Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Three the Hard Way

B-Rock C-Book D-Pat

just trying to keep it a lil' grimy! *JOKES... PEOPLE ... JUST JOKES!!*

Ok here is something crazy, I have been working on a blog about adultery, namely adulteresses inspired by a Sister Toldja blog, but it seems every time I start a blog with this contrived outline and rough map out, I never finish said masterpiece. Meanwhile while working and re-working and agonizing over the words of the planned blog I have fifty gazillion arbitrary thoughts that end up not only as thoughts in my head but as posted blogs.

It seems that my blogs are best when they are not thought about or planned too much, much like my life. I mean sure I think about what I am going to write and the direction I want to take it, but unlike my blogs that are contrived for the masses I don’t outline points or look up sources. Meaning I don’t treat is like a term paper I’m writing to impress Dr. Fultz* on my research prowess and knowledge of the black female 20th century writer! It seems I am much better literarily, when I am uncontrived with out too much form or thought given to the subject of discussion.

So with that in mind and a half written blog about the other woman in draft, I bring to you a blog that popped in my head a few days ago when I sent an e-mail to a few of my dammies about Barack, Cory, and Deval.

This weekend I was cleaning my house and the TV was on for white noise (along with the CD and my iPod alarm clock- my mom’s head would have exploded from the cacophony of sitcom, Mariah Carey, and Fantasia that was mixing through out my house). I was putting the last dish up in the kitchen when I heard the local Fox affiliate’s news teaser about a story comparing Deval Patrick, Massachusetts newly elected black governor, to B-ROCK (that’s my new blog nick name for him….do you smell what the B-Rock is cooking? *lol* I loved that on WWE)! Asking was Barack simply paving the way for Deval. Then I flashed back to a conversation I had with someone about Cory Booker and he described him as a Barack type.

Have we as black folks graduated from Jessie, Al and Louis to B-Rock, D-Pat, and C-Book? No seriously, the thing I find most refreshing about this new crop of black politicians is mainstream media has not assigned them to “US” as spokespeople. I mean sure it’s been years since any sane (by sane I mean any one two inches left of Rush and his hard line right wing crew) has thought that Jessie, Al or Louis were our spokes people, but at one time it was believed by many, black and white, they spoke for US.

Perhaps its because of the mixed lineage of these men, that America doesn’t quite know what to do or where to place them. The truth is most black Americans are of mixed lineage. Very few of us have 100% African blood running through our veins. I’m sure if you did a little genealogy you would find just as much racial ambiguity in the plain ol’ Negro as you do in Barack. Actually, if you think about it his mixture would be that of what a first generation slave was an African parent and a European parent (I don’t know about you but I would say Midwest is a white bread as they get, or at least I’ve been led to believe that about the white folks that hail from there). Anyway, I digress...

I am not sure why they haven’t assigned these men as our new black spokesmen. Maybe because there is little tomfoolery, shucking, and jiving amongst them (well some folks here in MA think there may be a little shade going Deval’s way, but I think it might be the new station I’m watching! All news is not fair and balanced) Or maybe the media gets that one black man can no more speak for all blacks, any more than one white woman can for them! I promise Imma stop with side bar jabs at Hill. SHE IS NOT A QUITTER, DAMN IT! I just wish she was less annoying at not quitting.

Whatever the reason, it seems these men are allowed to live and do their thing with out too much lumping; besides talk of them all making a bid to run this land one day. I am glad they are adding something to the country’s view of black man besides pimp, d-boy, athlete, singer, dancer, cooner (yes… I said it!! What else do you call one who part takes in coonery on the regular basis), entertainer, actor to their landscape of what WE can be. I like adding educated leader to the mix. I really would like to add leader of the FREE WORLD to the mix!

Now as for Kwame, well no comment. It just shows we ain’t no different than the rest of folks in life, that there always is a Ted for every John and Bobby. You take the good, you take the bad, mix ‘em both and there you have The Facts of Life (is that even the words? Hell I dunno, I was kid when that came on). No disrespect to Sen. Kennedy, but come on Ted to JFK or RFK COME ON?

So what are your thoughts on how Barack, Deval and Corey and any other young black politicos are changing the game? I really want to talk about the men, because for so long our men have been put in disadvantaged position and I believe this could be a New Day, Nina Simone style, for the young black man, if he really seizes this opportunity and new landscape ahead of him.

Thoughts on that are welcome as well!!

Be EZ,

* Dr. Lucy Fultz was my favorite English professor in college; she is also an expert on Toni Morrison. Ironically not the professor who introduced me to Ms Morrison, but definitely the professor who nourished the love I had for her and her GREAT WORKS of literature.

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Danielle said...

I'm proud of them all. Educated, dedicated and hardworking. I watched a documentary from an old co-worker called "Street Fight" which chronicled Booker vs. James for the Mayoral race in Newark.

What I respect about Corey is that he decided to move into the neighborhood that his constituency lives in. He's inserted himself into the community, when he didn't have to.

I like the accessibility of these men. They are no distant Demi-Gods, but men who seem committed to justice. They don't just talk it, they walk it.

They are all a breath of fresh air and role models for young black boys. Our men are demonized so much and deal w/many societal factors that we all know about.

These men represent possibility; infinite possibilities and their presence on the political landscape is EXTREMELY important.

We have a Mayor, Governor and Presidential hopeful. They are not perfect and have their faults, but I for one am so proud of them.

They bring a youthful, fresh perspective to socio-economic and political uplift. I've never seen so many of us galvanized and engaged as in this current campaign season.

I could go on and on, so I'll stop here.