstance the dismal Celtics of the past few years made some trades and in one year have become the Celts of old. The added two of my MOST favorite players,long time favorites Ray Allen (cutie! Go Jesus Shuttlesworth!) and KG (grrrrrrrrrr) to help Paul Pierce out.*

Rivers and Ainge did that backroom basketball thing coaches and GMs are famous for and poof a new dynasty was born! Let me tell you there is nothing more interesting than watching coaches and GMs do the player puzzle game it’s like watching a scientist mix drugs and formulas. In ’95 I interned with the Rockets, so after watching Weinhauer and Tomjanovich work their CBA magic to get a ring I TRULY appreciate the art of assembling a team. Sure its part luck but it’s a lot about mix.

Anyway I’m in a city on the brink of a NBA championship and boy is it fun!! I’m thinking they will win in six and I am looking forward to the celebrations, because let me tell you theese folks ARE ready to celebrate after Eli and his Giants snatched the trophy and history right out of their hands. Sure this celebration will be a lot different from what I did in ’95**, I think it will be just as much fun and another great story to add to this wild and crazy life of mine.

So tonight is game 4 and sure they don’t have the opportunity to clinch***, they WILL have the opportunity to go up 3-1, which is just as good to me, especially since these days the Lakers are my new Celtics. I just can’t bring myself to EVER root for them, not since the whole Shaq/Kobe thing. My issues with Mr. Bryant are for another day and really don't matter because he is an excellent ball player despite all the other shyt surrounding him.

Go Big Green!!! Let’s win this thing!! Man I truly love my life!

Be EZ,

*I have to think the conversation between Ainge and Rivers went like this. Doc, Paul wants out and we are doing horrible what do you need to make this team a winner. I need some fire power and defense, can’t you call in a Celtic favor with Kevin [McHale] KG wants out of Minnesota. *lol* You know I think them 80’s Celtics are like the skull and bones society!

**I was an intern back then, so I celebrated with the team all night dancing on tables with my boss in bars that were opened just for us, the Rockets Organization to party. Puff Daddy asking me how to get to the party thrown by the team and me being too busy and him being too little known in the south and short for me to have taken advantage of that meeting!

***My co-worker true New Englander he is was hoping for a sweep. Although we know the Lakers are better than that!


Crys said...


man, i have that celtics fever too - and i have NO IDEA where it came from - all of a sudden.

leva said...

Girl this is so not the Celtics of the old. Not gonna even comment on the fact that the OLD Celtics were the worst *looking* team in the NBA. I used to hate them too!!! lol I think that stemmed from me being obsessed with Majic though. I’m sure that’s what it was. When I was watching the game the other day, I thought of you, wondering if you were rooting for Jesus Shuttlesworth.

and you know I’m ctfu at you brushing Diddy off. Looking at him today, he acts like he’s ALWAYS been a superstar. Girl that 95 Rockets win. Lawd hammercy! Everytime I ride down Richmond between Hillcroft and Fondren TO THIS DAY, I still have flashbacks of what I was doing during that celebration; and that’s all Imma say about that!

Oh yea…I can’t stand Kobe.

Keith's Space said...

O.G. I love a sista who knows her
basketball...I came of age in the
80's also...and being a Philadelphia you know I hated those
Celtics. Fast Forward to now and I'm doing the unthinkable...rooting for them over
arrogant turncoat Kobe's Lakers.
Never thought I'd say this but until the 76ers get a real team again...Go Celtics! (I pick them to win in six also.)

Crys said...

check this out mo

and man i agree. why is kg going soft on pau? i was thinking that on WTF?!?!?

hopefully KG will see this article and - you know - stop being so easy on that weak ass Pau Gasol

Keith's Space said...

Most folks in Philly have never forgiven Kobe for his less than kind comments about his place of birth during the 2001 NBA finals
in which the Sixers and Lakers squared off. Allen Iverson (who was not born or raised here) is more loved when his Nuggets come here than Kobe is...and he's a native son. I wrote a post asking folks to forgive Kobe...but since his childish explosion during Sunday's game..(He yelled and screamed at his team-mates when they were losing to the Celtics,like a spoiled baby.) I've changed my mind.

ZACK said...

Oh, the memories of being a Chicago Bulls fan from '91-'98 (even when we didn't win in '94 and '95)

Those were the days!

I am behind the Celtics all the way! Boston is a great city to live in now with a good baseball, basketball, and football team.

I envy you all! I envy you! :)

Danielle said...

It's like a 180. I hated watching the NBA finals because it was always Celtics/Lakers back in the day. Now look Ma! No hateration from me.

Right up there w/80's Celtics hate was The Pistons. Hated Laimbeer & everyone except Joe Dumars. LOL

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i swear this will be the first time in my lifetime that i have pulled for the Celtics...bc, back in the day it all seemed so whitebread, and not a mix of wheat, but these fella's here, well i just happen to love them, and they are darker than the darkest of wheat, but add on that i'm not feeling the Lakers, and that will make this victory a special treat!

Sister Girl said...

Oh Honeychile !

I loved me some old school Celtics, but I'm pulling for them now because they've proved themselves worthy.

Eb the Celeb said...

Boston all day baby... I had them winning in 6 so I am so exstatic they got the W last night. All my boys kept saying Boston couldnt win one in LA... well they proved them wrong.

I have the lakers winning on sunday and then Boston finishing them off on Tuesday!

and this is coming from someone who hates every team out of Boston. But I love KG, Pierce, and James Posey. Ray Allen has really stepped up the last 2 games and deserves this.

Its just a great story if Boston wins and we all know how the NBA is rigged and all about the PR and the great story.