Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paint the White House Mocha (well…he is

Good day on this VANGLORIOUS post Primary Tuesday! (I did do my research and I now know that Professor X died broke a few years back. So broke he eBayed a lunch date with him). I wish I would have known!

So today I am happy. It’s looking like the option of a Mocha White House is becoming more and more undeniable for the Clinton Camp and Obama is making it happen his way. You know I love him, but today I would like to just talk about a few things that make me happy, in No Particular Order! Just like Barack (and O’Shea) I don’t BANG, I rock the good rhymes!! I’m about uniting not dividing!

The air quality in Boston! I mean I know its no fresh Wisconsin or Montana breeze but the ability to deeply inhale here and not worry about what carcinogen is leaching on to your soul is very nice. I must say there were NOT a lot of deep breathes growing up in Baytown, TX home of Exxon one of the world’s largest oil refineries.

God!!!! He is transformational!

Springtime! Again I never knew it lasted so long til I got here. It is May and we still have yet to have a week of 70 degree days strung together. That is both a blessing and a curse, but today since it’s a nice, breezy, beautiful, springtime 70 it will be a joy!

Mass Transit! Every now and again not having my ride to jump into is inconvenient, but thanks to zipcar, not often. I like not having to drive and I like being able to read on longer trips. My uber-green friends enjoy the fact I am reducing my carbon footprint.

Zipcar! I love it for those times having a car is necessary.

My mom! This weekend is Mother’s Day and I won’t be home. It’s not the first time, but it is the first time I have lived somewhere besides the H. My mom really misses me, it is so cute. I love her and the older I get the more I appreciate her and who she is. I have a few friends who have lost their mothers. And while I only have one living parent, I don’t know what I would do if my mother was not that parent. I supposed I would get through; however I chose to enjoy her until I can’t.

Starbucks! I love it. Give me a White Chocolate Mocha everyday all day. Actually I only have one like once a week. Iced or hot this will add to your waistline as an everyday treat!

Hair!!!! I absolutely LOVE hair. It is transformational!

Clothes! Fashion is the most addictive thing in my life. Sure I have other bad habits, but as far as recovery and 12 step processes go, shopping is the one I struggled a long time to get a hold of! I WAS a Single Black Female addicted to Retail! Now its one shopping bag a time, Sweet Jesus! Simply talking about buying pretty things makes me happy!

Men! I especially love men between 29 and 37. 28-30 seems to be my sweet spot as far as men that like me and I actually like back, but I love them all. I super-duper-extra-extra love black men the taller the better!!! But the other flavors ain’t so bad, especially those Clooney, Pitt, and Kutcher flavors.

LeBron, KG, Ray Allen, ‘Zo Mourning, TI, and AI! I know I had a shout out to men above but these smile makers deserve to be Named and appreciated as special. Well in my world! And it's basketball season and its always TI season (the shortest man to ever get me worked up! what he say soul of a 6'4" killa <--radio edit here... we buried that word *lol*)

Men with a hustler’s spirit! Not to be confused with men with a hustler’s record or still hustling. I like my men with an edge. You know and I often find myself being the most at home with a d-boy once twice or three times removed from the game. I love men who know how to keep in real in the board room and the hood only having to Change Clothes and maybe into a more formal dialect to fit in to either world.

Sidebar: I hate men who HATE! Actually I hate all HATERS!! That’s
right, I hate on haters. Why you gotta dis to make your self seem better,
real men don’t do that!

I was reading a blog like that the other day it was such a turn off. All this yapping about he sucks because he does this and that but woe is you you can’t get a break and blah, blah, blah is wickity wack. Nothing turns my love to hate is the inability to give
people props, even when what they doing ain’t you’re steelo, and dealing with
the cards that you were given.

I mean do you see me going off about how Halle Berry got it all, beauty, fly azz shape, beautiful skin, great hair, nice teeth, or if I was light skinned like Beyonce I’d be a
Grammy winner. Man, if you spent as much time working on being the best you YOU can be as you did on being the best them (not trying to be better than the Joneses) you could be. Maybe you would be farther along in the game.

HMMMM not sure where that came from, but hey I’m like Prego it’s in there! Life was made for us to ENJOY not ANNOY just remember that!

Ok I’m done I could go on for days, but well I have real work to do. I just thought I’d share a few things that made me happy!! Positivity, that’s how you keep it moving in my world.

Be EZ,

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Sister Girl said...

I feel ya....I love a man with a strong mind & good with his hands(ahem).

One love,sista !