Monday, May 12, 2008


Well I hope all you mothers, mommas, mas, moms, ma'deas and mother dears had a nice Mother’s Day. My mother told me she was a little bit bummed because I was not WITH her physically for the day. She’s going through more separation anxiety than I thought she would, I guess that’s what I get for not going off to college. I'm sure she'll work through it though! She is so cute with the I miss yous!!

I actually felt OLD for the first time this weekend, I mean I say I feel old a lot but its mostly just tongue in cheek. I mean, I might feel older than my peers or a little dated every now and then, but this weekend I FELT OLD! Here's why

I decided to buy a new laptop this weekend, after thinking about it for several months. While window shopping last week on my coffee date I spied a fabulous CHEAP laptop. I mulled over it and checked the specs with one of the developers I sit by and decided it was good deal. Best Buy gave me an 18 month no interest deal, so I HAD to go ahead and get it. All signs pointed to it being the logical thing to do. Friday after work, I tooled down to the Best Buy that was on my Bus Route home (Nbr 8 Inbound for those who keep count of my mass transit adventures in Da’ Bean!).

My BB experience was not the greatest at the South Bay Mall Best Buy (yes I am calling them out!!). I actually had to flag someone down to give these people my money. Normally, I would walk out and go to another store, but I knew that there were limited quantities of this laptop available and this Best Buy was one of the few that had any left. I am assuming they had some left because you have to FLAG an associate down to give them money for their merchandise!

Anyway, after asking someone to get someone and another someone passing me by saying they’d be right with me. A young black girl came over to help me. It took her a minute, but she finally was able to locate the model I showed her on my print out from the website. As she was ringing me up, she asked for my ID, as I was making a credit purchase, looks at my birth date and goes “Hey, that’s the same year my mom was born!”

I don’t think I have EVER felt any older than I did at that moment. I mean to think that if my life had gone different, a zig instead of zag, a left instead of a right, a yes instead of a no, I could have birthed a human being who not was only old enough to work at Best Buy and sell computers, but old enough to just have purchased her first new car, and old enough to tell me if she had my credit limit she would be buying a Mac. I could be old enough to be the mother of a 19 year old. I don't feel old enough to be a mother of a fully functioning semi-adult! I mean, sure it is totally logical and feasible, BUT I don’t even think I am old enough at 35 to be the mother of an embryo.

HELLO REVELATION!! It just for the first time, my age was put into true perspective to me, I mean sure her mom was a YOUNG mother (To be honest, my first thought was oh so if I got knocked up at 15 I could have a 19 year old kid working at Best Buy), but at the same time, there use to be a time when it was not physically/mathematically possible for me to be someone that old’s mother. Like say when I was 28, when I was 28, I never ran into 19 year olds going wow you were born the same year as my mother! *lol*

Well, I got my new laptop, which I really really really like! I still need to move and upgrade some software, but for now its fine. I LOVE GOOGLE DOCS! I may never put Office on the new machine. So far everything has been really nice. It’s really nice not to have to wait for things to load, reboot(both hard and soft) constantly, or pray the hard drive doesn’t crash.

My weekend was pretty interesting, maybe I’ll share later, maybe I won’t. I have learned from the wise I should sometimes leave a little MYSTERY to my Weekend at Moni's blogs! *lol*

Happy BELATED Mother’s Day to all you moms out there (and dads who are holding down for the two of you)! And have a great week!

Be EZ,


Sister Girl said...

I wish I was there with you when the young lady in Best Buy said it,I would have *GASPED* right along with you (LOL). So happy that you found a deal on a laptop & jumped on it, because I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I know what you mean when spoke of feeling "old". Some days I'm like a little kid & others are like I'm 90 years old(especially when it comes to taking naps...I ADORE THEM).

Have a wild & crazy week !

Crys said...

WTF?!?!? i'm not the FIRST commenter?!?! i don't know how to feel about this! LMAO - i knew it was bound to happen though......

you know i can't wait to hear about the weekend exploits......