Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh ….It’s in there!

I was inspired by a post the -1- recently had up about how her daughter had somehow managed to put a curling iron and two D batteries in her purse with out her knowing until she got to work. Sure she thought it was heavy but hell it’s a big bag. That had me thinking about my big bag.

I commented and told her I don’t have a two year old to blame for any of the crap that is in my bag! She said something about what might be in my bag.

I must confess I love a big bag. The fact that I’m just 1 ½ inches short of the being a 6foota stunna ensures I can carry the BIGGEST of bags and not look like a little girl playing with her mother’s purses. Today for some Friday fun, I thought it would be fun to do a blog about what happens to be in my purse TODAY!

I’m warning you guys it’s like Prego!! Here are the contents of ONE ORIGINAL GLAMAZON’S Black H&M every day bag!

-Treo 750 cell phone with translucent pink neoprene cover
-Ipod Nano wit a patent leather Liz Claiborne cover (don’t hate I got that cover for $5 on the Best Buy clearance rack!)
-Small hairbrush
- Clear makeup bag full of lip glosses, mascara, powder brushes, a tide pen, and anything that is liquid and needs to be scanned separately when going to the airport.
-Covergirl TruBlend bronzer 435 Golden Sunrise
-Bare Essentials tinted mineral veil
-A rogue lip gloss (Loreal Lipfinity 135 Posy)
-Isaac Mizrahi pocket book in black (outside) and hot pink (inside)
-Boring brown check bookcover with two checks books inserted from two of my three banks
-Half a pack of Orbitz Maui Melon Mint flavored gum
-Old work ID
-Keys to my Boston place on the coolest heart keychain (they came with it when I signed the lease)
-A leather Rice embossed credit card chain purse (this holds my cash most used cc’s and Charlie card T pass)
-New Amerykah CD by Erykah Badu ( DA TRUF!!)
-White Teeth by Zadie Smith bookmarked with mail pick up slip (bus reading!!)
-A Stray dollar
- 3 Rice lapel pins
-Take out menu from Uppercrust Pizza
-Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand and Nail lotion
-Red digital camera (Kodak M763) in its cute little robins egg blue case
- Small writing tablet
-IceBreakers Sours in Pink Lemonade, Apple, Tangerine, and Watermelon flavors
-Las Vegas lighted compact mirror
-Small bottle of Excedrin Migraine caplets
-Purse size perfume (some fake J Lo Glo crap for emergencies)
-Band-Aid Blister Block Stick
-Several writing instruments (A Rice pen, mechanical pencil and Pilot Precise roller ball pen to be exact)
-Ring Pop (Man I keep forgetting I got that! I’m eating that sucker on the way home TODAY!!)
-Random trash consisting mostly of receipts, gum wrappers, a penny, and one stray Excedrin migraine caplet.

Lucky for you guys I drank my bottle of water or it would have been in there too! Also on days I wear high heels to work my flip flops are in there wrapped in a Target bag for the walk home after de-bussing.

The scary thing is it really isn’t heavy to me at all. I know I’m a freak.

Be EZ,


Danielle said...

Damn Girl! You need to jettison some of that stuff. You're scaring me w/the fact that it's not even heavy. LMAO!

When I was much younger, I didn't like bags @ all. Now, I'm a purse whore. Sigh.

quarter-life-crisis said...

Are you sure that is a purse or a suitcase? LOL

i.can't.complain. said...

u win, girl.

not the ring pop !!

i may have to get one of those next time im at the market.

u are well prepared.

if u need to text, take a picture, write a check, fly to boston to water your plants... u are always well prepared w/the contents of that purse.

cant be made about it.



i.can't.complain. said...

*mad about it.


Sister Girl said...

Oh my goodness...and I thought it was just me(LOL).

The ladies at the Coach counter just love to see me show up in pursuit of a LARGE bag.The current bag that I'm carrying in the Coach lunchtote,as called, consists of:

*A Totes umbrella
*Coco Chanel Parfum spray
*Coach PDA case
*A 2 yr Pocket Calendar
*Eclipse gum
*Plantronics 510 Bluetooth Earpiece
*Samsung Blackjack II PDA/Phone
*Data Cable - Samsung Blackjack II
*Coach Black Leather Valet Keyring
*Philips 1GB MP3 player
*10ct vial of Excedrin
*Pilot Dr Grip(Fine-Blue)
*Large tooth comb
*Key Ring with CVS/Kroger scan tags
*Misc store receipts/phone numbers

But I have a MAJOR weakness for large, black shoulderbags & it will take me HOURS to decipher them to my satisfaction. Once I get it home, it's not coming back to the store at all.

Stay great...

Leva said...

Ok you made me crack open this safe that I call a purse. Shoots just this morning Gene was asking me why am I taking TWO bags. One was my work bag and the other is my purse. Girl it’s humongous. I’m sad. Here goes:

o Sprint Muzik phone
o Lexar jump/flash drive
o 3 tubes cherry Carmex
o 1 box/10 pkts Crystal Light On the Go – Raspberry Lemonade
o 1 can Coca Cola Zero
o Fushia headphones
o Metro Q card
o Felicia’s wedding invitation
o My cuzen’s graduation invitation
o Bottle of Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Body Splash
o Bottle of Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Shimmer Body Lotion
o Bottle of Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Body Lotion
o Coach Wallet (holds all my credit cards, business cards, CVS, Kroger cards and cash)
o Receipt from Breakfast Klub (just had lunch there)
o Single key to work desk (I need to put this on my key chain)
o ½ pack of Claritin
o Ice Breakers Coolmint
o 2 pair stunner shades
o Blood pressure meds
o Uniball pens – pink, purple, green, blue, black, red
o Sharpie pen
o Fake Baby Phat body oil
o Reliant Energy pencil
o 5 safety pins
o Continental Airlines pen
o Revlon Black Cherry lipstick
o Revlon Scarlet Velvet lipstick
o Full pack 5 Flare cinnamon gum
o 2 pair silver earrings
o Ebony magazine with Chris Brown on the cover
o Hand sanitizer
o 2 beauty supply lip glosses
o Vicks inhaler
o 2 Xantac pills
o 5 One a Day vitamins
o CVS Total Moister Dry Skin Lotion
o Brush
o Always pad
o Renu contact solution
o Eyeliner pencil
o Bottle of 24ct Rapid Release Extra Strength Tylenol
o 5 pack Charmin to go toilet seat covers
o Bottle of 40ct Midol
o 2 contact cases
o 2 Albuterol inhalers
o Loreal Shocking Waterproof Mascara
o Victoria Secret Beauty Burst Lip Gloss
o 3 mini packs Skittles
o 1 mini M&M’s with peanuts
o 1 mini Snickers
o 2 loose dimes
o 3 loose pennies

Girl this is a SHAME!! lol